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S02.E06: 192 Sq Ft Birdhouse

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More power to this couple if this was what they wanted, but I thought this house was awful, from the mismatched, reclaimed junk (although I did think Zack's solution to the mismatched windows was smart) to the birds. I'm not a fan of caged birds. I think they're dirty and smelly and I wouldn't want them in my house at all, especially flying free, shitting over everything.


I'm also over the gimmick of "we have one week to do this!" I don't want a house built in one week, even if it is just an oversized shed, and I'm tired of every house being on a trailer. Can't they build one with a foundation that's going to be permanent (I mean, up-front permanent, not the BS that these people are going to be moving these homes as they travel around the country).


Also, this was another example of people not living a minimalist lifestyle. I don't think one couple or family they've shown so far has been ready to live "tiny." Following up a month or two later is cool, but let's get a follow-up a year from now, when the couples have either separated because they can't stand being around each other in a tiny space or they've moved back into a regular-sized house.

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I watched this episode and all I could imagine was bird shit everywhere. His coffee roaster, coffee grinder, cold press, coffee maker and espresso machine all covered in bird shit.

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