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S02.E03: 204 Sq. Ft. Climbing Gym

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I think his mom was being realistic, though.  (And can you imagine the comments on her decor, if her house was shown on House Hunters?)

She seemed to come around in the end.

The rock wall was ingenious, but like most of these places, if you break an arm or leg, you'd be SOL as far as getting upstairs.
I hope she doesn't get pregnant.

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This couple annoyed me. As someone pointed out in another tiny house thread, the people this show highlights are doing it backwards. They should be living the "minimalist lifestyle" first before they decide they want a tiny house. You can't rely on a house to "make" you live the tiny house lifestyle, and that's what I think these people are doing.


I mean, if you decide you want a tiny house, then you can't say "I need space for all my stuff I can't give up," "I need a studio," "I need an office," "I need work out space." And I would think that you would have already secured a place for your tiny house before you decided to build one, but this couple hadn't even done that. Then, we learn at the end that it was impractical and they had moved it to a friend's property where it was before.


With the amount of difficulty they had moving it the first time, I can't see these people up and moving it whenever they want. Zach and John were having trouble with the trailer fishtailing or almost falling over (that's at least twice that's almost happened to a house on this show).


When Zach was building the guest loft/study office/whatever, all I could think about was how uncomfortable it would be to be studying for hours with your legs straight out in front of you.


The mother was, I thought, rightly skeptical, especially of the composting toilet. You still have to empty out your shit every week or so.


And did John say "pot-able" water? Twice? It's "po-ta-ble," John.

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I thought the guy was really annoying with all the things he wanted. For goodness sake, get a gym membership if exercising is so important, or do it outside. I would have asked the guys building the house to add on a small exterior storage area in the vicinity of the hitch for his hockey gear.

I bet his mother did a dance of joy when he moved out .

No way they are going to be able to continue to live in that tiny house with the lack of closet space for their clothes and the way she was filling up that loft space with her books and things. And I agree, that really didn't look as though it would be comfortable for long periods of study.

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Did anyone believe that the open field was the actual living spot for them? I mean it was right across the street from track homes, I can't picture them being cool with that for long. Where are they gonna park day in day out?

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