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Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

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Show opens with Victoria saying to ButtBiscuit, "Wow, that smells so good!", a phrase I think we can rest assured has NEVER been directed at him before.  Unless, that is, he has rubbed General Tso's Chicken over his body with Victoria before.  Irish Spring wouldn't be enough.

Poor ButtBiscuit.  When he said that Victoria barely ate anything with her running upstairs to check on the kids I guess it never crossed his mind that Victoria was trying really, really hard not to let him know his natural odor had broken through.....

Speaking of natural odors naturally leads us to the Nick and Phyllis scenes.  More canoodling, then reminisences of days gone by (when Phyllis was taller, had more active jazz hands and repeated everything twice) with all the utter lack of any charm by either of them.  Phyllis and Nick are so awful together that I hope they NEVER break up.  I enjoyed seeing her in cuffs, but the police should really cover all bases and put her in 



She bites.

Sharon has had some real doozies of boyfriends before but Rey Rey is the first one who got to put cuffs on her on their first date.  I hope she gets to return the favor and if there's a dog in heaven, Rey Rey will forget his "safe" word.  

Over at the Genoa City Loony Bin and Hair Pulling Salon, Abby frothed and Mia frapped and Arturo stood by hoping against hope that nobody in the audience noticed he hadn't trimmed his nose hair in weeks.  Mia could have left Abby alone and given a tug on those, Arturo would be on his knees, weeping in pain.

Lola showed up, followed shortly by Kyle with Arturo, bless his pea-pickin' heart, acted like a domineering asshole, ostensibly about protecting Lola.  I guess if it's not Rey Rey treating Lola, at least in relation to Kyle, like she's some sort of dimwit, it's Arturo's turn.  I am so not a fan of this "my balls are too big for my britches" bullshit when a guy, a brother, what or whoever, "defends" da wimmins as if they're incapable of taking care of themselves.  It just annoys the hell outta me, and Arturo was already doing that, didn't need a refill.  Between him and Rey Rey's behavior with Sharon I don't see why the whole Rosales clan can't take a dip in the Abbott pool.  The only one who needs to be resuscitated is Lola.  

I really enjoyed Mariah and Tessa today.  They both looked fabulous and neither one of them made me want to say


Which just reminds me what everyone does when ButtBiscuit walks into a room......

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2 hours ago, Joimiaroxeu said:

The Abbott pool has been seen before. The Abbotts used to host pool parties there on certain holidays (like Katherine Chancellor), Jack's last wedding to Nikki was held there, and at least one character lived for time in the pool house. It hasn't been seen during Mal's tenure I don't think though.

When they did Glo by Jabot with Billy, Mac, Britney, and the rest, they were at the poolhouse.

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Mariah and Tessa were the only sexy and romantic part of Valentines episodes and I don’t even LIKE Tessa. So yea 😕

Rey is all business and by the rules and Captain Serious. That’s not how GC works and def not what Sharon is attracted too. It’s also sup funny since his wife is this egomaniac screeching banshee who does whatever the fuck she wants. He’s is completely powerless in his personal life. 

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