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Positivity: What The Show Gets Right

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On 9/1/2018 at 9:51 PM, DearEvette said:

The show hasn't been able to recapture this level of pacing and excitement when it comes to the main villain arc in any of the last three seasons, but man did they do a great job in S1.

I agree that the show has never been able to recreate the excitement and intrigue of Thawne as the secret main villain in season 1, but I thought they came close with Zoom in season 2. The whole set up of having Hunter Zoloman present himself as a good guy, Jay Garrick, while really being Zoom was clever. There were some problems like Jay disappearing for episodes at a time and no one seeming to wonder where he was. Also, it was obvious that a stuntman and/or actor was in the Zoom costume, but overall, I thought it worked, especially the mystery of who was the masked man in the cell on Earth 2. Savitar didn't work as well, but at least there was a mystery about who he really was and what he really wanted. I enjoyed him more than I did DeVoe and I am definitely not enjoying Cicada.

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