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Tara Ariano

Bevers: He Doesn't Even Live Here!

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Gemberling brings a fair bit of himself to Bevers:

Do you have any terrible roommate experiences?
I mean, my only roommate experience was when I lived with Curtis and his brother for many years. It was sort of like The Young Ones a little bit. We never washed the dishes, and Curtis's brother would always scream at us to wash the dishes. And one day, he just threw them away. [Laughs.] He just angrily went into the kitchen and he just had a big garbage bag and he was like, "I'm going to throw these away." And we were like, "Okay. That sounds good." And he threw away all the dishes and all the silverware that was in the sink, and we just started over.

Once the power went out and the refrigerator stopped working, and we didn't clean it. And at a certain point, you couldn't open it because it was too rotten, so we just duct-taped it shut. Then we got the landlord to get a new refrigerator, so these guys had to come take it away, and they couldn't get it through the door with the refrigerator door on it, and they had to open it and they were like, "We're not fucking taking this. You guys have to clean this shit, and then we'll come back and take it." So we had to go to the hardware store and get painter's gas masks or whatever and bleach the inside of this highly sporous, stinking, black-mold fridge. So I lived it, brother.

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