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Found 8.4k results

  1. How hard is it to have hair extensions tightened? I'm honestly asking, because I feel like you can always see the tracks of her hair extensions and it bugs me since she's so focused on appearance all the time, I mean she wouldn't even let her daughter eat a bit of her own graduation cake.
  2. Molly Lambert joins us to talk about Season 3 of IFC's spoof series! View the full article
  3. Steve decides whether to take Janet's 'no' for an answer in our podcast on 'A Fine Mess'! View the full article
  4. Is their announcement revolting? You better believe it. View the full article
  5. PreviouslyTV

    Should You Chase White Dragon?

    Or did we all say Hong Kong phooey to this imported crime drama? Allison Lowe Huff on that, a mini-Wheel of Murder, a Charmed Canon entry, and more! View the full article
  6. Now Wear This tries to come back strong from A GUY GETTING KILLED IN IT, but Gina's got other ideas in our podcast on 'You Better Work'! View the full article
  7. WendyCR72

    S17.E18: Unholiest Alliance

    Two weeks until this airs, but putting it up now so I won't forget later!
  8. Glark User

    Post Patch Test

    All tags go.
  9. Kelly faces the fallout from Joe's shooting in our podcast on the Season 10 (!!!) premiere, 'The Phantom Menace'! View the full article
  10. Chicago real estate tycoon Lee Miglin is murdered in what police describe as a random killing.