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Found 417 results

  1. humbleopinion

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    The couples deepen connections with 4 weeks left to Decision Day. One bride is boozing and one groom balked at clearing his objectionable content from his phone when asked by his better half.
  2. The show has been kind of dull this week. Where is the Brady/Theresa hookup going? I would love them to fall for each other but then Kristen shows up and things explode. Will the Wilson wedding go smoothly with no problems? Some drama would be nice. Too much lovey dovey stuff may be boring. Will Ben make Abby give him a chance or is she still pining for EJ? Who has the EJAbby pictures and how will they turn up? Will Gabi be dumb enough to go round three with Nick? Will Gabi end up dead? Who is the vicitm at the K' Mansion that needed police tape at the place? Will Hope and Aiden ever have a romance or continue to bicker for years? Will Kayla make Hope jealous? When will Sami find out what EJ has done? Will she find out everything? Will she forgive him? After Lucas and Sheryl make love what drives Sheryl out of town? How soon will Nicole and Eric break up? Who will Nicole rebound with? These questions should spark some discussion.
  3. Digging up the bodies buried in the past, the couples use hindsight to see if they have a future together.
  4. aquarian1

    Where Should They Go Next?

    This is where you can speculate on where you think they'll go/are likely to go to at some point, as well as your general wishlist of where they'd go.
  5. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Walking Dead in the Media

    Interviews, articles, and other media stuff goes here!
  6. Kohola3

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    Bad timing for the Georgian ball at the palace, as private pictures of the royal family become public.
  7. Rhondinella

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Well, this probably won't upset anyone. http://tvline.com/2014/01/18/juan-pablo-galavis-anti-gay-bachelor-controversy-remarks-pervert/ Summary, Juan Pablo, on stage at winter press tour, reportedly said he didn't think gay or bisexual people should be on The Bachelor because it isn't good for kids to watch, then went off a little on the "weirdness" of kids having two parents of the same sex, before referring to gays as "more pervert, in a sense." It will be fun to watch ABC spin this one, although they will undoubtedly credit some of it to the language barrier. I think it was more a case of a big cultural difference and the speaker not being able to read the room. I personally wonder how many ABC publicists were in the back of the room simultaneously hyperventilating and trying to wave him off while he was speaking.
  8. Whimsy

    38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    This is where you discuss the previews at the end of the episode and the speculations resulting from them. There is no preview talk in the episode threads and there are no future spoilers (past the what the previews show) in this thread.
  9. Megan's last-minute visit shakes Michael when his mom objects. Brittany's party turns left when her ex arrives & she's forced to reveal her secret. Scott's big surprise for Lizzie. Caitlin's devastating news. Clint's shocking phone call from Tracie.
  10. Solid Muldoon

    Weapon of Choice

    So, what would be your weapon of choice during the Zombie times? I'd go with a framing hammer. Guns break and run out of ammo. Shotgun shells have a limited shelf life. Swords and knives break and need sharpening. And a crossbow is just ridiculous. (But looks very cool.) If I did use I gun, I'd choose a .22. Around the south, you can find .22 ammo at every sporting goods store, bait shop, and Walmart. Hell, they sell them at convenience stores. How about you?
  11. Kohola3

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    The royal household visit the Palmerston estate in Ireland following an assassination attempt.
  12. SVNBob

    S38 Tribe Tracker

    With this season's gimmick; as far as we know, everyone is still a part of the game until they choose not to be. So this thread for keeping track of who is who, where, and alongside whom, is going to be needed more than ever. Our starting tribes: Kama, or the Yellow tribe: Aubry Aurora Eric Gavin Joe Julia Julie Ron Victoria Manu, or the Blue tribe: Chris Dan, aka "The Wardog" 🙄 David Keith Kelley Lauren Reem Rick Wendy On the "Edge of Extinction" Reem
  13. Please feel free to change the title! I need a place to speculate since unlike last season I'm really fascinated by the *mystery* and conspiracies this year of who killed Caspere and why. So far we have Frank, who has liquidated and vested his entire Vinci holdings to purchase 12 parcels of new rail adjacent land "south of Monterey". Caspere brokered the deal between Semyon and the land holding company Catalyst, but died before making the final payment (or so says the Catalyst representative). For me this means Frank likely had nothing to do with Caspere's murder, while Catalyst very likely could have. All I know is Frank is major fucked (the Russians backed out on him, Caspere was murdered, and the Mayor is threatening to partner with other outside interests re: the Vinci underworld). He seems the most legitimately interested in really solving who killed Caspere and more importantly what happened to his 5 million bucks, so he can get his land deal/legitimacy back on track. My working theory right now is that Catalyst wanted and needed Caspere dead, and they put it to the Mayor to take care of it, and the Mayor in turn had his son do the deed, because his son was close to Caspere via their shared creepy destroyer sexual proclivities. My only question is what their motive was, something Caspere found out about the land deal/Catalyst? Or did they just want Frank to stay in his lane/caste, aka doing their bidding in Vinci?
  14. A place to discuss what may or may not happen (Spoiler-free) for A Million Little Things.
  15. This is a thread to discuss upcoming shows without the risk of reading spoilers.
  16. Rhondinella

    AI in the Media

    Link away!
  17. WalkerTalker

    The Walking Dead Rewards Club

    10/31/18 HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! Just an FYI, the Rewards site has 300 points in videos to watch-n-earn. Most of his were directed really good. But, I do remember early on, maybe his first I wasn't too happy about. I bet it was his first, he is a quick study. Otherwise, I don't know why they don't let him direct them all. With his FX knowledge,crew knowledge/stunts, he could become one of the best directors of horror films.
  18. After being MIA, Michael is confronted by wife Sarah; Brittany suggests a threesome with her ex, and Clint seeks legal advice when his missing wife is locked up.
  19. Here's the thread for how to speculate about the show without spoilers. Some of my unspoiled spec, based on the first episode: Professor Keating killed her husband, Wes and the other students saw her standing over his body and they're covering it up to protect her. Eventually, her Detective lover might end up helping them. One of Professor Keating's assistants might accidentally overhear something, get suspicious and start an investigation of their own. The Season Finale could end with one of the students or Professor Keating getting arrested.
  20. Bella

    Top Chef in the Media

    This is the place for press releases, etc. Do not put spoilers on upcoming seasons here.* *Location and contestant info revealed by the show and/or by Bravo are not considered spoilers. Otherwise, we have a spoiler thread and spoiler tags. If in doubt, please err on the side of hiding, in order to protect the spoiler-averse.
  21. As we did with BB20, here is a live posting thread for the finale tonight. This particular thread is going to be spoiler free, so any posters wishing to remain spoiler free on anything that has been revealed on the live feeds, you can live post here. Anyone who does not mind some spoilers in relation to the finale, you can head over to the Live Feed Discussion thread, which will also be open for finale live posting. Once the episode has finished airing, you can move back over to the official episode thread to comment your thoughts. This thread will unlock a few minutes before the episode starts and will close a few minutes after it ends. Enjoy the finale tonight!
  22. Entertaining friends of each other stresses the couples. Birds do it, bees do it, another couple did it and then talked about the ramifications of doing it. Yet another putting the cart in front of the horse.....