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Found 255 results

  1. SilverStormm

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Episode Synopsis: TBC. Reminder: There is open air book talk here. If you are just watching the TV show and you don't want to stumble into any book talk you should leave now. Book Talk assumes you have read all the books to date. Any information from unpublished books, such as preview chapters should be in spoiler tags.
  2. It's around that time of year again: Season 8 news is starting to trickle out! What we know or what is rumoured: 1. Season 8 will have six episodes. 2. D&D revealed the writing order at SXSW: Dave Hill for 8x01, Bryan Cogman for 8x02, and D&D for 8x03 through 8x06. EW.com recently reported that the writers are still in the process of writing Season 8. 3. The production may return to Spain. Head of the Andalucia Film Commission, Carlos Rosado, said that if nothing goes wrong, they can expect GOT to film Season 8 in Spain. 4. HBO was also looking at filming in Sweden (specifically, Visby) at one point. 5. Filming is expected to start in September 2017, per Liam Cunningham.
  3. Carrie Ann

    Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    Oh, also he's a crow and a bastard, in case you hadn't heard.
  4. Or, should I say Kin-Layer? Eh? Ehhhhhhhhh? Eh. Jaime is the character I've done the biggest turnaround on (books and show). I fought against it for so long, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is just so good, and now I'm on Team Jaime even though yes he almost killed my precious Bran.
  5. Athena

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Reminder: The is the book talk thread. This can include spoilers for ALL the books. If you wish to remain unspoiled for any of the books, please leave now and head to the No Book Talk episode thread.
  6. I'm starting these topics for Silverstormm but I don't know a lot of ASOIAF so I'm just going to say: "Hodor."
  7. With confirmation that spin off ideas are being worked on, this is the place to speculate and discuss them. Any news or spoilers about these can go in here too.
  8. Lisin

    Comics Questions and Info

    Here's a topic for questions about the comic and how it (may) relate to the show, I tagged it as spoilers but this isn't a "spoiler" topic for actual show info, just spoilers in the sense that these themes and stories may be played out on the show.
  9. Discuss comparisons here. Note that there is a thread for the original Roswell if you just want to reminisce,
  10. saoirse

    You: The Book

    This is the spot to discuss the book - You by Carolyn Kepnes! Beware, entering here may spoil you!
  11. David T. Cole

    Book 4: A Feast For Crows

    I'm starting these topics for Silverstormm but I don't know a lot of ASOIAF so I'm just going to say: "Hodor."
  12. This is a thread for speculating and discussing any tidbits about the upcoming ninth book of the series. The book has no title yet let alone an estimated publishing date. If you wish to know nothing about this book, it's probably best to leave this thread now. Possible spoilers below; please remember to tag unpublished excerpts and cite the source.
  13. This is intended as a thread for the broadcast show spoilers. I decided to add book talk spoilers as well, since it's highly unlikely someone would click on a show spoiler thread and object to some relatively minor book spoilers. Mods please switch it around if you wish. Just found a pretty big spoiler in a general article about the show, obviously the reviewer has seen at least one more episode than we have. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/22/a-cunning-adaptation-of-the-handmaids-tale Since it's a first post I'll do the caution thing here, this is a show spoiler, not just from the book, so stop now if you don't want to know. Note, that article also includes book spoilers. - - - Wow, they really are bringing him back. I'm not sure how I feel about that, hopefully he's realized by now that men taking care of women is seriously not the point here and grown up some.
  14. SilverStormm

    The Expanse Novels

    Discuss The Novels Here.
  15. This topic includes spoilers and information from all the books. Please proceed with caution if you haven’t read any or just some of the books. You can speculate and analyze both the show and the book series as a whole. For specific book discussion, check the individual book threads. Please use spoiler tags when discussing TV spoilers and unpublished works. Some useful links: Diana Gabaldon's page on the series, Chronology, and Family Tree.
  16. http://deadline.com/2016/09/black-lightning-dc-superhero-series-greg-berlanti-mara-brock-akil-salim-akil-1201811892/ http://www.superherohype.com/news/391603-cress-williams-black-lightning Who Is Black Lightning? - #DCTV:
  17. Brought over from episode 1 Dulcinea thread since it discusses book specific things. A story told on screen will require different things than one told in print. This is an adaptation so changes an adjustments will need to be made in order to effectively relay information. With a few changes and two or three minutes of screen time, we have some big world building, tons of character development and exposition and set ups for future possible plots where in the novels this stuff was laid out over hundreds of pages and across five different books and counting. Space is harsh, space is dangerous, there are pirates who don't hesitate to attack and kill making it very dangerous to answer distress calls. Then there's Holden, a seemingly unambitious man who has trouble following the rules and often thinks in black and white without fully considering the consequences of his decisions. In a few short scenes, we know who Holden is, which isn't yet different than who he is in the books. The few changes are not relevant and don't cause big changes to the overarching plot. Naomi is not a change to the plot, though the way the interactions went on the Donnager is different. Naomi is a seeming mystery. She's mega smart and has several advanced degrees in the show and the books, and yet she's working on a shit-ship like the Canterbury. There has to be a reason, right? Just like there was a reason that the once ambitious Holden found himself comfortable working on the Cant for five years. The careful viewer would already see that Naomi's neck tattoo is enough to make one question whether or not she has a connection with OPA. In Leviathan Wakes, the Roci crew works directly with OPA. In later books, the pasts of the various characters are examined. We learn much about Naomi. We also continue to learn about the OPA. The first few episodes treat them like only a terrorist organization. It's similar to in the books. Until we learn more. So far, I really think the adaptation is working well. All of the changes make sense. The characters are roughly as I imagined. The only major issue I've had is the crash couches. They are such weaklings when they should be big things and I'm annoyed by the characters turning their heads and moving around when in high g burns. I'm guessing the process of filming and editing required the crash couches to be barely visible around the cast so I can live with that.
  18. Athena

    S04.E03: The False Bride

    Reminder: The is the book talk thread. This can include spoilers for ALL the books. If you wish to remain unspoiled for any of the books, please leave now and head to the No Book Talk episode thread.
  19. We have similar threads like this for Game of Thrones and Outlander, so I thought it might be useful for The Handmaid's Tale too. Sometimes non-book readers have questions about the books but don't want to be spoiled, so here is the place to ask! Book readers, please use the quote function to quote the question you are answering and then put your answers under the spoiler tag. This allows non-book readers to find out the answers to their questions without being spoiled about everything else asked in the thread. For example:
  20. I love watching Sansa learn, and adapt, and survive. I also like that her Stark/Tully strength comes out more like her mother's does: she uses courtesy to keep her head and her place, hides her feelings, and works for her own ends in the back channels.
  21. Athena

    Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    This thread has spoiler news and discussion with Book Talk discussion. Spoilers for the show include leaked scripts and footage. There are spoilers for the show and the books in this topic.
  22. Glark User

    Post Patch Test

    All tags go.
  23. David T. Cole

    Testing Tags