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  1. Booger666

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Yes, he appears to have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.
  2. Booger666

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Per Linkedin Luke’s work experience shows no promotions or job growth. He doesn’t name an employer but uses generic “Engineering Firm”. He actively follows is a well known temp agency. He states he is a certified Professional Engineer, but a search of the state board for his last name came up with nothing. 🤷‍♀️ My educated guess is that he is doing generic project management temp work because he hasn’t been successful at landing and keeping an engineering job. If you look at the FB page for his dating biz there is only one review, which was posted 10 min ago slamming him for his lies about his drinking. Guessing the dating biz is a failure if he doesn’t have any positive reviews after hosting 21 dating events. There are upcoming events listed so those of you in the area need to go and see if he is wearing a ring or not. 😆
  3. Booger666

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Luke is definitely cruel, but I think that’s just his nature and he isn’t being devious about it. He seems to get off on putting others down to make himself feel better. It’s really immature and he has the maturity of a 13 year old. I understand why he thinks he needs to put others down to make himself look better because he is a pathetic loser. It cracks me up that he describes his job as “hustler”. A hustler is a behavior and plenty of teachers, sales people, construction workers, etc are hustlers because they work really hard at their jobs. He calls himself a hustler because he hasn’t had any success and can’t list a job or career. At his age it is pretty pathetic.
  4. Booger666

    S02.E03: Coming Out Plural 2019.02.10

    It cracked me up that Ashley told Vanessa that Dimitri would be really upset about Vanessa eating meat but no reason was given for why they exclude meat from their diet. Then later when Dimitri learns Vanessa isn’t a vegetarian he is all “Ashley will be so upset”, and again no reason is giving. These two posers are so fake they can’t even keep track of their made-up bullshit enlightened lifestyle choices. Instead of the Snowdens they should be called the Fauxdens.
  5. Booger666

    S08.E07: Can I Trust You?

    Luke says to Kate “I don’t want to hurt you” and does a dry chuckle while saying it. He is such a manipulative shit. A lot of people here are frustrated that Kate keeps hanging in there. Kate lost her father this year (he is alive, but completely out of her life). That is a huge loss and I imagine she is emotionally drained from that. She doesn’t have the strength right now to navigate Luke’s lies and gaslighting. It bothers me that the “experts” haven’t tried to talk to Kate separately about what she wants but are willing bystanders to the emotionally abusive marriage they created.
  6. Booger666

    The McGees

    I thought in the first ep it was stated that she has 2 adult sons from a prior marriage (not shown yet) and these 2 kids that are theirs together. Mr McGee is really, really awful. The wife is understandably upset that he has started to look for someone who will be her family member and a second mom to her boys without her input. Does he talk through her feelings or apologize for what he did? No. He says “Just stop”. I can’t imagine my husband ever telling me to “just stop” having my feelings. Spouses should care for and support one another. But in this terrible family it is clear that the only feelings that matter are Mr McGee’s. His wife and son are not happy and he tells them to stuff down their feelings so that he can get laid by more than one woman. That’s dad of the year material right there (heavy sarcasm).
  7. Booger666

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Yeah, Kaci needs to realize it doesn’t matter that she gave him an ultimatum or moved in with him. She could become a 5 star chef who wins the lottery, constantly wears lingerie and has courtside seats to the Lakers; and he would still cheat, leave and come back. I feel bad for Kaci and Morgan as I think Evan is going to enjoy hooking up with Morgan and at the end dump her to get back with Kaci because it’s his cycle. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Booger666

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Quit fucking with me Janelle and die already!! I’ve got the champagne in the fridge and the FAMILY VAN gassed up to celebrate with my fellow PTVers!!
  9. Booger666

    Whitney Sudler-Smith: Dilettante Buffoon

    👏 👏 👏. That’s awesome @SuprSuprElevated!
  10. Booger666

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I’m not at all surprised Evan made out with Morgan. If you have been with someone off and on for 10yrs and they refuse to commit to you then there is a reason. Evan has affection for Kaci, but does not want a future with her. She needs to move on to someone who wants to create a family with her.
  11. Booger666

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    This is an excellent point. Jace had at least six adults in his life when he was born. Barb was the only one who stepped in when Jace’s mom and dad effectively abandoned him. And, later when Jace had MTV $$$ tied to him it would make being Jace’s guardian attractive to even those that didn’t care about him as a little boy, but still no one else wanted him enough to clean up their act and take over from Barb. Overall a super sad situation.
  12. Poor John. He needs to escape his family and find one where people truly care about him and send him school as he seems quite smart. John made it very clear that he is not onboard and Dad concludes the conversation with “well, we’re moving forward”. Both of the boys seem intimated by their father which is not a good thing. Free the boys!!
  13. Booger666

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I missed the news about David’s mom not helping with the kids anymore. Is that confirmed? Previously David’s mom seemed ride or die with his asshole behavior.
  14. Booger666

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I think the bleached hair, pointy chin and upper teeth only smile are a bit reminiscent of Heidi Montag during her many plastic surgeries.
  15. Booger666

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    LOL. So true!