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  1. Tippi Blevins

    S02.E13: The Word

    I can't believe June kept that baby's name as Nichole. What if she makes it to Canada and Luke gives her his last name? Then she'll be Nichole Bankole. Wtf.
  2. Tippi Blevins

    Things We Hate About The Handmaid's Tale

    I just got done with season 2. I wish this had either been a one season show, or that each season had maybe 6 episodes. Their method of stretching things out is to just go back and forth and back and forth. June is free! June is captured! June is free! June is captured! Serena wants June gone! Serena warms up to June! Serena wants June gone! Etc. I find Serena's "redemption" arc haphazard and ineffective. There's just no coming back from helping your husband rape a woman, I don't care how many fingers she loses. Especially since she apparently helped craft the laws that originally said the punishment for reading was losing an entire hand. As much as I love Bradley Whitford, there was literally no reason to have Lawrence be so cryptic and threatening except to "surprise" reveal at the end he was part of the resistance.
  3. Tippi Blevins

    S01.E07: The Queen

    The dementia/time story didn't confuse me... I think the writers did a good job of showing someone losing their grasp of reality. It reminded me a lot of taking care of my grandmother. What did confuse me, though, is this: The Alan of the past seemed to know that Matthew was dangerous and frightening, if Ruth's recollection of how things went down is accurate from a narrative point of view. And yet, in past episodes, Alan seemed incredibly scornful of Henry--as if Henry had killed his sainted best friend. I understand part of the friction between the two has to do with how Ruth is or isn't taken care of, but Alan had a special portion of bile set aside for whatever he thinks Henry did to Matthew.
  4. Tippi Blevins

    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016)

    Aw man I knew it was canceled but I'd forgotten it was canceled as I binged season 2 this weekend and now I'm bummed all over again. Oh well I'm gonna talk about it anyway. I didn't entirely understand Ken's change. If he believed he had to do bad things to achieve a good end, he didn't seem very conflicted about. He had a cold, flat affect once he was in charge. I felt horrible for poor Bart. She exercised her free will and still ended up a killing machine, and she didn't even get her friend back. I'm guessing the intention was to convey Dirk belongs somewhere in the rainbow fam, considering the pattern on his jacket in an episode specifically called Nice Jacket? Unless that title was referring to something else. But there were a couple other times during the season I remember thinking that's what they were going for. At least we know both dogs are okay. I don't care if they're fictional dogs. I want all dogs to be okay.
  5. Tippi Blevins

    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016)

    I just watched season 2 on Hulu this weekend, if anyone still checks this topic
  6. Tippi Blevins


    I watched both seasons over the weekend. It made me think of the show-within-a-show on IZombie, called Zombie High.
  7. Tippi Blevins

    The Path

    How are they a successful cult?? Their songs aren't even catchy!
  8. Tippi Blevins

    S04.E12: Mt. Weather/S04.E13:The Black Rainbow

    I finally caught up on this season now that it's on Netflix. I was suspecting for a few episodes that Warren had been programmed into unwittingly unleashing Black Rainbow, so I thought it was frustrating that nobody brought up the possibility to her. Even if it turns out not to be the case, it seems odd nobody would at least mention the possibility. Also weird that the subject of everyone on Zona turning into crazy cannibals didn't really come up... They can handwave it all next season with a "The Zombie Apocalypse is like that sometimes!" but I hope it actually gets some kind of explanation. I also hope Warren is back and with black hair again. Or at least a better blond wig. I did love that Murphy was just resigned to being red. It didn't even faze him. He could be pink and purple plaid and at this point it'd be like, "Eh, whatever."
  9. Tippi Blevins

    S04.E01: Warren's Dream 2017.09.29

    I'm just now catching up on this season and I have an image in my head that 5k saved Addy and Lucy by letting them land on him. Maybe Warren's shoes were prescription heels...
  10. Tippi Blevins

    S11.E01: My Struggle III

    Three main thoughts. 1. Every time I saw Monica I fondly remembered "Moronica" from the old twop recaps. 2. I was extremely disappointed that instead of tapping out Morse code, Scully's brain didn't have a genetically modified bee in it, dancing to communicate its message. 3. Gross. Just... fuckin' gross to have CSM be the father. It's a gross violation of her. It grossed me out so much I had to log in for the first time in a million years.
  11. Tippi Blevins

    S11.E09: O Brother Where Art Thou?

    Was there some particular reason why Sam couldn't wait a while until he got in touch with Dean before talking to Lucifer? Was there only a five minute window of opportunity that would be lost forever? They couldn't have asked Cas to poke around in Sam's noggin a bit? "Say, does it feel like God visions in there or what?" Did they not want to interrupt whatever TV marathon he was enjoying? And why were they so casual about using the Book of the Damned again?!
  12. Tippi Blevins

    S06.E08: Start To Finish

    I thought those were gonna be zombie ants at the beginning but it turned out they were just a metaphor.
  13. Tippi Blevins

    S11.E06: Our Little World

    Ugh. I don't actually care enough to argue anymore. Never mind. Move along.
  14. Tippi Blevins

    S11.E06: Our Little World

    The Dean and Amara thing isn't even really about Dean for me. Just leave him out of the equation for now. It's how the rest of the show is trying to have it both ways with the Amara character. There are frequent reminders that she's a little girl, from the way she acts to how others treat her. But at the same time they don't want us to forget that she's alluring! (Like Sydney's comment about the bliss-orgasm whatever she got from Amara.) Then that creepy ass song about waiting for her to grow up. Plus she's actually wearing a meatsuit that's only, what, a few weeks old at this time? She took a baby's body and aged it up artificially. Even when she eventually looks like an adult, if anything romantic happens with her and anyone else, I'm gonna be thinking about that meatsuit. Especially since this season they're back to caring about what actually happens to vessels.
  15. Tippi Blevins

    S11.E06: Our Little World

    And the show just keeps reinforcing that she's a little girl! They keep making little remarks about it. Her origins may be as old as God, but her body and current mentality aren't, and the show seems really happy about pointing it out. While also pointing out any possible *shudder* romance, from Crowley's "sniffing around" joke to, once again, that gross song.