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  1. LemonSoda

    True Tori

    The insecurity makes me sad for her because as I've said in previous posts I do think she has a few talents. So many opportunities over the years have been squandered because she's a mess.
  2. LemonSoda

    True Tori

    I hope my fellow posters will correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like a pyramid scheme MLM type thing.
  3. LemonSoda

    True Tori

    Still Nu Skin? I don't understand how anyone can make money selling it.
  4. LemonSoda

    Ladies Of London

    Not sure why there's a new topic for it. All I can say is I truly miss this show!
  5. LemonSoda

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    You're welcome! I love it when iTunes has sales. I got both Mad Men's entire series and MTM for $29.99 each.
  6. LemonSoda

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Just a heads up that the entire series plus special features is on iTunes sale for $29.99.
  7. LemonSoda

    RW: San Francisco (1994)

    Re-watching it all as an adult, I definitely notice the character editing. I also see a lot of cast members differently than I did when the show aired. While it was all a much more organic experience than what it became the editors certainly had fun with scissors.
  8. LemonSoda

    RW: San Francisco (1994)

    Another great, beautifully written post from you! I wish I had more time to sit and write about this. I used to buy all the Real World books MTV kept putting out back then. I wish I still had them. One talked about the Becky/Kevin argument's editing and I remember feeling kind of sick. Like, wait that wasn't real? And reading the interviews in the books that changed the way I saw certain cast members. I wish Kevin's intelligence and wit had been allowed to shine.
  9. LemonSoda

    American Woman

    I'm late to the news this isn't coming back. Despite all the holes and certain things not coming together I truly liked it. I think the cast really did a great job of carrying what material they were given.
  10. LemonSoda

    RW: Chicago (2002)

    I have a few years on you but glad to know someone else feels the same about The Real World and current music.
  11. LemonSoda

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    That episode made me cringe. I had to keep telling myself she designs for the glam moment not longevity.
  12. LemonSoda

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I thought about that too! I can't imagine how hard to clean some of the tiles, sinks and toilets she chooses would be.
  13. LemonSoda

    S09.E01: Wives and Misdemeanors

    I know the eye rolling this post will receive but I thought she was beautiful in Season 1. I loved her dark curly hair and natural face. It's sad what she's done to herself.
  14. LemonSoda

    S02.E12: Tell-All

    Late to this, I'm finally getting caught up on episodes but wanted to quote this because it's the one truly nice thing I could say about Luis. With most of the larger women who have appeared on this series their size has received negative comments here and there from their SO. Unless I missed something I never once saw Luis say anything nor Molly berate herself the way other women seem to do to themselves. And i think you're spot on about Rachel!
  15. LemonSoda

    The Kitchen

    Katie is on the current cover of Health magazine. As always, she looks great.