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  1. DeeplyShallow

    S09.E18: Reunion Part 3

    That bracelet was so tacky & cheap looking
  2. DeeplyShallow

    The Early Seasons

    Pretty sure they were baked I wonder whatever happened to the “Teen Whisperer” they hired for a couple of episodes. Is she still a “Teen Whisperer”?
  3. DeeplyShallow

    S13.E11: 8 ½ Minutes Of Success

    She’s mentioned Ms. Lupe (nanny) a few times already. So, she can go to the store, etc. What she means is, “I can’t wait for you to move out here so I can have FREE childcare”
  4. How many birthday celebrations has Vicki had this year? And that party was basically a Lodge family dinner with Mike & Billy added. What an effort on Steve’s end (/sarcasm). So lame. I thought that scene was extremely telling. I thought he was so cold to her.
  5. DeeplyShallow

    S08.E16: Holy Schnitzel

    I was being literal in my interpretation of what you said, simply stating that Kyle did not literally say that she didn’t want anyone near her. It’s really not a big deal.
  6. DeeplyShallow

    S08.E16: Holy Schnitzel

    Oh, I noticed that too. I think she’s a huge drama queen and that panic attack/allergy attack had me rolling my eyes, but I was just saying that she didn’t ask for anyone to stay away from her.
  7. DeeplyShallow

    S08.E16: Holy Schnitzel

    Kyle said that whoever sits next to her needs to take off anything that touched a horse. She didn’t say that she didn’t want anyone sitting next to her; they just needed to keep their distance if whatever they were wearing would trigger allergies again.
  8. DeeplyShallow

    S08.E16: Holy Schnitzel

    My own family had a similar story. My great grandfather, who his wife and family assumed was dead, showed up on a doorstep years later and his wife ran screaming into the street. She thought she was seeing the dead. Everyone was told that the other had died. They also lived in fear their entire lives in Stalin’s USSR. After I visited Berlin last year, it haunted me for weeks. When your family has history, when you’re a Jew who walks through that memorial, who knows that the history of that city/country is so tied to the pain, suffering, and horrors your family and people went through, you are more likely to be pained and highly emotional when recounting a story. I can’t stand Dorit, I do think she is fake AF, but on this I give her a pass. There are tons of stories like hers and I find it offensive to discount or downplay it with an eyeroll, even if it is because of Dorit. It diminishes what happened and what people actually went through. My grandparents and great grandparents included.
  9. My daughter (age 7) will need braces & per her dentist, they start as young as 9. They said that they need 8 of their top teeth in and their molars. I do see 3rd & 4th graders with braces all the time at school.
  10. DeeplyShallow

    S08.E12: Gag Gift

    Kyle’s English accent is atrocious. It never sounds like one, it always comes out like a throaty whine
  11. DeeplyShallow

    S08.E10: The Big Apple Bites

    I thought he looks like Ariana from Vanderpump Rules
  12. Beverly Beach? I must have missed something, I thought that she named her line Nava Swimwear?
  13. DeeplyShallow

    RH of Dallas in the media

    Good for Tiffany Doesn’t sound like she wants to be in the same universe as a Bravo camera. Andy sounds like a complete moron in that interview. He started practically every sentence with “I think”. Sisterhood and friendship, my ass. That jerk uses women & their “conflicts” for ratings, please.
  14. DeeplyShallow

    Lydia Stirling McLaughlin

    Yes, they can spin the sperm. The X chromosome is supposedly heavier, though spinning does not 100% guarantee the desired sex. I believe that’s what happened with Theresa G’s fourth- they went to a fertility specialist for a boy, ended up with a girl.