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  1. AnnaRose

    S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    I thought she did.
  2. AnnaRose

    S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    They needed to have him say it was permanent in the episode for the conflict and to get a big reaction, but I don't think we were supposed to believe it truly would be permanent. Otherwise there would be an ongoing story and probably all kinds of legal issues. It's a TV show.
  3. AnnaRose

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    Airdate: March 19, 2019
  4. AnnaRose

    S03.E15 American Idol

    Airdate: March 19, 2019
  5. AnnaRose

    S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    No way was it something that couldn't be undone. The guy basically had just walked into the lab for the first time. Siebert just didn't want to have to undo the mess he made.
  6. I only saw a few minutes of it recently, and I was very distracted by the heavy makeup the actresses were wearing.
  7. AnnaRose

    S12.E05: The Planetarium Collision

    Plus the new guy was just there that morning still looking around, and as soon as Amy came in and found out, she went straight to Siebert and straightened it out... so new guy was probably in her lab about ten or fifteen minutes max.
  8. I will definitely be watching it again, too! The leads are so enjoyable together. Interesting that Tyler Hynes starred in 2018's autumn romance Falling for You, and Julie Gonzalo starred in 2017's autumn romance Falling for Vermont. I only saw Julie's movie so far, which I liked, and I will keep an eye out for Tyler's movie. He is a very appealing actor. I'm not happy about Christmas movies all throughout the year... but I think I would have to tune in for that!
  9. I concur. LOVE him! (And her too.) Is it just me or does he look a lot like Chandler Bing?
  10. That's interesting. I never watch cooking competitions and I am one of the people who enjoyed it - a lot more than I expected to - and that probably had a lot to do with it. Part of the appeal for me was because it was so different from anything I've seen before.
  11. Oh. I guess I missed that too. So sad about Luke Perry! I just recently watched the movie he wrote and starred in, and I enjoyed it very much. How awful for his family.
  12. Yes, it was very easy to miss that a lot of time had passed. They should have added x-many years later on the screen, or something. Part of why I enjoyed it so much may have been that my expectations were super low... I had just watched the last new movie that was centered around a chef and was afraid it was going to be too similar. But I really liked what the competition brought to it. I thought the leads had great chemistry and were very appealing as were the rest of the cast. (Including the producer/assistant and the fathers.) Like you, I was so happy that the 'villains' weren't really villains. I loved that they brought back the contestants who were let go, and I enjoyed their evolving friendships. I also liked that the more middle age female contestant was very understandable in her point of view, and also seemed to be worried that Carley might be getting too distracted by a potential love interest instead of focusing on winning. (Not that Carley was actually doing that.) I also really liked Winston and the other male contestant, and loved the friendship between Carley and the young blond female contestant who I've seen in other Hallmark movies. Someone up-thread mentioned that they thought having them both win was a cop-out, but I was glad they went that route. Jason and Carley were both extremely talented and clearly would be working together in the restaurant anyway, and with them both winning they started out on even footing. Also, if that happened in a RL reality show, I'm sure the producers would push the romance angle for all it was worth and would probably see a big spike in their ratings. Who doesn't like a happy ending?
  13. I wasn't sure if it was just my mood, but I kind of loved it!
  14. AnnaRose

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    Google "vanishing twin", or checkout this page From the article linked above:
  15. AnnaRose

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    Maybe the second placenta? There must have been some remains, otherwise she wouldn't know it was a girl and probably wouldn't have known she even lost it. Vanishing Twins are very common (probably 1 in 7 conceptions start out as twins) but I don't think they did routine ultrasounds in the fifties like they do now. Oh yes, for sure!