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  1. Mondrianyone

    I Need a Recipe!

    Did you use AP flour or cake flour? Trying it with cake flour might make a noticeable difference.
  2. Mondrianyone

    The Kitchen

    You're very welcome. Don't compound the technical difficulties by having your own meltdown! There's usually a standard repeat of the Saturday show on Monday at noon, I think (best to double-check the FN site to make sure). So maybe they'll rerun today's then.
  3. Mondrianyone

    The Kitchen

    I was just skimming through the shows my DVR recorded this morning, and the recording of The Kitchen seemed to be back-to-back episodes of Beat Bobby Flay (or Flay Bobby Beat). I'm assuming this wasn't just my TV. Did anyone hear an announcement about why it wasn't on? Or something about a time change? Very odd that they came off several weeks of two-hour episodes, and then suddenly nothing. ETA: Googled it. Technical difficulties. Whatever that means.
  4. Mondrianyone

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    You think? I'm wondering why they'd need to spend the time and money knocking it off when they can buy them by the truckload from China for probably less than the $6.19 apiece you'd pay on eBay and mark them up to $79.99. But I'm not exactly a schmatta-trade maven.
  5. Mondrianyone

    Maine Cabin Masters

    Well, that's what makes horse races! Or so they say. 🐎 I don't remember anyone saying they used the whole budget, but usually if they're under, there's mention of that. And I definitely don't remember hearing that. Didn't they load the yurt pieces onto a rowboat? I'm a little foggy on what two points it went from and two, but if rowing it was the only transport, then that probably didn't eat up much budget. I don't mean to seem cranky. I was just really thinking this was going to be so interesting, and it let me down. But don't let me pee on your parade!
  6. Mondrianyone

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    For anybody who thought Sonja's lacy cover-up was cute (and I did, but also oddly familiar), I can possibly save you about $73 and change off the Sonja Morgan Original price. I spend too much time on ebay. All yours for $6.19, with free shipping. (This is the same dress, yes?)
  7. Mondrianyone

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Why would our not seeing groundskeepers on the show be proof that they're not there? We don't see landscapers, or lawn mowers, or farriers clipping the ponies' hooves, or swan people clipping the swans' feathers so they can't fly away--but all these people are obviously there off camera, since the lawns are always mowed, the roses always pruned, and so on and so on. Maybe TPTB think it wouldn't interest viewers to see this stuff happening, so they don't show it. But clearly it does happen, or we'd be looking at Grey Gardens rather than Villa Rosa. I don't know if the ponies get exercised, but it would really surprise me if they didn't. I don't think the lawns mow themselves either.
  8. Mondrianyone

    Maine Cabin Masters

    Usually they redo a whole house, reroof it, build a deck, plus landscaping and maybe a dock for twice that. So it seems odd that all they did was move a portable structure and build a small round platform (and an outhouse) for half the standard budget. Normally I'm amazed at how much they do for the budget they have. This time I found myself wondering where $10k of that $15k went.
  9. Mondrianyone

    Maine Cabin Masters

    Exactly what I was hoping to see. There's all kinds of multi-use furniture around these days. And since the yurt isn't going anywhere, what was to stop them from installing walls of some sort? Or folding screens for privacy, at least, for when people are, say, changing clothes and don't need to be on display. The sleeping situation seemed like the most basic one to address, but they didn't really address anything. I saw a documentary on Mongolian nomads a few years ago, and they rely heavily on rugs and blankets as furnishings and floor coverings and bedding, so why hot play off that idea in some modern way? Could've been such an interesting and informative episode but turned out to be a huge disappointment.
  10. Mondrianyone

    Maine Cabin Masters

    We have friends who lived in a yurt for at least two years while they were building a house. But theirs was considerably bigger than the one on MCM, and they just needed to have room for two parents and two kids. I was trying to figure out where six people were going to sleep in that little yurt once they took out the mattresses and that large couch. All I spotted was a single futon, which could no way accommodate two adults and four kids. I was expecting them to show or tell us about air mattresses or folding cots or something, but that didn't happen. I don't think the use of space was very well thought out. Or thought out at all, really, from what I saw.
  11. Mondrianyone

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Here I go, boarding the express train to hell . . . I haven't seen the dog-bite case again, but I remembered it as soon as I read the name Wyld. Horrible brat and arrogant father who thinks his kid is made of rainbows and entitlement. I should keep this case on my DVR and watch it every time I start thinking it wouldn't be so very bad if Roe v. Wade got overturned.
  12. Mondrianyone

    What's For Dinner?

    My husband's from PA, and the first time I visited his family there was also the first time I saw (beet) pickled eggs. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were, and when we went home, I tried making them. And then I sort of forgot about them, till last year, when I stumbled on a recipe online that sounded the closest to my mother-in-law's of all the ones I'd seen. So I made them, and I thought they were great. My husband said the brine needed more cloves, so I added them, and he said they tasted exactly like his mother's. He also admitted he'd never liked pickled eggs all that much. Go figure. More for me.
  13. Mondrianyone

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    What I believe they didn't mention was the distance from the floor of the tub to the cabinet knob. Without that info, it's really not possible to know if she could've grabbed the knob just by reaching up. Although if you jump to clutch onto anything to keep yourself from falling, that could account for a few inches of disparity. And it would also add to the likelihood the hinge would get pulled loose.
  14. Mondrianyone

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'm pretty sure they said she was 5'4", 130 pounds. Which, if you hung your entire weight on a hinge that was just screwed into what looked like a fiberboard cabinet faced in laminate, would probably be enough to pull the hinge loose. But I'm still convinced he did it.