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  1. dyanad


    Guess I am in the minority here. I actually liked it. To the person who called it right wing...huh? I don't get that at all. I thought there were some amazingly acted scenes. I loved the scene with Heather M slashing her wrists and skating past the Betty Finn group with them totally brushing her off then skating home to sit in between her oblivious parents as she bled to death. It was just so powerful to me. Maybe it was the actors that made it work for me. The Heathers did a great job at bringing something new to the characters. JD/Veronica were trying a little too hard to act just like the originals.
  2. You know, I saw it has him saying why let this petty shit into their lives. You only care about people who mean something to you and these other ladies mean nothing. He is saying I don't care what she called me, so why let it affect you? I actually think that is the most reasonable thing anyone on this damn show has ever said. As for Kelly, she is A1 crazy. She goes low, then expects what she said to be forgotten. How 'bout not saying that vile crap in the first place Kel?
  3. Kourtney still being pissed about being called "the least interesting to look at" then proceeding to get all vicious shows she still is the one that fights dirty. She can dish it out, but can't take it. PATHETIC.
  4. dyanad

    S13.E04: Judge, Jury and Gina

    Hell yes to everything you said. It was disgusting, still is disgusting and I am sorry that I can't get over it.
  5. dyanad

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    You so funny, is there a two drink minimum? I'll take my margarita now
  6. dyanad

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    Really? How can you see it like this? Dad already put out for an expensive "dream wedding" here in the U.S. when they could have gotten married at a fricking courthouse, but no not Andrei that's not good enough for him and her dad footed the bill. Now her sister is getting married for the first time and Andrei and Libby want to plan a deluxe Muldovian wedding, when they are struggling to pay the bills and Andrei has no income or savings. Her family in no way said don't do it, but rather let her sister's wedding take priority for now and plan it for the following year. Hell they have only been married for 3 months at this time, so why not have the next wedding on their year anniversary or something along those lines? Those two are being selfish and narrow minded. The father is trying to remain neutral, but knows where the 10 grand will come from when they can't come up with it. I get that Andrei is homesick and wants to visit his family, so why don't they plan a trip with just the two of them right now and do the wedding later as her family suggested. It boggles my mind.
  7. dyanad

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    Hear frickin hear! Pedro wanted nothing to do with the "stupid Americans with mental problems". He would never answer questions staying that it was none of their business or he didn't want to talk about it. He did nothing to make them feel that Chantel was his priority. Pedro refused to spend time with them after the wedding to give them a chance to get to know him because he was so offended they dare to recommend a damn prenup...which most people go into a marriage with these days.
  8. I thought that was weird too, so I went back and re watched that scene, The pizza boxes had their names written on them. I think everyone requested what they wanted to eat and it was waiting for them when they broke for lunch. Molly had her salad and everyone seemed to be eating different things.
  9. Me thinks he was under age and she could have gotten into serious trouble if she fingered him as the father. As the saying goes 17 will get you 20.
  10. Pedro lies to make whatever he is selling more palatable. Just like when he said he was planning to move to the DR and Chantel couldn't move with him, because she wouldn't earn enough...then it was baby baby baby I no move maybe one or two weeks...and when asked again by Chantel's family it was 4 days to maybe a week. The amount he previously claimed he was sending back was $300. He told Chantel he prepaid rent for that deluxe apartment for a year, sends gifts and makes Chantel buy his mom a fricking laptop at the last minute. All this on top of weekly packages he sends to them. If I have said it once, I will say it again...You help family in need, not in greed.
  11. She said shedoesn't get to see her family very much because of the disagreements. That to me shows she is trying to put him first by limiting contact,
  12. Did everyone forget that Pedro admitted he prepaid rent for an entire year for that 3 bedroom place they are living in? And he is sending money and other things...that amounts to much more than $300-$400 a month. And did anyone else get a very controlling vibe from Pedro. Wanting to separate Chantel from her family and make her change her phone number? Let's talk about how he always forces Chantel to cowtow to him...he has his damn gaming computer desk that is staying right where it is...where is Chantel's space in that apartment? I didn't see one at all. And the way he said don't talk to me that way really was a warning sign. There is something seriously shady with Pedro and Family Pedro.
  13. dyanad

    S10.E13: Reunited

    You can see several of the queens shaking their heads in disagreement as The Vixen was speaking. It wasn't just Eureka she had a problem with this season...it was many queens. It was basically I can throw shade at anyone I want, but if you throw anything back at me, I will go off and accuse you of racism to boot. She came on that show to say her canned speech of thank you to the fans and leave. Ru was right, she planned it and once it happened no one was going to change her mind about it. The Vixen had her point to make and by hook or crook she was going to do it. Taking any accountability for her part was never going to happen.
  14. Am I the only one that sees Chantel's family point of view? Yes, they contributed to the mess in the DR, but his family contributed to that shit show too and Pedro refuses to acknowledge that part! Chantel's family get off the plane and the first thing they hear from his family is "where is the TV". Knowing Pedro and Chantel are struggling with living costs, bills, etc. and all his family is concerned about is where are my things. It would be very off putting to me as well. And yes, it would raise concerns. Now, Pedro acting shady AF with these plans that he has that he has not and apparently DOES NOT want to talk to Chantel about is not a good look. I see it as he does not want to talk in front of Chantel's family because he wants to be able to sweet talk and lie to her and ultimately push her to do things his way (which he has done all along - especially with regards to his family and money). He isn't in a marriage or equals, he sees his money as his and her money and theirs. There is something really fishy and it stinks a lot.
  15. dyanad

    S03.E08: A Jury of Their Queers

    I was a Milk fan too, but he lost me during All Stars, like you. I was just using that as an example of how hypersensitive Kennedy seems to be. Unless she is getting mad praise, she gets angry. I also don't think in that conversation Milk was being douchey. Everyone was trying to calm Kennedy down after being in the bottom and Milk just gave his opinion that if it was his choice, he would have gone with Thorgy and why. I don't think it was meant to be "mean" per sey.