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  1. MadyGirl1987

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Wow, she really does have the Diana look. I totally agree with being disappointed at them going the naive lamb route as well. She did some good things, but I think she was pretty messed up by her home-life and had mental health issues as well. Seeing the whole thing as evil Charles/ poor Diana bugs me because I think the whole situation was messed up on both sides. They were pressured into the relationship by outside forces. Charles couldn't marry the women he really wanted. He was being pressured to settle down and produce heirs. Diana was way too young and inexperienced for the pressures of royal life, and I would argue had an unrealistic expectation of what royalty and marriage would mean. Honestly, the only good thing that came out of the whole thing were William and Harry.
  2. MadyGirl1987

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    I actually really enjoyed Lex in this. While Michael Rosenbaum was great, he came across too often as a cliched "bad boy who just needs love" to me. When he was allowed to be plotting, twisted and villainous is where he shined. Lex here, you can see him being Superman's greatest foe. He may not be strong, but he is smart and cunning. He also has a flair for the theatrical I liked. The end scene with his escape seemed like it could have been Gene Hackman. I would really like to see him go up against Tyler Hoechlin's Superman. That would be something to see!
  3. MadyGirl1987

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    So, just because a show has gay characters they should keep making a show few people are watching? It’s harder and harder to get an audience now with all the TV there is and many shows, with or without gay leads, don’t last long. It’s a numbers game, really. They are making more and more shows with diverse leads and as they do there will be more chances for those shows to win the TV lottery and become a hit that runs for several seasons. It’s just he nature of the TV industry that for every long-running hit, you have several that only lasted a season or two and even more then that never go pass the pilot/script stage.
  4. MadyGirl1987

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Oh, Randall...... You are seriously asking your wife to give up her dream job to pick up the slack at home caused by your flight of fancy political career in a district you don't even live in? You, sir, are a moron. Why don't YOU find a more stable 9-5 job if you are so concerned about it. Also; the kids aren't babies. I think they can handle Beth working nights and weekends. If not, you've got bigger problems. Besides, at their age, they will be having their own weekend and after-school activities and plans with friends independent of the family. That being said, I did like the rest of this episode. Especially the teen and adult big three scenes at the end. Also liked seeing Miguel helping Rebecca through her breakdown at Randall's graduation. You can see how they were naturally drawn to each other after Jack's death. I was also happy the family now knows Kevin fell off the wagon. I was a little worried it would be a long drawn out thing.
  5. MadyGirl1987

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    Right? I am okay with some historical liberties being taken, especially since her children basically censoring her journals make our picture of her incomplete, especially in regards to her homelife(who wants to hear about that women stuff like family and relationships, right?), but this season has been more fiction then fact. The whole (made up) thing with Feodora was exceptionally bad. “I escaped some years of imprisonment which you, my poor dear Sister, had to endure after I was married. Often have I praised God that he sent my dear Ernest for I might have married I don’t know whom – merely to get away!” That was written to Victoria by Feodora. They could have had two sisters coming to terms with and having a bond forged by a rough childhood, but nope. We get a Feodora so stereotypically villainous she would have twirled her mustache if the had one. That's Hollywood (or the British equivalent) for you. I actually found this painting done in 1851. It shows a glimpse of how they looked in the eyes of at least one guy (the painter).
  6. MadyGirl1987


    Yes! I always get so stressed out watching that episode on Ross’ behalf. This isn’t like he’s worried about being late to a party, it’s a work thing his bosses will be at. The group always act like they have no respect for his job, though, so I guess this is just another example of that. If I were Ross I would have been like, “thanks for nothing, don’t bother coming after all” and went to the event on my own.
  7. MadyGirl1987

    Things That Happen On TV But Not In Real Life

    Only on TV is a girls first period a dramatic thing the whole family knows about and makes a big deal about.
  8. MadyGirl1987

    S03.E07: A Public Inconvenience

    From what I've read, I kinda understood that to be more the case after Albert's death. That's not to say she was the perfect mother who was close to him. Victoria and Albert worried about his character and he didn't live up to their high expectations, but the rift between her and Bertie really seemed to come after Albert's death. She blamed him and his sexual shenanigans in the military for Albert's death. I believe she felt the shock and stress hurt his health. I don't know what Daisy Goodwin's problem with Albert is but it's clear she doesn't like him. His death so affected Victoria, her extreme, reclusiveness, depression and mourning afterwards put her reign in trouble. People started to think she wasn't fit to rule. You wouldn't get that from how they've been portrayed this season. Well, the story of "The Duchess and the Footman" continues to play like a bad romance novel. We are now at the part where the lovers have to overcome adversity to be together; here in the form of her loutish husband sending her to a madhouse. Once her lover heroically rescues her, and the evil husband is out of the way, they will go off to live happily ever after together. I think I found the cover of it....
  9. MadyGirl1987

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I’m shocked at that myself. Sound was like a character in that movie.
  10. MadyGirl1987

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    This State Farm commercial. The kid complaining about getting a car bugs me to no end. You are getting your own car! If you don't like it, save up for one on your own.
  11. MadyGirl1987

    S03.E06: A Coburg Quartet

    I wish Leopold would talk some sense into Victoria and Albert. He was giving good advice to Albert about Bertie and one would hope being an outside observer he would be able to have a better view of what is going on with Feodora. I am so not here for the Duchess and the Footman. Just saying that sounds like a bad trashy romance novel. Is two people risking their reputations(maybe worse?) supposed to be titillating?
  12. MadyGirl1987

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    I was thinking molestation as well. My senses were first triggered by the way he put it hand on Bertie’s head when they were saying goodbye and then I was sure something was up when Vicky was asking people if they liked him. Poor Vicky, by the way, asking about a tutor for her. She had a rough time in Germany with her husbands family and the Prussian court. Maybe some formal political education would have smoothed the way... And yeah... They had a pretty tense relationship at times. Fought hard and loved hard, I guess you could say.
  13. MadyGirl1987

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Ugh! As someone who saw what the glorification of villains did to "Once Upon a Time," I can see this all to well. Cue tragic backstory and "growth." Any not horrible thing they do pointed to as evidence they are actually "good," even though they never apologise or fully own their evil deeds. At worse, they would have one of the victimized groups "do something" to the villian (ala Regina and Snow) to "justify" their bad deeds towards that group. The disappointing thing is , as mentioned above, this could be an interesting AU where you could explore the "what-ifs" of history, but it would need to be more dystopian and done carefully in order to avoid things like glorifying the Confederacy.
  14. MadyGirl1987

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    My library has a service where you can get magazines digitally through an app. Some are more tabloid-ish and I can’t believe some of the headlines. If the royal family, especially William and Harry, didn’t have such a toxic history with the press it would be almost laughable.
  15. MadyGirl1987

    S03.E04: Foreign Bodies

    So sad! Just when Skerrit and Francatelli we’re getting their happy ending as well! I hope we see more of Francatelli and see that at least the hotel is a success. Let him have at least that. RIP Skerrit! If they can pull of such a heartbreaking death of a supporting character, I am scared of what they will do with Albert’s death. That is going to be devastating... Joseph and the Duchess need to stay away from each other. That will not end well for either of them. I definitely liked Palmerston better here when he is not being an obnoxious self-promoter or being a womanizing ladies man.