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  1. Talented Tenth

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    She needed to take accountability for her choice to use boxed mix. Even without knowing how much things like that are frowned upon the show, one would think being on Top Chef would have clued her in not to take shortcuts. Tom brought it up in front of the entire crowd. Justin started a cheer that indicated the white team's food was homemade. If she felt like she did nothing bad/wrong, then the other team talking about their food shouldn't have evoked such a strong reaction from her.
  2. Talented Tenth

    S11.E08: Final Destin-ation

    If you're from a legendary group, then you're a legend. Ronnie is in two groups that have sold millions and have had pop hits. While some may consider Shamari's comments about Ronnie obnoxious, they are not inaccurate. Let's be real, the New Edition association is the reason Shamari was cast.
  3. Talented Tenth

    S11.E03: A New Edition

    Regarding Ronnie DeVoe, he was a part of the group New Edition which came out in the 80's and were the blueprint for the boy band. They have 6 platinum and gold albums. Ronnie branched off and did a project with 2 other members forming the group BBD and their debut album sold 4 million copies. New Edition has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, had a record breaking movie on BET last year and have received lifetime achievement honors. I think that certifies him as a legend. Regarding Blaque, they had two top 10 hits on the pop charts "808" and "Bring It All To Me". Their debut album went platinum and they were modeled after TLC, put together by Left Eye. Xscape released three albums and all three albums were certified platinum meaning 1 million sold. They have 5 top 10 hits on the pop charts.
  4. Talented Tenth

    S09.E03: The Jersey Breakfast Club

    I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Teresa cannot carry a show. The only thing making this show interesting again is the fighting between Teresa and Melissa. The best cast was when Caroline and family were still on the show.
  5. Talented Tenth

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    Of course there are things we don't know, but Jenni being on the show was probably fulfilling her desire for an acting career. This is speculation, but if she was filming during the time she was being considered for the Nick Cage movie, I can see her turning down a small part for something that was steady. If they weren't on a show that was bringing her money and fame, Jeff would have been 100% right at the dinner, but being on tv changes everything.
  6. Talented Tenth

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    Well, let me say that I relate to Jenni. Jeff is entertaining for the most part, but this show was uncomfortable to watch because Jeff bullied her. Jenni is sensitive and a person like Jeff is not the right personality for her. I have recently cut people out of my life who said they are friends and felt they should be able to say what they want to say and be "honest" because they are "friends". What I have learned is that two people may be perfectly decent people, but sometimes their personalities just don't mesh. Jeff thinks he's doing nothing wrong, but Jenni has been hurt time and time again by his comments. The relationship was toxic for Jenni and the only thing to do is let it go. I think just like me, what she wants out of friends is loyalty, respect, encouragement, support, care and consideration. A therapist on Married To Medicine said something that resonated with me: "Honesty without compassion is brutality". Jeff doesn't have the respect and compassion that Jenni needs. It certainly appears that it's the end. Andy has stated that if he were in charge of programming he doesn't know if he'd renew the show because Jeff has been trashing the network. Andy was also bothered by Jeff talking about possibly by not being renewed on the air. Jeff does have a radio show on Radio Andy, so I wonder how that's really going. Andy also said Jeff is trying to get Flipping Out on Netflix. Jeff has been saying he's probably not going to get renewed and was promoting a petition started by fans to get the show renewed.
  7. Talented Tenth

    S11.E10: The Final Flip

    Lea Black leads a productivity seminar at Jeff Lewis Design, which brings a lot of issues to the surface and sparks a mass exodus; Jeff and Jenni have it out: Jeff and Jenni's relationship may not survive, and Jeff may not have any employees left. This is the big explosion that helped lead to the demise of the show and there's no thread??
  8. Talented Tenth

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Are these serious posts? Bethenny was clearly being a snarky bitch and made those comments with disdain and jealously about Carole and Tinsley's friendship. She was feeling left out and even said so on the show. She mentioned negative things that were digs about both of them, but more so to get at Carole. She knows that Carole wanted children and that she prides herself as a journalist, writer and author. It's not about whether or not they were true; it's about whether or not your friend should say those things about you, with intent to hurt let alone on national television.
  9. Talented Tenth

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Carole and Bethenny did not bash each other and the editing tried to rewrite history when they showed the montage of comments they made about each other. At the beginning of the season, Bethenny came out of the gate in her solo camera interviews making digs. Carole was only saying positive things about Bethenny. During the filming once Carole was aware there was a problem between the two and knew Bethenny talked behind her back, she was responding to things that happened once they had differences. Speaking unfavorable truths in response to what someone else is doing to and saying about you is not bashing. Carole's solo camera interviews did turn negative once she was aware of the things Bethenny had been saying about her. Bethenny started all of negativity. Perhaps they were drifting apart, or Bethenny was hurt at the distance between the two, but she handled it all wrong and lost a friend. She let her jealousy and hurt cause her to lash out in a very negative way. Carole had lots of examples of Bethenny's insults. Carole talked about Bethenny's behavior; Bethenny hit below the belt about Carole's deceased husband, career, age, lifestyle, choices in friends, etc. Their comments are not even remotely the same.
  10. Talented Tenth

    S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    Speculations are not facts. Bravo polls are insignificant. People supposedly hated Jill so much, but when she was fired the ratings dropped by approximately a million and have never fully recovered. Variety is the spice of life, but it is truly interesting how people see what they want to see and how people can watch the same thing and come up with totally opposite points of view. Bethenny was so low to use Anthony as a punchline. People also have alternative definitions of bashing. Speaking a truth that isn't favorable about another person in response to their words/actions isn't the same as verbally attacking someone. Bethenny was giving jabs from the beginning of the season while Carole was not. Until the end of the season, Carole was saying she was still Bethenny's friend and loved her. Carole's attitude changed once she learned what Bethenny was saying and she started reacting to that in "talking heads", blogs and social media. I think people get confused because they don't fully understand the timelines when it comes to production and filming. Take a look at the quoted post above.
  11. Talented Tenth

    S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    You beat me to it. I've seen it said more than once that Bethenny's the star or she helped the ratings. I think Bravo definitely treats her like the star of the show, however, the ratings did not suffer when she left and the season she returned did not see an increase. The ratings suffered when Jill was fired and never fully recovered.
  12. Talented Tenth

    Basketball Wives LA

    Regarding the wigs, they may not wear their natural hair, but some of their hair looks better than others. Evelyn being violent doesn't excuse Chad's violence against Evelyn. Chad should have lost his career for what he did. Tami was just being vindictive and deflecting from the reason she brought up the rumor about Evelyn sleeping with Shauni's ex. Doesn't Evelyn identify as Afro-Latina? Everyone isn't colorist. It's possible that men genuinely find her attractive. Aside from lighter skin, Evelyn's features aren't Caucasian and her hair is naturally curly.
  13. North was using a hand gesture than means peace; it's not associated with anything "gangsta".
  14. Talented Tenth

    S10.E07: On an Island

    Age doesn't have anything to do with it. Bethenny had no relationship with Adam before Carole and was never Adam's friend. I don't think anyone would be pleased if a friend contacted their partner without going through them first. Bethenny didn't even ask Carole to go, but she asked her lover to accompany her on a trip? You'd call your friend's lovers and ask them to take trips with you? All of it was a dig. Bethenny has been negative towards Carole the whole season. She hasn't said anything good about Carole in any of her solo camera interviews and the comments about her having things in common with Tinsley were no exception. While some of the things Bethenny said were true, her intention and the context of the comments make them a dig. She was saying them to hurt Carole. It's no different than Ramona bringing up LuAnn's husband cheating on her left and right or bringing up LuAnn's daughter being transferred from multiple schools. While those things were true, she state them while being in a bad place with LuAnn in order to hurt. Bethenny has had issues with all the women and major fall outs with all of them except Tinsley and that's only because she's new and doesn't fool with Bethenny too much.
  15. Talented Tenth

    S01.E04: Alligator Tears

    It sounds like you're doing really well to think $320,000 isn't a lot for a house, but for most Americans it is. The home ownership rate in America is 62.4%. The median home price is around $200,000. The median income is around $60,000.