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  1. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Every time I see Kyle in her THs, I wonder when Morticia Addams joined the show. I loved Erika's comment that the way to feel confident is to be comfortable in your own skin. As she sits there in a wig, and clown makeup. Whenever I see those poor miniature ponies at LVPs, I wonder if they ever get out of their tiny fenced area to get exercise. By the way they ran around the property when they were let out, I doubt it. Six episodes in, and I have learned nothing new about puppygate. Dorito and PK are shits for dumping poor Lucy. But the biggest shit is LVP for letting them adopt not one, but two dogs. These people can't take care of their own kids, and no one should know that better than PK's BFF, and his wife. Lisa is really making herself look bad in how she has handled this. The rest of the cast - at least the ones that I know are dog owners (Kyle, Erika, Denise, Teddi, Rinna) - should not be showing Dorito any sympathy, She was not the victim, Lucy was.
  2. UsernameFatigue


    I was surprised that the spa guys got a deal. They have already been around for a couple of years, so I would think in another couple of years their franchises will be old news. I also didn't understand why Lori complemented them on design, etc. Did she miss the part where they said that they didn't invent the spa? Count me in with those who found that kid super annoying. I also thought the product was hideous. And can't imagine it being interesting to any kid over about 6. But really, the kid was so obnoxious that his parents should not only have taken away his band and any stupid charms he may have earned, but also taken away several privileges to boot. And I also agree that no kids should be in the tank during negotiations. Period. I liked the dog selfie guy, and am glad he got a deal. I don't have a dog, but have many friends with pooches, including some with hyper dogs, so can see how this would work for them.
  3. UsernameFatigue


    I read the book Bad Blood a few months ago, so knew what to expect when watching this show. But still, as others have said, I am astounded by how supposedly smart people were conned by this woman. Mind blowing. What I really don't understand is why Walgreens went ahead and brought this into their stores, when Theranos wasn't even able to show proof of the premise of the invention in the first place. The blood tests were supposed to be carried out using a finger prick, but there were phlebotomists employed to draw blood from the customers' veins, no different that any other lab would do. Would you not think that would be a red flag to Walgreens? It is bad enough that many people not in the medical field were conned, but for a pharmacy like Walgreens to be conned? To me, they were as responsible for their customers getting false lab results as Theranos was in providing them. I am amazed that they have not been sued as well.
  4. Me too. I originally started watching the movies because much of the series is filmed in my mom's hometown. The diner where Jennifer and Detective Lynwood often meet is the diner where my parents met many moons ago. And I can often get glimpses of my grandmother's property. But I actually have found that I enjoy the series. I tried watching the Fixer Upper Mysteries, but do not like that series as much. I would feel bad for the actors who play Shannon's husband and kids if they retool the whole series. While I love Sara Strange, I don't know that I would want to see her carrying the series. I would be OK with a replacement for Lori.
  5. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E05: The Proof Hurts

    Another boring show about who said what to who, when, and where. Who the f**k cares? Not me. So it seems that either John Blizzard lied to Teddy when he said that LVP wanted her to know about Lucy, or LVP lied and Blizzard then lied on camera to protect his employer. Either way, it appears that Teddy was doing what she thought Lisa wanted her to do. So my opinion has not changed. Dorito is a shit for how she treated Lucy, and LVP is a shit for adopting a second dog to Dorito and PK, when it was obvious they could not handle the first. And for someone who loves animals so much, it should also be obvious to LVP that Dorito and PK are the last two people who should be responsible for any other living being. I am so tired of Kyle whining about her kid leaving for college. I find it very unhealthy, how dependent parents are on their children, and the fact that they let them know it. I will be forever grateful to my parents, and particularly my mom, who did not whine and cry in front of me when I left for college, and again after college when I moved across the country. It was their job to raise me to be independent, and while I knew I always had their support, they let me grow and make my own mistakes as a adult. We did the same with my step daughter. I have friends and relatives now who have kids in college, and the kids can't get through a day without checking in with their parents numerous times a day. Sad.
  6. UsernameFatigue

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    I went through a situation similar to Beth's. Had a boyfriend for 5 years that I could not commit to. He wanted to get married, I didn't. He then got sick, and I could not break up with him as it would look like I had done so because he was ill. And of course I wanted to support him. I ended up moving 4 hours away for other reasons, but we stayed in touch. Two days before he was to come for the weekend he died suddenly. He had been such a wonderful boyfriend, and person, that I was devastated. Meanwhile, another long time friend had been asking me out but I kept saying no. Three months after my boyfriend/friend died, I went out with this long time friend. We have been together for 22 years now, married for 15. Sometimes a loss like that makes you realize that life is short, and it shocks you into doing something that you may have given a side eye if someone else had done the same. It doesn't mean that you don't continue to grieve for the person that is gone.
  7. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    I just watched the show, and haven't read all the posts here, but my view hasn't changed from last week. Dorito is a POS for giving Lucy away, and not returning her to LVP. I also don't believe her claim that the first dog they adopted bit her daughter on the face. My niece's daughter at the age of two was bit by the dog of a family member, a dog that she had known since she was born. It was as traumatic for my niece as it was for her daughter, and my great niece now two years later is just starting to be OK with being around dogs again, Her mother, not so much. So I do not believe that the first dog bit Dorito's daughter on the face, and that Dorito and PK went ahead shortly after to adopt a second dog. I don't think Dorito is much of a mother, but even for her if her daughter was bit by the first dog, why adopt a second? Lisa R crowed that when Dorito gave Lucy away, she was protecting her children. Supposedly Lucy also bit the kids (don't believe it) as well as PK (also don't believe it). In any case why would Dorito give a biting dog to a stranger? I still think that PK and Dorito have something on VDP, or why would she not be furious with Dorito and PK? It doesn't pass the smell test. And maybe that is why the employees decided not to let VDP away with brushing it all under the rug. In any case, the only victim in all of this is Lucy, who should never have been adopted out to PK and Dorito in the first place. And that is on LVP.
  8. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E03: Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

    Firstly, my condolences on all you have dealt with concerning recent passings of friends/family. I have been there (multiple dealths in a short time) and it is exhausting as well as devastating. I 100 percent agree with you that Erika's card was more than appropriate. She and LVP are co-workers. Nothing more. As far as I remember, they didn't know each other before Erika came on the show. (I remember the dinner where Erika's husband met LVP for the first time). In addition Erika may be one of those people who is not comfortable relaying condolences on the phone. I am like that myself, depending on the situation and closeness to the person involved. And like you, when I lost my parents I appreciated every card I received, and still have them, 24 years and 12 years later. But I don't remember who called. I am not an Erika fan, but am totally on her side with regards to the card.
  9. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E03: Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

    Still getting used to new forum and copied my own post by mistake. I will show myself out.....
  10. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E03: Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

    My quibble was not only with the spelling, but that apparently this person said that the dog was taken to be "spade (sp) and neutered" which of course is not possible. The article though is very poorly written. It starts out by quoting John Sessa during a radio interview, than mentions John Blizzard, who is the person who is Teddi's friend and involved in the texts. Then it continues to quote "John" but does not specify which John the writer is referring to. And whether it was still in regards to the radio interview or a different interview. I do agree that articles are often very poorly written, Our animal charity has been interviewed numerous times over the years, and if it is a print interview we are lucky if 50 percent of the article is accurate. I do think it odd though that the writer would come up with "spayed and neutered" on their own, but certainly possible.
  11. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E03: Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

    II am already bored with the season. I am an animal lover, and have worked with an animal welfare group for years. But I don't want to see a whole season of puppygate. I don't care who said what, when. I think Dorito and PK must have something on LVP for her to go so easy on them. I think Dorito and PK are wastes of space, and should never own so much as a pet rock. Heck, they can't even look after their kids without a bevy of nannies. I am disgusted at the howives who comforted Dorito at the dinner when she was playing victim. The only victims in this whole story are the two dogs who were given to, and subsequently given up by, Dorito and PK. Though thank goodness they did, as those two grifters do not deserve the unconditional love of a pet. The above quote makes me stabby. One would think that a person working with an organization that adopts out dogs would have a clue as to the correct terminology with regards to sterilizing said dogs. A dog does not go for "spade and neutering". It is spayed (not spade - geesh!) if it is a female, and neutered if it is a male. Pretty basic terms to know if you are dealing with animals. Good lord. I literally rolled my eyes when Erika entered her room, to the greetings of her glam squad. Honestly, they must work for free for the airtime and trips, as they are f**king lousy at their jobs. Erika always look hideous on these trips. Dorito's squad isn't any better. Thank goodness for the howives who are capable of doing their own makeup and hair, and do a much better job than either glam squad. BH is apparently where you go to get a job doing something for someone who has too much money (real or imagined), and too little common sense to do it for themselves.
  12. UsernameFatigue

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    This case was covered before by Dateline, but I guess they revisited it because the trial just happened at the end of last year. I am so glad that the wife was convicted, even if it meant that the "best friend" really didn't pay for killing Mike. The testimony though was horrific - that poor Mike had managed to get the waders off and reach a safe place, but was then hunted down by Brian. Mike may have died instantly, but I can't imagine what he went through before he was shot, knowing that his best friend was going to killl him one way or another. Bless his mother for never giving up on getting justice for her son. Also I laughed at Brian claiming that Denise didn't want a divorce because she was so religious, and didn't want the stigma of divorce. Sure, that is why they put the waders in the lake, to make sure he would be declared dead to free up the insurance money. Because of religion. God had nothing to do with it. They never did say if Cheryl was ever reunited with her granddaughter, who would now be old enough to make her own mind up about having a relationship with her grandmother. Poor woman. You could really see how small she was when she was testifying, and could barely see over the railing. Small but mighty.
  13. UsernameFatigue

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I also wondered where the mother's oldest child was. And I didn't believe that Jared was fine with his ex taking the kids out of state. And like you I wondered how she was able to do that if he was against it. The fact that Jared now wants custody of his kids, years after they have been with their grandparents, shows me that he would not have been OK with his ex taking them out of state and away from him in the first place. That said I could not have convicted him based on the evidence presented, though I do think he is guilty. The kids testimony was all over the place. At first the daughter said that their dad never left them alone in the car. But then he did, and she got out to look in the mail slot. A couple of times. And the fact that the kids remembered more details as they got older just doesn't ring true to me. I laughed at your comment that a burgler would take one look at that house and run like hell in the other direction. No kidding. I am a pretty neat and tidy person, but sometimes I look around the house and think to myself "If I was murdered and police filmed my house, would I be OK with how it looks?". Lol. Am I the only one?
  14. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Brooke had the twins again after Denise looked after them, but in 2013 officials took the children, and temporary custody was given to her brother Scott. However Brooke became clean and sober, and regained full custody of the twins in December 2014. Charlie posted a picture of himself with the twins last fall. They will be 10 in March.
  15. UsernameFatigue

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    While Dorito and PK are idiots for not reading their contract, and returning Lucy the dog to Lisa, I am surprised that this stipulation wasn't also stated verbally when the dog was adopted out. I have worked for years with an animal rescue, and it is not only in our contact, but we have the person adopting verbally agree to return the pet to us if for any reason it does not work out. That said, I think Lucy is very smart if she bit PK. I think Dorito also said she nipped the kids, which I don't believe as I think she would have told LVP PDQ if that was the case. Dorito was positively giddy when reporting that she had been robbed. Me thinks she was giddy at the idea of getting insurance money. How odd though, that the first Erika heard of it was days later, after Dorito processed the robbery by going on a hike in another state? Gee, I think if I had been robbed, even though obviously no one was home, I would be sticking close to my kids. But I guess that is what the nannies are for. Now, would you not think that most mothers, if their child called another child a weirdo in front of them, would tell the child that is not a nice thing to say? Not Dorito. I liked Cruz's answer that that was his face. And IMO, he is a far cuter kid than Jagger, who looks like his father. Poor kid.