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  1. I can't imagine people not recognizing Gladys' voice is a racial thing. I'm so white I practically glow in the dark and I knew it was her immediately. I don't know...maybe I was just raised right. :-) Now T-Pain on the other hand...yeah, I had no idea who he was.
  2. Nessie

    S06.13: I Coulda Been a Lawyer

    Eric is a doctor, too. So, lots of higher education.
  3. Nessie

    S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    Unless that Indian/Pakistani male character is of a certain age, and then you cast Brian George (including this show). I'm sure there are other older Indian/Pakistani actors in America, but he has literally played every Indian father and grandfather I've seen on American TV in the last 10+ years.
  4. Nessie

    S01.E09: The Love List

    :-) You're welcome. Admittedly I do rewind the DVR a lot because I'm laughing too hard to catch everything that's said. I just figured whoever was last to the table had to sit off to the side. In the first dinner scene it was Joey, but later in that last scene with Mike's work "friend", it was Pat who was over there.
  5. Nessie

    S01.E09: The Love List

    God I love this show and I think it's really finding it's groove. So much good stuff this episode. I loved how the three oldest boys appeared at the arch to the dining room with looks of awe, confusion, and amusement when Duncan's parents were apologizing to him. Frank's head whipping back and forth at the dinner table between whoever was talking, and then nodding furiously in agreement with Mike. Joey, Timmy, and William blowing things up (even in their church clothes before breakfast) and eventually "succeeding" with Frank's rocket - that in particular reminded me of my two sons who tried to blow all kinds of things up as kids. Joey busting baby Andy down to 12 on the love list for draining all of them and bringing nothing to the table. Lawrence continually trying to be the voice of sanity. Joey putting his D+ to good use on Peg's beautiful table she bought at that store on the same block as the Ethan Allen. Pat giving William his jell-o because he may have power over life and death. Timmy feeling at home at the hospital because all they served was heated up frozen food. Eddie's disbelief that Mike might have friends and relief in realizing it's just a "work" friend. Joey admitting he broke the table trying to help William and WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN! But luckily he has a table guy who works off the books (of course he does). Ok yeah, that's just about the whole show, but I really did love this episode. and I just realized I have finally learned everyone's names, so go me! I also recommended the show to a friend of mine who had never heard of it and she loved it. I don't know what the ratings are like, but I'm trying to do my part to spread the word.
  6. The Great Books! I literally have those books in a bookshelf in my hallway. I think I have the entire set. My mother gave them to me when I first moved out after she collected them in the 60s and 70s! LOL
  7. Nessie

    S24: New Year's Eve Show

    I could have done without Rita Ora burping the alphabet (actually, I could do without ever hearing anyone doing that ever again), but I enjoyed everyone else's tricks. Every time I think I can't love Olivia Coleman more, she proves me wrong. I loved the art curator's red chair story. It was obvious where it was going, but I loved the way she told it and everyone's reaction to it.
  8. Nessie

    S27: Milo Manheim: Can Zombies Samba?

    I am! Milo's been my pick since week 3 or 4 (whenever he did that awesome Charleston), and I'm sticking with him. I won't be mad if Evanna wins, but I'm rooting for Milo. It's the opposite for me. I've been splitting my votes between the two, because I wanted to help get Evanna into the finals. Mission accomplished. But I want Milo to win, so Monday night all my votes went to him.
  9. Nessie

    S04.E04: I'm Making Up for Lost Time

    How much information? None. Mine barely talked to me for four years. Then one day after each of their 18th birthdays it's like they woke up and realized I was a person who was actually pretty smart and started talking to me about all kinds of things...some things I wish they wouldn't! LOL
  10. Nessie

    S04.E04: I'm Making Up for Lost Time

    Tucker looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place him. Then yesterday I was watching last week's episode of You, and realized he was the quiet, bookish, low-key Paco! I had to look him up on IMDB to make sure, the characters were so different. That kid has some range. I liked Paula and her kids so much better than the A-plot. I just wanted to tell her to give it some time...it does get better (speaking as someone who raised two boys). And then...it did! LOL
  11. That seems late to me. My dad was in the Navy and we were stationed in Spain in the early 80's. That's when we first got both, and it felt like we were the last ones on base to get them (my parents were far from early adopters...it drove me crazy that we always seemed like the last people to get anything). I realize I kind of lived in a bubble over there but when we returned to the US in 1985, pretty much everyone I met had both. @CherryAmes is right about the lack of tapes, though, at least in the early 80's, and especially in our particular Navy Exchange in Spain. I still remember the first two movies we bought for our first VCR...East of Eden for my mom, and The Outsiders for me and my sisters. And they had those horrible big, soft plastic "clamshell" boxes that would pop out of shape easily and you could never get the tape back in afterwards. We never had to cover our books in elementary school, but by the time I went to middle school, we had moved from California to Scotland (again...Navy brat...we moved a lot). We were required to cover our books but we used wrapping paper, so we girls would use the prettiest we could find. Over there at the time (I don't know about now), you could buy wrapping paper by the sheet in stationary shops.
  12. Nessie

    S01.E03: Microwave

    I loved this episode. Wow does this show bring back memories, even for this girl who is not Catholic, and is the middle child of three sisters, instead of eight brothers. I never exploded an egg in the microwave, but I did explode a chicken breast once...so gross. This is why to this day I hate using a microwave, and won't if I don't have to. The one in my kitchen isn't even plugged in unless I need it for something like popcorn. I've passed this prejudice onto my younger son, as well. Both us us would much rather use the stovetop or oven to heat something up even if it takes longer. The results more than make up for the extra time. Ugh...my mom used to make this "roast" whole chicken and apples dish in a microwave bag...we used to watch the bag expand while it cooked. It actually tasted pretty good, but looked so pale and nasty that she had to cover it up with gravy to get us to eat it. And yes, she got the recipe out of a microwave cookbook. We didn't get a microwave until around 1983...my parents never trusted new technology and we were pretty much the last people to get anything out of all my friends.
  13. Nessie

    S01.E02: Timmy's Poem

    I grew up in Southern California throughout the 70's. We always had fresh salads, but that's because my dad was a Kentucky farm boy who planted his own garden. At dinner time, he would send us outside to "pick our salads". I can't remember my mom ever buying fresh vegetables unless she needed them for a recipe, until I asked her to buy some artichokes after I had them at a friends house. Other than that, vegetables were mostly frozen corn, broccoli, spinach and Brussels sprouts (cooked to death) or canned green beans. My mom's favorite "vegetable" is still frozen corn. Thank God we've gotten smarter about food (although I do miss those fresh-picked salads). My biggest LOL moment in this episode was the mom's horrified "$32!" when looking at the grocery bill...for 10 people...and 9 of them are male! HA! I spend double that on just me and my son.
  14. My mom had waist-length Cher hair in the early 70's. She was a free spirit. The one day she came home with a Dorothy Hamill (I guess it must have been after DH won the gold, so 1976). It was quite a shock. She's had it short ever since. All you people with your fancy Hi C or Hawaiian Punch at meals...for us it was milk, always, every meal.
  15. Nessie


    I agree about Aretha Franklin. Maybe I just don't know enough about her to consider her a musical genius (which I guess would make the show a good idea), but I'm just not that interested. Dick Clark is interesting, as is Berry Gordy. But honestly? The first person I think of when I think of a musical genius is Prince, and I wouldn't mind seeing a season about him, if they have to do a modern-day person. Overall, I kind of liked that this show was about historical geniuses, not more modern-day people. After the last disappointing season (IMO), I was looking forward to Mary Shelley, and I really hope - if it's set aside for Aretha - the show is not cancelled before they do it.