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  1. femmefan1946

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Well, turns out the kidney incident wasn't Jackson's only secret. Nice job. And cute chat up scene. Denise had amazing powers of recovery. Out buying muffins within a few hours of cardiac arrest? Logan should definitely be keeping his doors locked. Glad to see the back of the millennial lawyer. No sense of humour. Yay Sarah Rue!
  2. femmefan1946

    S01.E11: Redwood

    There was an episode of Hamish Macbeth, in which a spritely old woman accidentally stood on a bomb that would, at least for the purposes of the plot, explode if she stepped away. The woman was played by Phyllida Law, mother to Emma Thompson. Spoiler- British TV. Hamish Macbeth was basically a comedy. She got blown up.
  3. femmefan1946

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Well, I'm annoyed. I guess I will watch Cavendish and Schitt's Creek on CBC. And I bought Nnedi Okorafor's Binti Trilogy today, so I'll read that. All choices are highly recommended. But I'm still annoyed. And worried. Didn't this happen to another of Nathan's shows over at Fox?
  4. femmefan1946

    S04.E11: I'm Almost Over You

    As long as he respects my intelligence, and is confident in his own strengths..... But Josh isn't stupid, in my opinion, just not very well educated. He coasted through high school and somehow, although he has Philippino parents, did not go further. (I have a few Pinoys in my extended family and this seems like big misunderstanding of Pinoy culture.) He'd make cute, healthy babies and be a great stay at home dad. That could even be his 'influencer' niche.
  5. femmefan1946

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    Back to the '24 hours' thing. It would make more sense in my mind to go for a 25 hour day, with 50 minutes which are 50 seconds long. Then redefine what a second is. Our 24 hour day is based on the Babylonian base 6 system of mathematics.
  6. femmefan1946

    S04.E10: I Can Work With You

    That they were not friendly before that is news, but the reason for the active dislike was that in high school, Hector lost Father Brah's jacket with Valencia's declaration of love in it.
  7. femmefan1946

    S02.E01: Ja'loja

    I have a lot of questions about how John dated an alien with two heads who didn't know he was dating both of them. Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins, married sisters and had several children. They did have separate bodies and today probably would have been successfully separated. There are also American twin sisters who share a body, but have separate heads and minds. That could be more complicated. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abby_and_Brittany_Hensel
  8. femmefan1946

    S01.E02: Crash Course

    Of the five women in my own family- four are married to younger men. Two of those married younger men twice. I've been married to my 'toyboy' for 50 years. The grandmother of my former SIL was courted by a retired gentleman who had left their town for university, returning when he retired. He remembered her as a young matron and was captivated by her joie de vivre in her senior years. She had the town sworn to secrecy, because, while he knew she was somewhat older, he did not realize that he was over 70, but she was 93.
  9. femmefan1946

    S01.E02: Crash Course

    @Clanstarling "He's 47, she's 30 and it's just so freaking typical of Hollywood to do this. I hope you are all right and the relationship ends soon." Because it's TV. Pretty much standard operating procedure. With the broadcast audience becoming older , maybe it's time to rethink this trope. Which is pretty much a male fantasy even when it doesn't go all Manic Pixie Dream Girl. NF seems to accept that his female fans are pretty much his own age or older, and he should know that dating a girl young enough to be your daughter is not comfortable for us.
  10. femmefan1946

    S06.E11: Foot Powder and Five Feet of Vodka

    A handyman would have to be bonded surely? But if Bonnie got bonded then Tammy would have no trouble in comparison. Or she might be hired off the books - working in the cash economy.
  11. A friend , 8 years old at the time, returned to Canada after spending some months in SriLanka. She had very blonde hair, until it started growing in again away from the tropical sun. As a result she had two inch dark brown roots by Christmas, when she got haircut (pixie cut) that made the two tone look less obvious.
  12. femmefan1946

    S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    If Rebecca ends up with anyone, I hope it's Josh. He's kind and accepting. Not stupid, just a little ignorant, but Rebecca is smart enough for both of them. I suspect he coasted through high school without needing to study to get passing or slightly better grades, which you can't do if you are stupid. (None of the high school friends seem to have pursued any more education, except eventually Greg and of course George.) He's not lazy. He is currently holding down two jobs. He might encourage Rebecca to get back into some form of law that makes her happier than conveyancing, because the pretzel stand is not even a living wage thing, and they will need the income. He has retail experience which would help with the pretzel business until it fails, because it's based on a fad. Her mother likes him. His mother likes her. It would be nice for the Asian guy to get the girl for a change.
  13. femmefan1946

    S01.E08: Time of Death

    @shapeshifter I was thinking Bishop's body cam was on when she gave Bradford's wife the "methadone," and that it looked a lot like the same baggie that was found on the dealer in the earlier scene, and that maybe Bishop lifted it from Evidence. Is it possible/likely that the police have methadone available? It is, I think, a legal drug. Prescription, but legal. Didn't Bradford check out a batch of Naxalone to give to Isabel, believing she would need it when she overdosed next? In which case, it would make sense for the detectives to have given Isabel enough to stop her withdrawal symptoms.
  14. femmefan1946

    S06.E08: Jell-O Shots and the Truth About Santa

    She turned up as a dispatcher on The Rookie and since she has a working relationship with Nathan Fillion (from A Series of Unfortunate Events) there is hope that she might be a recurring character.
  15. femmefan1946

    S01.E07: The Ride Along

    So either way you're paying for a room, even if you're not sleeping there. Do university residence rooms come with a meal plan? They did when DH was in Residence 50 years ago and DD was 20 years ago. If they do, keeping the room would be sensible, never mind the occasional need for a retreat. Although DH had a cafeteria in the residence and there was a kitchen on his floor, and DD had access to all sorts of cafeterias and fat food joints spread around campus. She ate at Subway a lot and some vegetarian chain. Because York University has a high proportion of foreign students there were Indian and Chinese restaurants available too.