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  1. Dewey Decimate

    Miracle Workers

    I'm charmed by this show, and love how just about each week we get a new addition to the ragtag team attempting to save Turd.
  2. Dewey Decimate

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I'd read nothing at all about the new designers, so as their pre-made looks came out in the very beginning, I did a quick-judge impression and the only one that I felt was "hell NAW" was that idiotic blue tulle puff thing. When they cut to Hester whatever I sighed... "figures." The affectations were just painful. Those hats and stupid sayings are pathetic. But she did seem genuine when she hugged Frankie, so I will cut her slack for one episode. The new workroom looks freaking GORGEOUS, especially when compared to the harsh florescent lighting and grammar school linoleum square tile floors of PRAS. And I can't believe that the Maybelline make-up studio and Tresemme hair salon actually seem posh in comparison. Did they mention the brand of the accessories wall? I teared up a little at the designer's reaction to his trans model; he was so thrilled and moved! Now I just hope it's not highlighted too much in the future - she's just another one of the beauty herd. I'm good with the new male judge. He had a few snarky lines that had just a soupcon of Michael Kors, which I'm all in for. (Why can I only think of MK's name spoken with Heidi Klum's accent? Was one of the male designers listed as a "corsetier"? Bwah! I learn something new every day. I like how they gave that little background info in the TH chyrons beyond just age/location.
  3. Dewey Decimate

    S09.E16: Roamin' Bob-iday

    Holy cow, bless the person who transcribed the entire sandwich menu. And as someone who loves food, I just read every one and now have to take some notes. (And I'm not even really a sandwich person!) I loved the menu rap during the end credits. Does Linda now qualify as a doula?
  4. Dewey Decimate

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I am certainly no comedy writer, and wonder how stressful it must be to be FUNNY on command, but I swear to Avis that when I saw that Mitt clip the first time, I was slack-jawed for a moment, and then thought - and it's even whiter on the inside! I have to think that sometimes the low-hanging fruit is just so damn ripe. I kind of want to see Cory Booker and Ian McShane have a conversation. Between the former's breathless earnestness and the latter's slurry but adorable accent, it would be spectacularly impossible to understand.
  5. Dewey Decimate

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Those earrings looked fantastic on Trevor, and the first thing I thought was "he looks like African royalty!" The guest who gave the earrings to him.... I'm feeling super-old by saying this (while "only" in my 40s), but something seemed off. A person can wear ANY damn thing that she/he/they want, and I'm happy to accept that. It was just something about that hideous necklace she* was wearing that almost offended me. I've gotten better jewelry from the bubble gum machine at the old Waldbaums grocery store. Something about her whole presentation screamed Halloween costume. I hope I don't sound closed-minded, but kinda like how assholes can come in all flavors - straight, gay, black, white - I now see that fashion roadkill can also come in all gender identities. *apologies if this is not the right pronoun - I can't recall what the guest went by
  6. Dewey Decimate

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    I thought a LOT of the queens were far better-looking as boys than in drag, which is odd. Almost like Ru is auditioning the cast for a new show, like America's Next Top Pit Crewman. UO, but I thought this was the least-impressive first ep in recent memory. So much of the girls' make-up seemed off - too many white foreheads (Vangie incuded), weird eyelashes on Kahanna, and strange lipstick at the edges of Soju's mouth. But Brooke Lynn did look fierce and deserved the win. And along with the bad make-up theme, wtf was up with Miley Cyrus' fake beard? Seriously? This is a show about gender transformation and the best they could do was a mail order magician's kit?
  7. Dewey Decimate

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    Right before checking out this thread it dawned on me that Isaac* choosing a new name may have been a Kunta Kinte moment. Terrific! Except in which society would he be considered more of a slave - the Kaylon collective or his ambassador life? (*NGL, when the Prime asked Isaac the origin of his name, I was half expecting him to say "There was a character on an Earth-based entertainment medium in which a water-bound vessel was boarded each week by an assortment of biological forms seeking what the human species call 'love'...") Loved that one of the ships was named Hawking, and hope in the future to hear other ships bearing the name of some famous non-Caucasian scientists. Aw, Yaphit! His attack on and subsequent knowledge about Kaylon "anatomy" actually made sense. Loved that he saved Claire's bf without a second thought. Is it wrong to want a storyline in which Yaphit gets lucky, perhaps without Claire and definitely without the use of mind-altering substances? I'm good with hand-waving how Gordon immediately knew how to operate an alien fighter (Matrix-style upload?) just for the sheer blast of seeing him vibe with the Krill pilot. I'm not a huge fan of extended CGI space-battle sequences, but it looked great; the shot of the chase as they buzzed over the moon was VERY cool. Have to admit that despite the "it's already been done" aspect of this general storyline, the feel-good-ness of disparate organisms putting aside differences to fight a common enemy GOT ME. I was actually a little teary! On a planet in which our own species cannot even tolerate each other (perhaps we need an alien invasion?), seeing Krill and humans and Moclans and whatever-the-hell Yaphit is come together gives me life.
  8. Dewey Decimate

    Miracle Workers

    I've been thoroughly enjoying this show. I love Steve Buscemi's doofus-y God, and couldn't stop laughing at the Bill Maher take-down. (I'm a casual atheist myself, but cannot stand that smug prick. Or exploded prick, as the case may be.) Daniel Radcliffe is adorable, and I like that other than DR and SB, almost all the other main characters are PoC.
  9. Dewey Decimate

    The Zoo

    And once again I'm reminded of how much I regret not choosing a zoological science career track while in college! The delight the keepers cannot contain is absolutely infectious. Mott Mott's chosen human buddy had the best laugh! The only minor floatie in the eye of this show for me is the head outreach/education woman, Kathleen, I think? I cannot put my finger on it, but she rubs me the wrong way. Burning incense in your office, really? Bleh. Every single other person, though, is fantastic. I'd love to follow around any of them for a day, even if it meant shoveling poop to earn my keep.
  10. Dewey Decimate

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Whoa - brilliant point! I'm interested in seeing more of the Finn-Isaac relationship. But I may be biased, as Spock was always my ST:TOS favorite crush. Hell, I even have a bizarre attraction to David from Prometheus (well, ignoring the genocidal turn he took in Alien: Covenant....). Guess I have a type! Hours after watching this ep I was humming "Singing in the Rain" and it struck me that this was the first time I could think of that song without instinctive revulsion stemming from its use in A Clockwork Orange. Kudos to the show for giving a positive association in line with the song's original movie!
  11. Dewey Decimate

    S02.E06: A Happy Refrain

    Can't believe I wait-listed this ep for a week and a half - it's my FAVORITE of both seasons so far. I cannot remember laughing harder at any recent television show; I was cracking up through almost the entire thing. The idiot twins racing to the bridge, Yaphit's attempt to score the rebound, Bortus' taking Gordon's advice, Ed's gossip-camoflauge; by golly, even Kelly's dialogue was funny! And good Avis, the "scandalous" age difference? For real? If I had enough fingers on which to count all the real-life celebrity relationships with a 20+ year difference in which the MAN is the elder, I'd be the Orville's new piano teacher. You go, girl!
  12. Dewey Decimate

    S02.E12 Recap; Head of Household #7

    Was Ryan's Very Special Moment supposed to make us feel sorry for him? I found him affable and inoffensive in the house, but that non-apology really soured me. I honestly thought he was gonna come out with something like "I was wasted drunk, did something stupid and wrong, and I feel really bad. I hope my fans will forgive me." Instead, we got what sounded like a sneaky kid trying to get out of asshole behavior. He "touched" a sign at the gas station with his hand? Did he mean to say he knocked something down, i.e. vandalized property, like a drunk little punk, and then expected to walk away? Eff that. I'm bummed, because I was more under the impression that he'd accepted some responsibility for that debacle. Was Kato trying to summon Robin Williams with that schtick? I had second-hand embarrassment through the screen. Uh huh, Tamar Floor-Shrimp, I'm sooooo sure that Tom was the messiest. Fun to demonize your enemies when they're not present. Go put away your tap dancing shoes. The only times I've been able to tolerate Tamar - even find her funny - is during girl-talk, first with Dina when she described her most-definitely-catfish boyfriend, and tonight when she learned that Lolo is a virgin. Which in theory I respect, but have to wonder if she's fittingly waiting for a virgin husband. Because if one's virginity is a precious gift, then your future man's gift should be saved for you alone, right? Best of luck with that! When she basically said that she's not worried about the sex being bad because she won't know any better, wow, that made me sad. The Sea Bass Incident just showed how perfectly those two utterly deserve each other. But Tay-tay, you might not want to call out others on needing to grow up when you're wearing a pom-pom onesie.
  13. Dewey Decimate

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    I was tickled to see them in the opening credits, and had to rewind to see if they'd removed CP from the opening slo-mo walk sequence. And how perfect that Hitchcock and Scully were NOT added there, unless they were rolling along in their fart-filled office chairs. Perfectly in character. Milli Vanilli, lol! "He's the better-looking one." "You know it's true." What did Shaw's owner guy say? The Charbonnay was a little warm because it had been sitting on the radiator? GAG.
  14. Dewey Decimate

    S04.E09: Sex and the Kitty Girl

    Latrice's runway look was a disaster. I have no problem with green, but the design at the bottom was awful! When she was crowing about the beautiful airbrushed art, I pictured the ubiquitous hillbilly meth-head at the county fair who does airbrushed t-shirts with cheesy script names and confederate flags. Gurl, no. Monique's runway look was pretty good, though for some reason the color of the hat plumes bugged me, just didn't seem go with the rest of the outfit. But her K-Jo was SPOT ON. Wow, by far the best character - she had every mannerism down! And I could not stop laughing at her wig gaffe. I was hoping they'd work it into the final edit. Speaking of which, dang, the writing for the challenge was duuuuullllll. I wasn't even paying attention for the red carpet scene. I hope I'm mis-remembering, but did Naomi say she's seen every SATC ep five times? And THAT'S how she played Carrie Bradshaw? Good gravy. SJP/CB has so many idiosyncrasies that could have made that character really pop, and Naomi failed on all cylinders.
  15. Dewey Decimate

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Rochester, NY couple: It's great to see Andrea from Beverly Hills 90210 looking so fantastic for her age!