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  1. Pixel

    S33.E01: Apocalypse Now

    Yeah, as others have said, she completely made that about her inability to understand accents, and not that there was anything wrong with it. I thought it was kind of adorable, her self deprecation.
  2. Pixel

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    And also, Bree could have put together a pouch full of OTC meds to take with as well. It would have been a nice hostess gift for her mother.
  3. Pixel

    S32.E16: The Leftovers

    Totally agree with both. Johnny is an ass and also shouldn’t have brought up Devin’s dad. However, I can understand why he let his vicious flag fly, because Devin was just relentless.
  4. Pixel

    S08.E05: Boy Wonder

    This week it really hit me how much Cody Fern looks like a young Andrew McCarthy. I kept waiting for Molly Ringwald to show up.
  5. Pixel

    S08.E01: The End

    I'm not so sure about this season. I have loved even the seasons that everyone else hated. I even loved Roanoke. I just accept that halfway through the season this show is always going to go completely off the rails and drop storylines and make no sense. Having said that, I can't stand the claustrophobic feel of this first episode. I know that's part of the point, but it's really irking me. I have a little claustrophobia, and it's just making this really unpleasant to watch in a way that isn't working for me.
  6. Pixel

    S32.E01: The Final Reckoning 2018.07.10

    Natalie’s a lesbian? I thought she was bi.
  7. Pixel

    S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    I don’t think so. It was where William’s profile card was hidden.
  8. Pixel

    S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    I don’t think it’s hugely significant. Slaughterhouse Five is a story that is told in a non-linear timeline, the same construct used by Westworld. It’s also set during a war, but I think the timeline is the reason for its appearance in the episode. Also, Billy Pilgrim is an unreliable narrator, and so is MIB, I think.
  9. Pixel

    S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    The Slaughterhouse Five Easter egg was a nice touch.
  10. Pixel


    This last episode lines up with the end of City of Fallen Angels, and the story continues in City of Lost Souls. I was super disappointed with the choices made in this episode because I loved the books storyline.
  11. Pixel


    So I'm not happy about the changes they made from the book. I know, no book talk. I'm not giving spoilers. I'm just saying that I have given this show a lot of leeway and I know it's not the books, but the change they made at the end, tying Clary's life to Jonathan/Sebastian's, was annoying the hell out of me. We'll see what they do with it. I will say a positive thing, though. This season has been a HUGE improvement over the previous. Even Catherine's acting is much, much better.
  12. Pixel

    Books Vs Show: Compare & Contrast

    Well, at least it's true to book Clary. She was always causing disasters and Alec was the asshole for calling her out on it all the time.
  13. Pixel


    Well, we know he's not secretly evil, because Jace sees a glowing aura around him. He's a truly good person. So he's gonna get killed. I noticed the timing right away because it kind of coincides with
  14. Pixel

    S02.E01: Journey Into Night

    Oh, I forgot about that. For some reason I assumed it was sort of a shared jurisdiction in the middle of nowhere. That makes sense that it’s near some Asian countries.
  15. Pixel

    S02.E01: Journey Into Night

    What did I miss? I didn’t see any mention of China.