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  1. Smacky55

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Was the person who brought the dog out John Sessa? If so I think referring to him as “an employee” is doing him an injustice. He is the executive director of the Vanderpump Dogs foundation and co-founder of Vanderpump Pets. His profile and resume seem very impressive. https://www.vanderpumpdogs.org/john-sessa As such I am less inclined to think now that he was just manipulated by Lisa into the situation. I’m now leaning toward him being upset himself
  2. Smacky55

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I believe that. I just rewatched it. They were all standing around and he had the dog then Lisa shut down the conversation. Then they all moved to the couches and Teddy said to her daughter “Don’t you recognize her?” and John ran with it
  3. Smacky55

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I would definitely have liked to see more of the fun stuff. The buying of the Porsches and more of the houses and less of this drama. So while I don’t think she is, I can understand why people think Lisa is sneaky. It appears that people think that even though she was saying “oh let’s not talk about the dog situation,” she actually really did want to talk about it and was being fake, am I right? My thing is, if that’s the case then Kyle and Teddy are bigger idiots that I originally thought. Because if I were on camera with someone who I thought was sneaky and underhanded enough to do something like that, and she said “oh let’s not talk about that” my response would be “okay” and I’d move on to the next topic of conversation. I would not let myself be used as a pawn like that, knowing that I’m being filmed. So my conclusion is that if Lisa is the sneaky, underhanded person that Kyle and others seem to think she is then either a) Kyle is stupid for falling for the same trick that Lisa has been playing for years or b) Kyle and Teddi wanted the issue to be brought up on camera.
  4. Smacky55

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    I forgot about this. She stole her best friend’s husband. Not good at all. Maybe she does fit right in with these women after all.
  5. Smacky55

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Can someone please explain what the 5000 dollar fee is? I don’t get it
  6. Smacky55

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Yeh. I spent the whole time wondering what the hell she’s done to her face. I would still like to hang out with her though. She seems cool Dorit is a little shit. I can’t stand her outfits which make her look like she’s trying too hard. I think she thinks she looks cute and casual when she really looks way overdone. Also if you have adopted a dog and the dog bit your kids a couple times and then bit your husband, would you not ask your “best friend” who is a dog lover and has some experience with rescue dogs for advice? No, you just take a picture for evidence and then hope no one notices the dog is gone? Something is fishy there
  7. Smacky55

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    In addition Chidi was also tortured by having to find a new life’s work in the afterlife. Remember Michael told him that his thesis was unreadable and was trying to steer him towards other careers - cartography, journalism, arc welding, etc. And he hated all of them. I assumed this was always to be part of his torture as well. In addition to the side bit with Eleanor.
  8. Smacky55

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    This episode was much better than the last. I’m not sure what it says that I’m enjoying the overall storyline and story direction but not the individual stories themselves. I’m not really a fan of the Eleanor-Chidi relationship I think they relate much better as friends. I don’t buy Janet and Jason either, Jason has no reason to all of a sudden be intonations janet now. I also don’t like that both Tahani and Jason have become caricatures of their season 1 characters. Season 1 Jason was a dope, but he managed to be able to use complex DJ equipment, sold enough fake drugs to kids to not starve and managed to pose as a believeable Buddhist monk and not say a word for the first part of their time in the good place. Season 3 Jason is just too stupid to function and just not likeable as a character to me.
  9. Smacky55

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I thought about that as well. Then they said that the charge was child pornography and not statutory rape and I assume that’s why she wasn’t charged as well. Technically she would have been guilty of statutory rape as well, but the filming of the video and hence child porn was just Kelly
  10. This is a good point - and a good idea! I’d love to see the younger women from Atlanta and the younger women of Potomac get together! Can u imagine it?! Porsha, Eva, & Shemari with Candiance, Monique and Ashley. I’d watch that, if only to see how the class-conscious Potomac women handle the sometimes ratchet-ty Atl women. Oh yes. I’d watch that
  11. Kandi was being messy. Cynthia was being messy. Is it that the producers think we won’t watch a show where the women are just enjoying themselves? Kandi didn’t need to say anything. Just because you have information doesn’t mean you have to tell anyone, not Porsha or anyone else. Just say “I’m not gonna say anything.”! Although that interaction did give me my only smile of the episode when the editors shaded Porsha with “3 minutes earlier” when she was backpedaling about her and Dennis. I think my biggest problem with this show and why the group dynamics are so weird is that the ages vary so widely. Nene, no matter what she wants to believe is not in the same generation and phase of life as Porsha and Eva, and now Shamaria. They can’t relate to each other on the same social level. So these forced friendships do not work. I can totally understand Eva having a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami with her young, similarly aged friends wanting Porsha but not Nene there.
  12. Smacky55

    S11.E06: Whining and Dining

    I’d rather be Kandi any day with my own money and dull Todd than Porsha who reboots herself for every new man. She was one woman with Kordell, she’s another woman now, what will Porsha version 3.0 be like? Some may say she’s being herself now, I’m not buying it. Every now and then I think I see glimpses of the real Porsha when she’s with Lauren. But that’s not the same person who she is with Dennis.
  13. Smacky55

    S11.E06: Whining and Dining

    Why couldn’t Cynthia use two bowls for the strawberrries? If she doesn’t want someone to touch her food then use two separate bowls. I know they’re trying to show us how good friend they are, but damn girl, you can wash another bowl.
  14. Smacky55

    S11.E03: A New Edition

    Agree. Oncologist over here and Stage III is no joke. It also sounds like he had pain and had to have emergency surgery, which makes him even higher risk than if he had found it on a routine colonoscopy. Poor Gregg. The side effects are bad, but as someone said above, cancer is bad, so the medication has to be strong enough to kick cancer’s ass. So so far I’m not a fan of Shemari. She seems obnoxious and her head is too big for her body. I was excited to see her because I did like Blaque and Bell Biv Devoe back in the day. Destiny’s Child they were not, but they were definitely one of the girl groups on the soundtrack of my college life. Kandi does not understand how to take the high road. It’s not the first time I’ve looked at her and thought that she just needs to shut up and sit back. People were on her side and she was the wronged party in Lesbiangate. I’ve now lost any sympathy I had for her. She’s messy.
  15. Smacky55

    S03.E09: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

    I caught it too! thought it was just me being a Lost super fan and projecting. I’m glad that it’s actually true