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  1. doodlebug

    Leaving Neverland

    Yes, we know Debbie Rowe was not his mother. An anonymous surrogate was used. Rumor has it that she was a Mexican woman.
  2. doodlebug

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    It definitely was. I grew up in a city neighborhood in the Midwest in the late 60's-early 70's. We lived in my grandfather's house, he'd lived within 10 blocks his entire 70+ years. We attended the same church for decades. I went to the same grade school my father had attended and many of my classmates were the children of people who had gone to school with my dad or his brothers and sisters. Two sets of my first cousins were in the same school. It used to happen a lot, particularly in neighborhoods that were ethnic enclaves for new immigrants. My grandfather was the son of Polish immigrants who came here a couple years before he was born. A lot my school friends were also second or third generation at most.
  3. doodlebug

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I read the article which quoted her costars, none of them even mentioned Loughlin specifically. They simply stated that the cast was like a family, they stuck together through good times and bad and supported one another. There were no direct references to Loughlin at all; let alone did any of them say she was every bit as wonderful as the public had thought. I do not expect Loughlin's friends and family to desert her and make public statements castigating her for her crimes. We all know the press has been salivating, trying to get statements from her Full House castmates. I think they answered that request well, I don't think it is 'loyal to a fault' to admit publicly that you are friends and are supportive of her and her family in their time of need. It is also not their job to discuss the morality or lack thereof of her crimes. People make mistakes, they commit crimes. As far as 'meriting their loyalty', what Loughlin did was awful, but I don't think it was personally disloyal to her colleagues. We don't know Loughlin personally, it could well be that she has been a very good friend and coworker to these people and I don't think they need to turn their backs on her and cut her out of their lives over this scandal. If I cut everyone out of my life who'd ever done something criminal or immoral, I'd have an awfully small circle if I ever did something wrong and needed their support.
  4. doodlebug

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Lori Loughlin has been accused of a crime, but she's hardly comparable to Jim Jones. The comments from the Full House cast didn't excuse what she did or minimize it or pretend it didn't matter. The two who made the comments have known Loughlin since they were small children and they've apparently been close friends for a long time, too. Talking about loving and supporting a cast member in trouble, even if that trouble is of her own making, doesn't bother me a bit. I'd be far more upset if people who'd known and loved her for decades turned their backs on her. To me, the remarks made by Bure and Sweetin were fine; Lori Loughlin is their friend. They're not justifying what she did, just, expressing love and concern for her and her family.
  5. Since Barbra Streisand has referred to herself as the child's grandmother and has posted photos and given interviews in which she expresses her joy at spending time with this baby; I think. for all intents and purposes, she is the child's grandmother. The fact that the biological paternal grandmother is deceased might be part of the reason Josh Brolin and his wife are comfortable with her talking about being the grandma; but, if they're ok with it, I can't argue. As many people as want to love and be family for a kid, the better, IMO. Her remarks about MJ are just idiotic, however. I'd like to think that she'd smoked a little too much weed before she said that, otherwise, I am concerned for her mental health. Diana Ross knew Michael Jackson from the time he was a little kid; she was clearly a maternal figure to him which is why he named her guardian of his kids if his mother wasn't able to do it. (Interesting he didn't mention any of his siblings in that role considering they're far younger than Diana). I get how hard it can be to know and love a little kid and then to discover that they're a monster. She is probably not able to accept it, I can understand that. In a way, Michael groomed her, too. On a personal note, when I was in my mid teens, I worked at my dad's office after school, etc. He had several employees who were young guys in their 20's. One of them was really funny and nice; a great personality. I never had a crush on him, but thought he was a really great guy, was always happy to see him. He worked for my dad for several years, right up until the police came to the office and put him in cuffs. He was a pedophile and had molested several young boys who lived in his parents' neighborhood. It was difficult to reconcile the nice guy I knew with the criminal that he was. I understand where Diana was coming from, I remember how it felt. In this guy's case, he went to prison, and, by the time the whole thing went to trial, I and my entire family were convinced of his guilt and sorry for his victims.
  6. doodlebug

    S09.E06: To Grandmother’s House We Go

    Cleveland Clinic currently employs over 4000 physicians who work at 11 different hospitals. Short answer: nope. I looked her up and, aside from the fact that she is not in my specialty, she works on the east side of town at the Main Campus while I work regionally on the west side. There are more than 200 OB/GYN docs and, the way our practice is set up, we are technically considered partners and I don't know many of them, either.
  7. doodlebug

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Brandon Lee, son of Bruce, also died when a prop gun had the tip of a dummy round in it accidentally. He was filming 'The Crow' which was ultimately finished using doubles and was a big hit. From what his mother said, Justin Carter had the loaded gun in his pants pocket when it accidentally fired. There are so many things wrong with that sentence that I don't even know where to start. Apparently no one on the set had ever heard of gun safety. No one has said that it wasn't a real gun, that he didn't know it was loaded or that the safety was on. Ignorance can be fatal.
  8. doodlebug

    Leaving Neverland

    The producers of the musical have already cancelled a pre-Broadway run in Chicago. That occurred just before HBO ran the documentary. They claimed that an actor's strike prevented them from participating in musical workshops for the show so they wouldn't be ready in time. Actor's Equity pointed out that they lost 12 days of rehearsals and, considering it happened in February and the show wasn't opening in Chicago until October, it seems like the workshop time could've been made up without too much trouble. Make what you will of that, but it seems like there was something other than the strike that factored into the decision https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/theater/ct-ent-michael-jackson-musical-cancels-0215-story.html
  9. doodlebug

    Leaving Neverland

    Someone posted a photo upthread of Prince Michael on the beach where he appears to have vitiligo under his arm, I think. It is not confirmed and it could be a lot of other things, including issues with the sunlight and the camera. I only brought it up because it had been mentioned here before.
  10. doodlebug

    Leaving Neverland

    I think it is quite possible that he did use donor sperm for all of them. Prince Michael appears to have vitiligo just like Michael did, but, of course, with MJ's money, finding a donor with that specific problem could be done. If, in fact, Michael was placed on female hormones to help him to sing in the higher registers, it could have affected his sperm count and the sperm he did produce would have decreased motility. He could've donated sperm for the insemination procedure but it just didn't work because he was subfertile or infertile. It's also possible that MJ wasn't fertile for a mundane reason, about 20% of men have some sort of issue that decreases their fertility. And, of course, if one thinks that he truly was the worst of the worst; if one of the reasons he had children was so that he would have young boys available to him 24/7, perhaps he didn't want them to be genetically his. He was a sick puppy, after all. We're probably never going to know, though, I doubt the kids will be DNA tested, let alone that the results would be made public. I also agree with the poster upthread that Michael had some major psychologic issues with race and he might've just wanted kids who weren't African American. We know that he at the very least, wanted biracial kids with his first two. Otherwise, he could've found a woman other than a fair skinned, fair haired Caucasian to donate an egg to him and even carry a baby if those traits weren't important.. Getting a donor egg from someone from whom he could remain anonymous and then using a surrogate. also anonymously, could've been done and probably would've been a better fit for someone like him.
  11. doodlebug

    House Hunters International

    Absolutely. She could've even covered it with bamboo mats or a small indoor/outdoor carpet which would've made it easier for her and her husband if they wanted to go out there barefoot, too. She was tiresome, taking all the credit for the move to Germany since she was able to claim citizenship, but then whining and complaining about not having everything she wanted. She was also master of the eyeroll and the pouty face. I think TPTB didn't like her very much either since they kept showing the edited clip of them making the decision which made it look like she was having a meltdown over getting an apartment close to his job when she was really much more reasonable when the whole thing was shown. Still, she did herself no favors with her overall attitude. She said she was going to look for a job but it could take a while to find one. I don't think we heard her speak German in any of the lead-ins; if she doesn't, her options will be limited for sure.
  12. doodlebug

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    But she's also not being completely honest if she doesn't also acknowledge that her so-called career was made possible by those same parents who had the wealth and fame to allow her to live a lifestyle that she could post about in videos. I am sure that, at least initially, her name got out there because she was Lori Loughlin's kid and looks a lot like her. How many red carpet photos have we seen where her mother let her tag along and pose for the photographers? Olivia Jade had no problem with her parents' involvement in getting her silly YouTube career launched but she now blames them because all of her hard work (because that's all it was: hard work. Her parents' connections to the entertainment and fashion communities played no part, apparently) has gone to waste. As far as mom and dad forcing her to go to college; I expect it was more in the vein of mom and dad telling Olivia Jade that, if she didn't go to school, she was on her own, She'd have to move out of the mansion and get her own place and pay her own bills and mom and dad weren't going to pull any strings for her anymore. I don't for a minute think that they didn't help her with getting contacts to sponsor her YouTube channel and maybe use their publicists, agents, lawyers, etc. as well as letting her film in their home. And, I would expect they might also have told her that she wasn't going to be attending industry events as their guest and posing on the red carpet with Mommy anymore. After all, if she is old enough to decide whether or not she wants to attend college without parental interference, her parents are absolutely within their rights to expect her to get out there and support herself. I suspect Olivia Jade didn't want to give up the lifestyle her parents had given her and that's why she is claiming that she was forced to go to college. No matter how much she was making on YouTube, she wasn't in a position to replicate the amenities that her multimillionaire parents provided and she wasn't willing to take a downgrade.
  13. doodlebug

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    I agree she tried to hire people who could potentially have solved the problems with the technology, but she also approached real experts in the field, even before she dropped out of Stanford, people with vast experience in the area of medical technology, like the physician on faculty there, who told her the idea was not practical and was likely to result in failure. From watching the documentary as well as the 20/20 special, it appeared to me that she implied to the new hires that she (or others working with her) had a clear vision and plan and understood how to solve the problems and achieve the goal. It seemed that whenever anyone asked for specifics, she claimed that it was proprietary info and a trade secret, when, in fact, there never was a viable strategy to make Edison work.
  14. doodlebug

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    Exactly! Anyone can come up with an idea, but when that idea has absolutely science to back it up, it is science fiction. I could claim to have an idea for time travel or reverse aging, but, without any basis to get it done, it is not going to be realized. Holmes is a modern day snake oil salesman; she came up with an idea and convinced a bunch of ill-informed rich people to hand her money for it. Meanwhile, she had no idea what sort of technology would be needed or how long or how it might be to develop it. I could announce today that I have an idea to cure cancer, but it isn't worth a dime if I don't know the subject well enough to know what is currently feasible and what isn't. The Edison may at some point be a viable product, but there are so many intermediate steps between it and today's lab technology, that it is not on the horizon. Gates, Jobs et al knew the industry and the technology they were dealing with, knew the steps that needed to happen even if they didn't have the ability to do that work themselves and had a reasonable expectation that it could be done in timely fashion. Holmes had none of this. She had two years at Stanford where she apparently talked her way into a couple of graduate level engineering courses; but we don't know how she did in those classes and we do know that she had never been a researcher, had never developed a product for the market and didn't understand the technology she wanted to use. She then deliberately avoided involving anyone who did know what the obstacles were. I know very little about analytical chemistries, but I did go to medical school and I interpret lab work all the time. I remember seeing Holmes on TV years ago and wondering how it was that she was going to be able to run 200 tests within 4 hours on a single drop of blood. None of the big labs are anywhere close to doing that and there are dozens of steps needed to get there. Then, the price would have to be competitive enough to make it available to everyone. I remember wondering how it was that this was possible. It wasn't. I also didn't understand the idea that giving people a home lab kit and letting them do a bunch of blood work on themselves was somehow going to contribute to better health let alone save lives, nor how the uncle with skin cancer might not have died if only he'd had a blood test despite the fact that skin cancer is not diagnosed with bloodwork.
  15. doodlebug

    Leaving Neverland

    I have a British friend who, while visiting here a couple years back, was absolutely appalled to hear Gary Glitter's 'Rock 'n Roll, Part 2' when we went to a pro baseball game. She said it would never be played anywhere at anytime in Great Britain after his pedophilia was exposed. Of course, Gary Glitter didn't have the talent or longevity that MJ had and it is going to be a lot tougher to remove him from the culture.