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  1. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I remember Ava did go to jail for a period of time - I just don't remember what it was for. Was it for Connie's death? Weren't Sonny, Julian, Ava and Franco??? all involved in that prison transport accident that ended up with all of them getting out of jail? Sonny got out because he went to Port Charles and "saved" the governor's daughter on the Haunted Star by taking the bomb out of Michael's hands and jumping in the water. I don't remember how the others got out of their jail sentences. I don't even remember who planted the bomb. I do remember that being the end of my watching because it was then that Michael Quartermaine went back to being Michael Corinthos.
  2. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Buddy vs. Duff

    The judges don't seem to be consistent on what they want. Last week Buddy won the baking challenge because his desert had more technique. So this week, Duff ups the number of techniques and seems to do them all well (except for the comment about wanting more from the taste of his ice-cream). Buddy makes one giant vat of dough and rolls one type in sugar, fills a second one with nutella and finally makes a cannolli cream for the 3rd. No wonder Duff looked confused and deflated at the end of the challenge. I agree with those that think this competition isn't much fun to watch. On Chopped you'll get a competitor who talks smack and acts like he/she is so far above all the others. I always root for that person to lose. And that's how I feel about Buddy. You can be confident and proud of your abilities without trying to take away from someone else.
  3. Mrs. Stanwyck

    The Quartermaines: Like, 85% Dead

    I have zero doubt you are right but at least AJ would have someone in his corner. We would finally have gotten Jason apologizing to AJ for keeping Michael away from him - even if the words came from someone who turned out to be Drew, I would have enjoyed hearing it.
  4. Mrs. Stanwyck

    The Quartermaines: Like, 85% Dead

    It could just be a coincidence but when I saw the picture accompanying that article, I noticed AJ is sitting of the edge of the sofa while Sonny is standing. I feel like they did everything they could to show that AJ was less than Sonny and that included making him smaller so he didn't tower over Sonny. I will never not be sad that they squandered the story potential of having a competent AJ on the canvas. When SK returned, after the stupid fat jokes and panic attacks, I felt like the character could be moving forward. He developed a relationship with Michael and had started something with Elizabeth until they blew that up. Think what possibilities there would have been if Drew (as Jason) formed a real brotherly relationship with AJ. When Jason finally came back, you could have had Drew/AJ on one side and Sonny/Jason on the other.
  5. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm not watching so I don't know if you can tell, but do you think the writers are doing this intentionally? Or are they as tone deaf as always? If the writers are aware enough to have Sam spout these things to Kristina, how can they possibly move forward writing Sam/Jason as true love? Wouldn't the logical next step for a light bulb to go off in Sam's brain that maybe she deserves more and that she actually had more with Drew? Or do the writers hear people like us on the message boards who criticize the Sam/Jason relationship and are basically giving us the middle finger by having Sam repeat our criticisms but clearly not believe what she is saying?
  6. Mrs. Stanwyck

    I Am the Night

    Actually, it's this one...
  7. Mrs. Stanwyck

    I Am the Night

    Does anyone know who the actress is the Black Dahlia photo that they use in this series? It looks like should could be a young Annie Potts or Madonna. I've looked everywhere but can't find any credits for the photo.
  8. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Kids Baking Championship

    I want to say one stick but I can check the recipe tonight when I get home. ETA: Confirmed - 1 stick of butter. My recipe also calls for 3 cans of biscuits - 10 in each can. My recipe is also ancient so the cans of biscuits these day may be bigger than they used to be so you may be able to use fewer cans. You just need enough quartered pieces to almost fill a bundt pan.
  9. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Kids Baking Championship

    Monkey bread is awesome and super easy to make. I wasn't sure why it took them an hour to get the bread in the oven. Although when I make it, I'm not trying to incorporate other flavors so I'm sure that added to the time. I also just quarter the canned biscuits, put them in a gallon zip loc filled with cinnamon and sugar and shake them around until all the pieces are coated. I put them in the pan and pour butter over top and bake it. I felt bad for Madison especially since she went into the judging thinking she might have won the challenge.
  10. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S16. E13. She

    I assumed that Ziva wasn't necessarily hanging out in DC but that she heard about the case after the Sheriff's office went on TV and talked about the case. After that, she came to DC to find out what was going on. Not sure if that means she was in the US, close enough to see local news or if she has some program that scours websites looking for certain names. Any way, they made such a big deal about Gibbs being pissed about the press conference that I figured it was explain how Ziva found out. Also, I can see why she wouldn't want Tony to know she was alive. 1) safety concerns for the family, 2), would Tony really sit back and not do anything to eliminate the threats to her and 3), its not fair to tell Tony and expect him to lie to their daughter every day.
  11. Mrs. Stanwyck

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Based solely on the social media posts I see on this forum, Parry seems like a nice guy. I loved his recent post fanboying about Tristan Rogers. I could definitely relate to it.
  12. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S01.E12: Heartbreak

    Well, since this episode was supposed to air after the one we will see next week, I guess we don't have to be worried Tim can be kind of a jerk but I appreciate his honesty with Nelle? (Sara Rue's character). He flirted with her to his advantage during that competition but at the end was honest and told her about his situation. He knows she likes him so I appreciated him making it clear that this was a platonic drink. I also like it being clear that he wasn't intending to use her as a rebound after his bad day. *Not sure what the spoiler policy is regarding previews.
  13. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    The best quality Franco has is his steadfast refusal to procreate. Don't take that away.
  14. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Kids Baking Championship

    Jaxson was very pushy to get/do what he wanted this episode and he got a little karmic payback by having Madison win instead of him. Even though he didn't come off as a great kid in this episode, he's still the boy who chose a pink apron to honor his grandma so she would know he was thinking of her every time she watched. He can't be all bad.
  15. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Isn't blonde hair recessive? Meaning if your dark haired mother and your dark haired father both had a blonde gene and they each passed their blonde gene to you, you would be a blonde with dark haired parents. I think it if was the other way around, it would be a problem. Two naturally blonde people would not a dark haired child because they would have only blonde genes to pass on. Other than that, I have nothing. Still not watching and still not hearing about anything that would entice me to watch.