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    S03.E07: The Final Country

    I'm worried that the "heartbreaking" ending has to do with what Wayne told his son early on: that he'd kill himself rather than go into care. My dad suffers from senile dementia (as did his mom), so this has been a tough watch. Seconding the hope that Roland's not in on it. I've always liked that the detective partners have each others' backs on this show.
  2. Thank you for saying this. Thanks also to your uncle for his Innocence Project work. Bundy's crimes were so horrific, I could only watch this by distancing myself emotionally while they were recounted--as if looking through the wrong end of binoculars, if that doesn't sound too weird. On the flip side, I was emotionally present for the tailgating celebrations and money grabs (T-shirts, mini-electric chairs, etc.) happening outside the prison, and they turned my stomach. Humans have been enjoying the executions of other humans from time immemorial, but I'll never understand it. The death of a monsterous person who murdered numerous innocents may be something to accept, or even support, but it's not an occasion for drunken (or sober) revelry. I'm against the death penalty, but I certainly can't judge victims' loved ones who felt Bundy's death was the only acceptable justice for his crimes. I do, however, feel perfectly comfortable judging people who had no connection whatsoever with these cases and who nonethless had a grand ol' time celebrating the execution. They were (and are, if they're still around) sickos in their own right. That society produced a Bundy and then had to erase him should be an occasion for mourning, not partying. Having had to deal with numerous true crime manuscripts when I worked in publishing, I tend to steer away from this kind of thing now. I usually only watch documentaries that deal with cases which made a strong impresson on me when they were in the news. I was between six and seven years old when Bundy was being held in Colorado and had no idea about him. We lived in a city bordering the Bronx and Yonkers, just a few miles from where David Berkowitz lived and was arrested; everyone was preoccupied with the Son of Sam killings. My sister was 17 at the time, and she and her friends were duly nervous. I remember so clearly seeing that on the news every night. I became more aware of Bundy as a teen in the '80s (of course) and then again in the late '90s when the publishing house where I worked at the time was reprinting some of Ann Rule's books. Agreed. I found it less sensationalistic than most (and have to admit to really liking the mid-century stylings of the set, house, whatever, where the interviews were staged). Even though I'm old enough to remember the pre-internet and -DNA days of crime solving, this was a chilling reminder of how excruciatingly long it could take to make connections between criminals and their crimes once they'd crossed state lines.
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    Favorite Commercials

    Add me (and my kids) to the Hump Day! fans. They played that one a lot during Mets games (back when we watched them on cable). Oh, and the Buster Posey one for a different company ("Who's ready to have a baby?"), which I probably shouldn't have liked, but did.
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I thought about posting this one in the "baffled" thread, but it's not that I'm confused by the commercial. I'm confused by the product, namely the Listerine Ready Tab that's supposed to clean your mouth. In the ad, the guy, an airplane passenger, puts this tab in his mouth while the voiceover raves about how you chew it and it turns to liquid in your mouth and you swish it around and it cleans in there like a mouthwash. And then the guy SWALLOWS. So he's swallowing the bacteria-and-food-particle-laden swill created by the Listerine Ready Tab? OMG THAT IS VILE. Because we all swallow mouthwash after we use it, right? Good grief. ETA: On second thought, I'm not confused by the product. I get the utility of a tab you can take on the plane (since you can't carry on bottles of liquid) like mouthwash. It might be nice to be able to use it in the bathroom, where you can spit it out. But why does Listerine, via this ad, appear to be instructing people to swallow this product?! Why would anyone want to do that?? Aargh!
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    "Have you ever been to that bakery?" "I used to go there, but not anymore. Under the new ownership, their croissants are tough, their coffee is weak, and they've moved the outdoor seating to the side of the building where the peoplewatching is lousy. Plus, no umbrellas." "Mon dieu--I don't blame you! They're clearly not meeting café standards."
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    "In A World....." Movie and TV Show Trailers

    I'd rather watch an endless loop of ads for Will Ferrell movies than see either of the ones for Second Act--which make me throw up in my mouth a little every time--ever again. It looks such a piece of saccharine, lazily written garbage that the commercials with audience members gushing over it really piss me off. The fact that Second Act even exists makes me angry in a way comparable only to my white-hot hatred of anything Full House related. At least when a Second Act ad comes on, I can peripherally comfort myself with the fact that my Dad still gets itty bitty royalty checks from airings of Anaconda because it used a Metropolitan Opera orchestra (he played there for 35 years) recording on its soundtrack. So my family has profited just a tad from one of J. Lo's earlier embarrassments. Yay?
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I thought she was trying for a non-serious, Gilmore Girls-type delivery of that line. She sounds like a miniature Rory Gilmore to me for some reason, and I barely even watched that show.
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    There's an Amazon/Alexa commercial that's been playing incessantly on Pluto TV and it's killing me. It shows a fake weather reporter doing a fake weather report about an incoming fake blizzard, and the voiceover is some guy whining that it's so terrible there's going to be a storm. Then his girlfriend/wife-person v/os that it's great, because they can be snowed in watching their favorite shows. He responds to this like an actual human who's a) never had a snow day or other weather-related situation that makes him stay inside; and b) never imagined that one COULD stay in and binge shows when the weather's bad. He also assumes, without asking, that his partner will want to watch Jack Ryan and has Alexa put it on immediately. He ALSO thinks his significant other is some kind of atom-splitting genius for coming up with this radical concept of staying the hell inside and watching t.v. when the weather is shit. In short, he is a moronic character in a moronic commercial that assumes the rest of us are equally dumb and can't figure out what to do when we can't go outside. Oh, and the ad also makes it seem as if Alexa can walk on over and put popcorn in the popcorn popper before she turns it on for you--which the stupid guy in the commercial would probably actually think was possible.
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    S09.E07: Vegan Week

    Meant to say earlier how relieved I was that Ruby didn't go home. Her energy is great; I imagine her as the friend who seems 20x times more productive/perfect than everyone else at all times, but you don't care because she makes YOU feel so good. Also? I think she looks like Taylor Swift (or, rather, Taylor Swift looks like Ruby). Am I crazy?
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    S09.E07: Vegan Week

    I made aquafaba buttercream for a cake I made for my ex-brother-in-law's wedding reception (his now-stepson is allergic to unbaked eggs). The reception was postponed, so we had the cake for my parents' anniversary, instead. Nobody could tell the difference in flavor between the aquafaba buttercream and my usual. Then again, since nobody was vegan, I used butter for the fat, so I'm sure that helped. It was really fun to see the chickpea water do its thing. It's kind of a miracle the way it imitates egg whites; you really do get a glossy meringue.
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    Oy, this show. Did I miss something, or did Alice have her baby almost instantly after rolling down that hill? I feel like there was a scene cut between the topple and the birth. Any UK viewers who can chime in on this?
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    OMG, YES, thank you!! I just binged this series and that was irritating the hell out of me from the minute he killed himself. Such a ridiculous, gaping hole really undermined the whole thing for me. Edited to add: On the other hand, Richard Madden could be in any manner o' Swiss cheesy thing and I'd still watch (and swoon).
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    Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    This times a million.
  14. spaceghostess

    Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    Eeek. WTF is with all the eye contact? That's what pushes it over the line.
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I agree re most of these ads, but I have to admit to liking the one with the dumplings and the bulldog. :)
  16. spaceghostess

    Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (PBS)

    Just watched this and it was great. Funny out of the gate with the Letterman bit--and abundantly clear that JLD is not only respected, but beloved by her peers. Oh, and her speech was brilliant. Too bad she can't win an Emmy for it!
  17. spaceghostess

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Yup. To be more accurate, it's really a segment on the need for oversight in the rehab industry in which T.A.N. is briefly mentioned (about halfway through) as an example of a conduit through which addicts are funneled to random rehabs. They earn for every referral, and that's all they want: lots of desperate people calling so T.A.N. can make money. After seeing this report, I just automatically associate T.A.N. and places like it with sketchy practices that prey on people at their most vulnerable.
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I always hated The Addiction Network's ads, but after seeing Last Week Tonight's segment on these outfits, I violently, deeply, despise them. I can't even with the manipulative bullshit they're shoveling toward addicts and their families. Whenever I see/hear the fake doctor in those spots, I want to kick him in the face.
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    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I live up the road from the Coast Guard Academy. And a naval base. And General Dynamics, where submarines are built. Those folks must loooove this spot. We have old family friends where the dad and all the kids were in the Navy. Their spouses experienced some genuinely catastrophic things during deployments; on their behalf, I declare this ad to be ass.
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    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    There's one for a beer/ale/possibly IPA? which shows people who aren't all that chagrined after various things go wrong in the office and other places because, beer. The tagline is "Bucket!" This is obviously meant to grab one's attention by sounding like "Fuckit!" I should probably be embarrassed at how well this gimmick worked on me. It took at least 15 viewings before I realized he was not, in fact, saying "fuckit" and getting away with it. In my (weak) defense, I'm usually doing something else when this ad is on and not really watching; there's probably something there that could make a person realize sooner what he's actually saying. Anyway, it was effective at getting my attention; not so much at getting me to remember the brand. I think it has a blue label?
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    S04.E07: Episode 7

    ICAM with everyone here that accepting the challenge was utter--and utterly predictable--hot-headed stupidity from Ross. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the scene in the House which led up to it. You know how George, when stewing over Ross or anything Ross-related, looks like he's chewing, swallowing, and regurgitating broken glass? Take a look at Ross sitting there steaming after Adderly sits on his gloves and is rude about Demelza. Then look at George with his bowl of popcorn, just counting down the seconds before Ross blows a gasket. Sure, George is, was, and probably always will be a total dick, but I found that turnabout hysterical. Dwight, Caroline, and Horace scenes are quirky in the best way. I haven't read the books, and find myself wondering if that little household was written as charmingly as it comes across on the show. Morwenna's mom-in-law is the worst, but Rebecca Front is the best and I love her forever.
  22. spaceghostess

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Thank you for clearing this up for me. I had the t.v. on but was in the kitchen, so only heard the audio of this ad and was like, "What the hell? He HAS to be dead."
  23. spaceghostess

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Oh, no. NO. I didn't even have to watch one second of the video to know exactly what this shit was because it's burned into my synapses. This spot ran incessantly when I was a preteen (you know: a tagalong tomboy making a scene). My brother and I are the same number of years apart as the creepy brother and his sister in the ad, and we both found it excruciating. My mom, however, thought it was adorable and charming and liked to remark that the commercial reminded her of us!? I wish I could say she was being blisteringly sarcastic, but no, she was completely, cluelessly serious. I'm happy to report that I was never homecoming queen, nor did I spend any meaningful life moments in McDonald's with my brother leering at me. Thus began my lifelong hatewatch of all McDonald's ad campaigns. My brother, after graduating from Tisch, became . . . a producer of t.v commercials. In his long and illustrious career, he's never had a hand in anything this hideous.
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    S08.E07: Italian Week

    I also wondered why nobody was using parchment. I prepare the pizza on the parchment and deposit both on the super-hot stone. Bake, slide parchment and pizza off the stone, and we're in business! I was meh on Italian Week. Or maybe just frustrated by it because there isn't a chance in hell to get decent (or any) sfogliatelle where we live.
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    S08.E06: Pastry Week

    Wow. I was livid when I watched a documentary about what happened w/Franklin, Crick, and Watson a few years ago. I thought it was a worldwide thing that she wasn't credited for her contributions; now I find out that no, it may well have only been here in America that she was basically eradicated from history. Nice. And yup, my bio texts--both high school and college levels--were all Crick & Watson. On topic: We were thrilled when Liam won Star Baker. He's adorable; all youthful exuberance and just the right amount of sass in the face of Hollywood. Was a bit surprised when he decided to mold his pastry the "traditional" way after all, but it worked out for him in the end, so yay!