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  1. Corgi-ears

    High Maintenance

    This shot made me so happy:
  2. Corgi-ears


    Huh! How interesting that (a) Fleabag's side-glances to the camera have some sort of real world manifestations (of "going somewhere for a second"), and (b) that the priest has the power to see these manifestations. Am I talking too much like this is some sort of superhero movie?!
  3. Corgi-ears


    That's not Nick Offerman, it's Colin Firth.
  4. Corgi-ears

    No Activity (US)

    Yes, it will get a 3rd season.
  5. Corgi-ears

    The Other Two

    I would normally agree that a reference is usually funnier when it's not called out, except that the way it was called out here made the scene even more hilarious for me: Brooke saying, "Give him a minute, he's doing Call Me by Your Name." It moved it beyond being a reference, to being a joke about how Cary was being a drama queen, too enamoured -- much as he had been all through the episode -- of the idea that his life is showbiz.
  6. Corgi-ears

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    Hi! We are going to ask Christina to design an outfit for a specific woman at a precise resort who is apparently caught in some sort of unique freakish weather pattern, and then we are going to eliminate her by saying that she doesn't know what kind of woman she's designing for, and we have no sense of who she is as a designer. Please don't think about this too much!
  7. Corgi-ears

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    And she wasn't even lying! I wonder which swimsuit / piece of beachwear? No, I don't have a big project at work on which I'm procrastinating. Why do you ask?
  8. Nailed It! tries and tries and tries, and then Bake Off comes along and gives us John Lithgow's Swiss Roll -- or, as he put it, oddly accurately, a Swiss guard's discarded underwear. That was hysterically awful-looking. Did Noel really say, while bantering with Jon Richardson, that Tom Cruise would make "fairy cakes"?! Mr Cruise's lawyers will soon be on line 1.
  9. Corgi-ears

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    She also needs to never do this again:
  10. Corgi-ears

    The Great British Sewing Bee

    Between this... ...and this I don't know why the producers of Strictly Come Dancing haven't already locked them down.
  11. Corgi-ears

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    I thought that there would be a twist, in which the models get switched out at the last minute for someone of a different gender, but more or less the same measurements. And then I remembered what show, with what budget and what level of production creativity, I was watching.
  12. Corgi-ears

    S16.E13: Holy Macau!

    "Thank you. You're a very lovely host." CRY LAUGH EMOJI.
  13. Corgi-ears

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    Unpopular opinion: Ann's critiques are often on-point, or at least specific (vs. platitudes like "that's a lot of look"). Indeed -- super-unpopular opinion -- she is more serious about offering comments than Tim had been doing in the last few seasons.
  14. Corgi-ears

    Proposing A Toast To Whiskey Cavalier

    I'm so glad that you've discovered Taskmaster; indeed, I'm a little envious when people get to experience it for the first time. Little Alex Horne, the co-host, is really the genius behind the show. I get the sense in which it can indeed be described as "dumb" (in that the tasks -- "conceal this pineapple on your person" -- are often absurd), but the editing is brilliant, as are some of the lateral thinking-style solutions. The recent Series 7 is many longtime viewers' fave season, but they are really all great. But, no matter what you do, DO NOT watch the US remake, which somehow managed to continue the tradition of US channels fucking up British imports. I wonder if Would I Lie to You? -- which is usually the other fave panel show for a lot of, um, panel show watchers, and which has David Mitchell as a team captain -- might also be up your alley. Probably less so, but the next time you want to go down a Youtube rabbit hole...
  15. Corgi-ears

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    "How do you keep a teenager engaged? I've always said, keep their hands busy, and their genitals will follow." Wait, I think I see a flaw in that plan.