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  1. The legendary country artist Rosanne Cash on her experience with sexual harassment in the music business. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8503345/rosanne-cash-metoo-experiences-essay
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    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Stealing Pebbles Flintstone's look. What NERVE.
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    Country Music, Y'all!

    This morning, the 2019 inductees of the Country Music Hall of Fame were announced. There are three different categories: the Non-Performer, the Veteran Era, and the Modern Era. They are: Non-Performer: Jerry Bradley (former head of RCA Records in Nashville; the son of legendary country music producer Owen Bradley) Veteran Era: Ray Stevens Modern Era: Brooks & Dunn Another year without Tanya Tucker in. SMH. (To clarify: Tanya's first hit, "Delta Dawn", was released in 1972, when she was only 13/14 years old, and her career continued from there, including a HUGE comeback period in the late 80's/early 90's. She deserves to be inducted in the Veteran Era category, and it's insane to me to see her overlooked. Dwight Yoakam needs to get in soon, too, as does the late Keith Whitley--the 30th anniversary of his passing is this May 9th.)
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    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Not that Robert Blake himself ever truly found out about that last part...
  5. All of this is so helpful. Thank you. And seeing others here like @Annber03 and @Rose Quartz especially help me know I'm not alone (I mean, I DID know already that I wasn't alone, but this enforced even more that I'm not alone). It's so confusing sometimes to navigate, because it really does seem like the implication among some people is that you're not actually an adult if you haven't had sex, which is incredibly insulting and unfair (where does that leave nuns, for example?). I do worry that there are men who would ditch me if we were dating and they found out about my virginity, but I also know that in many cases those men wouldn't be ones I wanted anything to do with anyway, so no skin off my nose. I will say this, though: One thing that does make me more excited for dating as I get older is the idea of being the older woman to a younger man, as some younger men, especially today, it seems, are often more open to being with older women than men my own age or older. I technically was with my ex-boyfriend: I was 24, he was 20. I mean, it DOES feel kind of weird to be the "sexy older woman" who is also a virgin (I know, that's a BIG stereotype), but hey, it is what it is, I guess.
  6. At the end of the day, I do, even if I sometimes have negative thoughts that indicate otherwise. It happens, but not NEARLY enough where it brings my life down in any significant way. That said, I am fine with the idea of therapy in general; I've done it before, but it was sometime ago when money wasn't a problem. Still, the idea of going back for that outlet, just as place to deal with overall well-being regardless or my relationship or sexual status, is something I definitely want to do. If there's one thing I can say that is probably a HUGE positive as far as dating goes, it's that I'm picky. If I don't feel something for a person, I don't. If someone asks me out and I'm not interested, that's that. Of course, I can see the benefit of just thinking you're going to give this person a chance and see where things go, but in a way that has probably protected from making some very bad decisions concerning men. It's possible that it also left me without some needed practice in that department, but it is what it is. That's part of what made meeting my first (and so far, only) boyfriend so special at 24: when it happened, I knew it felt right, and was ready to make the leap. Even though it ended, I wouldn't trade it for anything. That is something I am trying so hard to work on now, and all the time really: Having a positive outlook on life, in hopes that those vibes will bring me better things. I can look back on certain things and see how not being so positive may have led to some of the harder times in my life. I am trying to reverse that now. As far as my weight goes, here's the weird part: the way my body is built, even though I know I'm probably too heavy for my frame, I also have the kind of body type (curvy) where I don't necessarily look FAT, if that makes any sense. I'm at a point if I were much heavier, I would look bloated, but compared to some people who are dealing with weight issues, I actually don't have it that bad, and I've lost weight since last year, I just need to lose more. I'm short, so I'll always have to deal with extra weight maybe making me look a bit bigger (in addition to having large breasts--my legs are what I call "short, but shapely"--it's something, at least!), but I don't need to be super skinny--I just want to be at a weight where I know I can be healthy. I am now, but I want to be better. (And of course I know weight doesn't have to get in the way of love--it's something I really want for myself.) On a more shallow note, I've never worn a bikini, so getting to a shape where I feel confident enough to finally wear one would be cool, too, lol. 😛 Thank you, everyone! I appreciate it. I will post updates in the near future and see what happens. 🙂
  7. Thank you, @Annber03. That helps a LOT. I'm SO happy that I finally spoke here--I talk to my mom about this stuff a lot, so I always have someone to talk to (we're very close, in case you didn't notice 😉 ), but it's always nice to find an outside perspective. It didn't help that a few days before my birthday, I found out that I didn't get a job that I REALLY hoped I would get, one that would have been more permanent and made it so I could move out without the job ending in a few months and having to come home again. I was absolutely crushed, but the more time has passed, the more I've accepted it. For one thing, it was far enough away that coming home to visit would have been very hard to do, and now I'm seeing if I might get a job (or another job) that is out of state, but close enough where I can still visit my family from time to time. I might find out very soon. I'm trying to feel hopeful. 🙂 I am interested in online dating, even though I know the risks involved there, too. Obviously, being out of work/at home for the moment makes ANY kind of dating intimidating right now, and part of me is honestly okay with the idea of waiting based on those two factors alone. But, as they say, life happens, so who knows. 🙂 One other thing that makes it hard is when I look at my younger sister, who has been involved with a few different guys, goes out a lot, has her own place, and is just very outgoing and outspoken in general. I know she's had her hardships, too, of course, but sometimes I feel like the younger sister instead of the older sister, lol. In a weird way, though, I also feel a sort of defiance at my age about this sort of thing, too. A feeling of "I live my own life, by my own rules". I'm from a smaller, rural area, so in that way I know I stick out like a sore thumb compared to a lot of the girls I grew up with, but I've also done work/driven places that a lot of them would have never thought possible, and there's part of me that truly delights in the idea of going in the opposite direction of what small town women are supposed to be. I go back and forth on my feelings here, basically. 🙂
  8. Okay. I've been scared to talk about this, because I was afraid I was going to get made fun of or judged, but I'll just go ahead and talk about it here. I just turned 30 on February 28th. And I'm still a virgin. It has NOTHING to do with religious beliefs. Nothing. I'm just very shy and introverted, and because the career I'm in is VERY competitive and sometimes involves a lot of short-term jobs that last only a few months (I don't want to dox myself; if anyone wants to PM me I'll talk about it there, because I can see how it might otherwise sound confusing in this context), I am still living at home right now. I've only dated one guy my whole life--my first and only boyfriend--and that wasn't until I was 24, and it only lasted a little less than a year, when I was 25 (it wasn't my decision to break-up, but we're friends now and still talk sometimes). There was a night where he was ready to have sex, but it was early on and I just wasn't ready yet, and because it was largely a long distance relationship, especially by the end, it never happened, even though sometimes I wish it had (I also wasn't on the pill yet when I met him--again, when you go without dating that long, it doesn't feel like a priority; he kind of just appeared out of nowhere when I met him--although I was a few months later and continue to be now). I think part of my reason for not dating, in addition to some period of unemployment (like now), was because I was bullied for so long in middle school by a group of girls--well that, and having crushes on guys who didn't like me back, of course. And even though I've accomplished a lot since then, in both my life and my career, I think, on some subconscious level, part of me still feels like that bullied young girl, who didn't understand how to fit in or feel cool enough, and there's part of me now who worries they would see now and just KNOW I was still a virgin. Sigh. I think another part of it is that I've never drank very much (I really only drink merlot/pinot noir, and not much, either), so I've never been much of a bar person, either. And I also feel, in some way, as a feminist, like I'm letting other feminists down, because I haven't had sex despite being 30, I'm not entirely comfortable at the idea of having hook-ups--I know slut-shaming is a very real thing, and I abhor it, but being an older virgin, I fear virgin-shaming, too, at least for those like me who aren't "saving themselves for marriage". This isn't a Tim Tebow situation. I don't know. I almost thought about making a post about women like me in the Gender in Television thread, because MY type of virginity story almost NEVER gets told on television, certainly not with sensitivity. It's hard not to feel like a loser who should just give up and not have sex, or even date--you're too old to start, anyway, and what man would even want you? 😢 And that's before I go into my insecurities about my blonde hair and blue eyes--the idea that the kind of men I might be attracted to would want nothing to do with me, because my looks indicate a dumb and generic-looking woman, even if it's not true. Or that I have what I call "wrong type of blonde syndrome"--I'm blonde, but I'm not tall and thin and perfect like Taylor Swift is. Any advice--either here or through a PM--would be much appreciated. I feel a lot better now. And truth be told, turning 30 two weeks ago brought along a LOT of relief--I dreaded the act of turning 30 more than actually doing it--but then I remember my lack of experience in sex or dating and I freak out all over again, lol.
  9. I couldn't believe he compared Democrats going on Fox News to Bill Clinton playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall. Going after younger voters vs. going after hardcore Trump voters? Yeah, THAT'S comparable. It might make a bit more sense to compare it to Bill Clinton appearing on Don Imus after the latter had constantly made jokes about him during the same election, but even that's not a perfect comparison either.
  10. The role of John Heilemann will be played tonight by Paul Shaffer. He had some good points and I'm glad he was there, but that distracted me SO MUCH. I also thought it was cute during Overtime when Jessica Yellin felt uncomfortable using the word "fucking" because of her media training, even though the show's on HBO. I feel the same sometimes in similar situations, even though I'm not on TV, lol.
  11. UYI

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Well, I guess I was wrong: they HADN'T completed the last season before this story broke the other day. But yeah, she wasn't a regular, so I'm sure they didn't really have to change anything. I can't resist anymore: (Seriously, though, I AM surprised they dropped her so quickly, at least a little bit. This would clearly hurt their brand, but that cast is like family and I'm sure this whole thing is very painful on a personal level for everyone involved.)
  12. Yeah, that was not a good day. It's not easy having a celebrity who shares the same birth year as you also be both very telegenic AND perhaps the most famous pop star of this past decade, but I needed to chill there. Yikes. Speaking of which, Taylor recently made the cover of the US version of Elle. In it, she wrote an article about the 30 lessons she's learned before turning 30 (which she doesn't even do until December 13th, but whatever--I just turned 30 on February 28th), and while there's still some eye roll-worthy moments in there (mainly involving the snake stuff and Kim/Kanye), I will say that it's pretty good. https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/a26628467/taylor-swift-30th-birthday-lessons/ And, despite speculation to the contrary, there has yet to be any announcement to be made about her seventh album and/or a lead-off single. Also, here's the full Elle UK essay she wrote, too: https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/a26546099/taylor-swift-pop-music/
  13. UYI

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Former One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson's younger sister Felicite has died of a suspected heart attack at only 18 years old. https://www.eonline.com/news/1023767/louis-tomlinson-s-sister-felicite-tomlinson-dead-at-18
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    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh shit! Point taken. I could see how that would happen.
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    Abby Huntsman: The New Kid

    I have to say, unlike Meghan, Abby at least went to school to study her chosen field/did internships that were in TV news/journalism. I don't believe for a moment that her career wasn't propelled at least in SOME part by her last name, but it does at least seem like she cared to work for the career she wanted, as opposed to Meghan, who seemed to wake up one morning saying, "I think I'll be a political analyst today", Elle Woods style (and that's actually an insult to Elle--she worked DAMN hard to be a lawyer, damn it!). That said, she is Captain Obvious on a lot of things, and when she gets REALLY mad, like she did a few months ago at Sunny about Russian policy or whatever it was? She is so scary that it seems like her jaw will become unhinged and start swallowing people whole. Monday was another example of that, and in that case Meghan wasn't there, which makes me wonder if she's going to try to become Diet RBM if she winds up leaving for good. My say something nice: She's gorgeous as hell (her face reminds me of Alyssa Milano's), and I saw her kids book at Target and thought it was very sweet (speaking of legacy admissions...yeah, that book would probably not exist otherwise, just saying).