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  1. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    Am I remembering correctly that Bitsy came out with a McCain t-shirt back in the day? If I’m not hallucinating it makes sense that Megan loves her so.
  2. athousandclowns

    All Episodes Talk: Admit it. You Can't Stand The View.

    Her stance on same sex marriage was then you can marry your toaster. “:Where are the parents “when discussing poor children with no medical care.
  3. athousandclowns

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    They most likely do have a water source, the green design foam which makes it heavy. Tinslee‘s did look like a funeral spray. The design style is Pave which was a European influence many years ago, but looks like its back. I think it’s a shame to cut stems, but then again broken flowers don’t get tossed they get jammed into an arrangement. Everything has changes, hair ,clothes interior design. Most men sending flowers do want to make a statement.
  4. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/18/2019

    It’s not the word that would describe the balance calmness and peace she says she feels even if vortex doesn’t exists.That expression would be the power of suggestion wouldn’t it? I missed how she pronounced it possibly reading cc. I was scratching my head because it just didn’t make sense. Perhaps she’s was saying the stress she felt before being sucked into the vortex was psychosomatic?
  5. athousandclowns

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    So the hair secret that Robin saved Kody’s year of bad hair by showing him how 20 minutes of upside down fluffing results in what looks like a perm to me. Can anyone here verify that his head is due to running his fingers through his hair with product? I never saw that on the little girl during the wedding. i love how Kody impulsively uproots the family and then they get all get upset because Merri isn’t whooping it up excited like it’s not a shit show move Robin is responsible for the whole thing unless balloon payments were due but who then would give then mortgages?? Christine is the favored one for sure. The hi wonderful man in the morning and yeah BABE she is on the receiving end of the Leader. It was the perfect wedding for the couple. I’m thinking Mitches mom didn’t have to money to pay for rehearsal dinner.
  6. athousandclowns


    He’s got Karen in his ear insisting they aren’t going to be held hostage by What Amy does. Then cut to the Arizona house he bought her and she’s so excited because they can make it nothing like the farm. . Pick a lane ,one day he sounds like he wants it all behind him next he acts like Amy has no right being on his farm. If she agrees to sell it should be neither gets to live there. I have a feeling that Chris is not putting pressure on her like Karen does Matt. Glad to see Amy so happy and Chris seems like a good guy. It seems to me after watching them since before it was a series that she was the hands on parent.
  7. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    It was brought to her attention so she corrected it. I don’t think she “meant to say Australia” because it would contradict the point she was trying to make, that that country has strict gun laws and still had a / mass murder . Who ever is helping with her blue cards needs to do some research. The producer wouldn’t give her the argument/ topic that Australia had an horrific mass shooting in 1996 and promptly changed their laws to who can own a hand gun only and the reasons for having one. She then would have to say they’ve not had a mass shooting since and suicides declined to half of what they were. Reading her card she’ll see Australia and say New Zealand? Sorry SusieSioux you said exactly what I’m rambling about and must have been typing same time as Kentz I’d delete if I could figure out how She makes me crabby and I won’t give her credit for anything.
  8. athousandclowns

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    I so do not want to get sucked back into this show I barely have any brain cells functioning now. I caught part of the newest and was shocked Gregg had cancer. When Nene mentioned a Gregg had a blood clot I bet she is distraught because it usuakybmeans having to have blood thinning injections as much a twice a day. Talk about testing her caregiving skills. Many are able to do it themselves but many never manage injecting in the stomach. Off to do something that will stimulate my gray matter.
  9. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I didn’t catch it while watching first time ,but rewatched on YouTube Someone was giving me a bad time about a comment (on YouTube) it was when she got up and sat back down and was screeching don’t ever leave me again followed by I can’t carry the show. . I just watched again to make sure. You know if she had a sense of humor or was a entirely different person that could have been funny we know she believes it Always a need to clarify that she doesn’t agree with a guests opinions( so very much like her idol). . Does she blieve they are shaken about her different opinion or how she’s going to have a gotcha question? After reading mods new post I don’t think it’s OT. its possible because I’m HOH I’ll try to recover and see CC recovered from DVR with CC which didn’t pick it up I backed it up several times so it’s a blue dress/ gold dress thing.
  10. athousandclowns

    S11.E15: Let's Make It Official

    Thanks , that’s terrible. So I haven’t seen his behavior. I think she was parking at the hospital and making it the shortest walk for him. Either way she should not be piling on him about her stress. Join a caregivers group see a therapist. Cancer doesn’t give you free reign to be an asshole to everyone but anger is understandable. She can afford extra help that many can not.
  11. athousandclowns

    S11.E15: Let's Make It Official

    I haven’t watched in years but the channel was on after something I watch, could someone tell me what kind of cancer Gregg has? No words for the nose picking my coffee almost came back up.
  12. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    60 years is what I heard ( which can be bad)
  13. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    You did such a good job with the blow by blow but I just watched again because someone got nasty with me on YouTube. Something I hadn’t heard until the additional viewing was when MM was screeching don’t ever leave me again she said I can’t carry this show myself. It hopefully will not be any different. They seem to have this routine now where starting a discussion they go around the table. ( MM) last. You know like grown ups. Yet Megan may think she can have her free for all because her protector is manning the ship. I am glad to see her on the road to recovery but not really looking forward to have her moderating.
  14. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week Of 3/11/2019

    I can’t with this twit. When Whoopi’s telling a funny hospital story which involved Ana and Sunny Megan she just jumps right in and said we all visited then sighed and rolled her eyes and looked at the audience. How dare Whoopi not acknowledge her even though she was not there when lady recognized Ana. Then at the end hunching herself across the table to call her the First Lady of The View and she’s happy she is well.. I fully expected her to mow someone down to get to Whoopi first. The advocate is a hospital employee at least they were when I sought one out. Insurance has to have guidelines or doctors would order unnecessary tests. Oh and doctors do own medical machinery. It’s also the insurance company job to turn down stuff. So fight it. Also if you get the doctor ordering to call insurance company it usually works. Stanford was dragging their heels about a treatment trying say it was experimental. When surgeon heard that he said when I call they come around.
  15. athousandclowns

    Leaving Neverland

    Thanks for posting that video Umbelina it all came rushing back to me how that trial turned our little city into a circus. Grown ass women from Europe hanging on the fence daily.