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  1. That's because he's a smoker. He should have tried Chantix a lot earlier.
  2. Mulva

    S11.E09: It Takes You Away

    No, I thought "All Hail The Hypnotoad!" from Futurama.
  3. Cas was responsible for letting Lucifer out of the cage. Sam said no to him.
  4. Mulva

    S14.E06: Optimism

    Because he didn't want Jack's inexperience to get his brother killed? Because he learned his lesson from the Maggie fiasco?
  5. Mulva

    S14.E06: Optimism

    Another hit out of the park! Loved Jack tonight, he was adorable.
  6. Mulva

    Stan Against Evil

    I liked Stan's "none of these happened, okay?" at the end.
  7. I guess my UO is that I've been loving this season so far. I really enjoy all the new characters and seeing Sam get to be the leader for once. Hail to the Chief!
  8. Mulva

    S14.E05: Nightmare Logic

    Another standout episode! Sam really got to show off his leadership skills tonight.
  9. Mulva

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Frankly, I'd be more careful about dental hygiene.
  10. Ronan is several years younger than Dylan. He did not coach her.
  11. Mulva

    S11.E04: Arachnids in the UK

    Yeah, the last couple seasons of The Apprentice have really gotten weird.
  12. Yup. It's been The Dean Winchester Show since S4. I don't think it's a coincidence that S4 had a major ratings drop which the show never recovered from.
  13. Mulva

    S14.E04: Mint Condition

    Great episode! Loved Sam's macguyvering a solution to get out of the shop.
  14. Mulva

    S14.E03: The Scar

    Misha and Alex really brought it tonight. I'm glad the show is giving them so much time to shine this season.
  15. Mulva

    S14.E03: The Scar

    Well I liked it! It was great seeing Jody again. I loved Dean's reaction to Sam's beard, and Jack really shone tonight.