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  1. Lazlo

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    I suppose it depends on whether we were meant to see the Red Angel as an ambiguously supernatural entity or not. It is the same with Tilly's old friend/ghost who turned out to have a 'normal' techonobabble explanation.
  2. Lazlo

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    While that's true it also means the Red Angel actually doesn't reach that level - its tech might be unbelievably advanced but is still recognisably technology. I think Clarke's Law better applies to beings like the Q who essentially are indistinguishable from deities. I'm not sure how to feel about that to be honest. Oh and this is pure speculation but at this point I'd be astonished if the Red Angel turns out to be anyone other than a time travelling Michael.
  3. Lazlo

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    I know what you mean. I can easily believe Michael and Tilly are friends but from what we've seen recently Tilly actually seems closer to Saru and Stamets. Having Michael be so devastated didn't really feel earned. I had the same issue with the show trying to push the idea of Michael and Saru as BFFs last week - again there is a connection but it felt like the show forcing something more because Michael is our view point character. I enjoyed this story but I'm beginning to worry the writers have forgotten that the Emperor (entertaining and charismatic though she is) is essentially Space Hitler. Deep Space Nine had a very similar problem with Gul Dukat were because the actor/character was so much fun the creators and audience lost sight of what a monster he was and eventually had to do a messy course correction.
  4. Lazlo

    S30.E14: The Clown Stays in The Picture

    I think that like 'Mad about the Toy' earlier this season this is an example of the sliding timescale of the show (where characters don't really age) running into the age of the showrunners. This one isn't has much of a problem as that one where the toy company executive and his secretary still worked the same job after seventy years but the timing has issues. At this point assuming they still are meant to be around forty 'now' Homer and Marge are just too young to have been in their teens in the Eighties.
  5. Lazlo

    Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

    Yeah, that was what I took from the film too. There was a really heartbreaking moment where Tree realised the happy memory her mother was sharing simply hadn't happened to her. I do wish the film had explained what happened to the Tree from the alternate dimension. I assume she was thrown back into the 'right' place but I think I'd have liked to hear a line from Ryan or one of the others on that.
  6. Lazlo


    I very recently binge watched the whole show on Netflix over a few weeks. It is interesting to see some of the very early aspects that got phased out over time. Like in the first two episodes we see Monica talking to her friends at work the restaurant she works at ('Iridium') even has its own establishing shot. Even though she stays working at Iridium until well into Season 2 we never see Monica at her original work again after those couple of episodes. Another weird thing from Season One that got dropped was referring to people by a combination of their name and some distinguishing feature: Paul the Wine Guy, Fun Bobby, Young Ethan, Brian from Payroll, Fake Monica and of course Fat Ugly Naked Guy.
  7. Lazlo

    Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

    I loved it. I think in some respects the first movie was better. The technobabble left me cold - I prefer the Groundhog Day-style lack of an explanation in the first flick more enjoyable and I have to admit I like the implied mystical aspect of the original more than the solidly sci-fi nature of the sequel. Still I think the multiverse angle gave them a lot to play with. Jessica Rothe is brilliant; just a great hand at comedy, action, romance and real emotion. Quite honestly I think she gave a better performance than most of the Best and Supporting Oscar nominees this year. I'm amazed how emotionally invested I got in Tree and how much I was rooting for her and Carter. I even got a little teary at her conversations with Alternate Timeline!Lori and with her mother. I know the film played Danielle really broadly but I found her a lot of fun, especially the Alternate Timeline version. It was neat watching someone so self absorbed and dim trying to be nice. I do have to think she isn't trapped there for a long time, since I don't think Tree is that cruel. I've heard the box office isn't stellar which makes me sad, but I've read these films are very cheap so we still might get a third one. I hope so!
  8. Lazlo

    S30.E13: I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can

    I honestly expected the show to be going somewhere with Julia being voiced by Nancy Cartwright (sounding very like Bart.) Either just for a lampshade hanging joke or an actual plot element. I even wondered if they were going to have her being a time travelling future version of Bart gone back to the past to save his parents marriage.
  9. Lazlo

    S30.E12: The Girl on The Bus

    That was kind of fun, especially with Ned's Homer impersonation and Homer's four lines. Lisa herself was pretty unsympathetic though and it was surreal to have her complain about not having a friend with similar interests when Alison was prominently visible in the background. Is Sam the first non-binary/lgbt kid character we've seen on the show (Sam's father definitely said "I love you son")?
  10. Lazlo

    The Apprentice [UK]

    I suppose the difference for me is that Tom had/has an obvious personality and Sian doesn't. While smart and pleasant she seems remarkably dull, and outside of her personal clashes with Sabrina there just doesn't seem to be much of a person there. There are certainly worse things to be than being a bit of a blank and in some ways it might be an advantage in that I'm sure her business is her life but for someone in such a glamorous field she's just oddly absent. Camilla on the other hand had to fight against her own instincts to sex things up this time and I think she did pretty well to take on board all the criticism. I was rooting for her but i think she probably didn't need this in the way Sian did - she seems to have more of a life going on. Great to see some of the old faces back, especially Jackie (still my favourite out of this series and I'm not ashamed to say it), Kayode and Kurran. I did feel sorry for Sabrina; hitting the top five and still picked last must have hurt.
  11. Lazlo

    The Apprentice [UK]

    As I've said I like Jackie and I think she probably did prefer Tom to the other potential options (remember one of the others was Khadija and the other was the genius behind 'Strawpedo' and 'Jetpop') but yeah there was definite tactical play going on there. Its kind of surreal that Jackie's mistake was actually overestimating Tom. I'm sure she thought she'd be the one presenting and carrying the team. I don't think it crossed her mind (or Camilla's!) that he'd be dumb enough to plumb for literally the worst choice available. I also agree that given the paltry difference in earnings Jackie probably would have won the task; we've seen her accomplish a lot of sales before and she only needed to do slightly better than Khadija. On the other team I think Sian has benefited a lot from luck over the past few weeks. She certainly does have skills but her strategy backfired this task both in going for the super high price item and then refusing to drop the price.
  12. Lazlo

    The Apprentice [UK]

    I agree Jackie was a really good sport on the aftershow (and the taxi - "...but first I want to go on a holiday.") I liked that she got a fairly warm reception from the panel. I'd be surprised if this is the last the general public sees of her. I think Lord Sugar's bizarre acorn/oak metaphor was that he very much wants to be the senior partner; Jackie has made her bones so to speak so she won't particularly want to run to him for advice. I noticed that Claude, who tends to be pretty fair minded obviously thought Jackie was a better bet than Khadija and Camilla ("she's very manipulative, but she's also very brilliant.") While Camilla is pretty bland (and pretty and bland), I'm more surprised Khadija is still around given she's awful in almost every respect: stubborn, argumentative (I think she's been on nearly everyone's bad side by now), charmless and honestly rather stupid. Even if she didn't know who Kim Jong-Un was, surely even the least the aware person would get by Sugar's tone that being compared to him was not a compliment!
  13. Lazlo

    The Apprentice [UK]

    Jackie is Canadian but has left in Britain for a lot of years. It does weird things to accent. I know she was a schemer and her dress sense could be odd but honestly I liked her a lot, easily the best of this year's lot. She was sharp and energetic and funny (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.) I loved Jackie's knowing urging to stick with buying cheap knowing that Tom and especially Kadijah would be to thick and/or offputting to sell anything too expensive. I hope she's back for the finale.
  14. Lazlo

    The Apprentice [UK]

    I have to admit I'm really starting to like Jackie, even with her less than brilliant performance this task. She always brings energy and a weird sort of charisma.
  15. Lazlo

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Huh... that's probably even more unpopular than mine given Back to Reality, Gunmen of the Apocalypse and Quarantine are so beloved (and The Inquisitor and Holoship not much less so.) I guess part of my surprise is that series 3 and 4 feel a lot more like series 5 and 6 than they do like the first two series. Its an interesting cut off point.