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  1. babs1226

    S09.E15: Blues

    I remember that episode as well, but I don't remember if Danny was involved in that story line. I know Frank and Erin were. I think they included that conversation to open the door for Danny to start dating. I also noticed that, in his next scene with Bayez, he made a comment about her eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if they start falling for each other.
  2. babs1226

    S09.E13: Ripple Effect

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot. I like that all four of them had a story line, and it was cool that they had a common theme. I really like Callie Thorne, and I have friends who are psychic mediums, so that part of the story was a treat. So now Danny has been told by multiple sources that Linda's death wasn't an accident, It's fine with me if that story comes up again through the rest of the season and it's ok if it doesn't. I don't think that there's a physical reason for Frank sitting so often, although it is possible. By nature of his role, sitting is a big part of his job, and they never show the family before dinner, or right after dinner, where they might actually be moving around. There are many occasions when he is walking, such as in the beginning and near the end of this episode.
  3. babs1226

    Britain's Best Home Cook

    I actually just found this show when I happened to read an article about Dan,and it mentioned this show. I tuned in because of Mary Berry, and I'm glad I did. The contestants were lovely, the format is interesting, and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next series.
  4. babs1226

    S02.E11: Operator Error

    IIR, the boy also has a quovadis device in him. There was a lot of discussion then about using the device in a child. Since the test they ran showed he wasn't having a seizure,I'm willing to bet that the device is starting to cause problems for him.
  5. babs1226

    S05. E11. Family Separation pt. 2

    What a super episode! Jay was funny as hell trying to talk to M-Sec while stoned lol. Sweaters for little farm animals ROFL! Elizabeth and Henry's vow renewal made me cry. I also loved the way Elizabeth formally announced to her team that she was running for president, and how she asked them to join her. Peter Frampton was such a lovely surprise, and Elizabeth's joy at having him in her house was so genuine.
  6. babs1226

    Berlin Station

    I saw him in August at a local community center attending an activist meeting/preview of a show by Josh Fox. He is tall!
  7. babs1226

    S06.E09: Descent

    He left the SA's office because Chicago Law was cancelled.
  8. babs1226

    S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I didn't get that Gaby's actions had anything to do with Christian's girlfriend. Yes, she and Christian bonded at the beginning over things they had in common, but I have seen zero romantic chemistry or seeming desire from either one in a very long time. They were friends and allies. Nothing more.
  9. babs1226

    S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    Lyrsa said because they had no safe way to store the cooked eggs, they would start to develop bacteria within 4 hours. She learned it in cooking school. I trust her judgement.
  10. babs1226

    S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    I, for one, am happy that a "goliath" got voted out when each new tribe had a majority of them. I'm sick to death of players being voted out just because they are the minority tribe. After all, it's not a tribe that wins the game, it's a solitary player. It's much more enjoyable for me to see strategic play that doesn't automatically put tribe first.
  11. babs1226

    S03.E03 Katie Girls

    To me this show just keeps getting better and better. I love learning about how Rebecca and Jack got together. I loved seeing William again, and I hope he shows up often. I have nothing to criticize. It's all good.
  12. babs1226

    S04.E03 Episode 3 2018.07.01

    Does anyone know why the first scene was of Noah, Cole & Anton in a car in PA? Was it a preview?
  13. babs1226

    S02.E12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    Rajan wasn't subpoenaed or indicted, or under investigation. He was working with the authorities on an investigation into his friend.
  14. babs1226

    S04.E22: Night Watch

    No, they broke up before she got involved with Dmitri.
  15. babs1226

    In Contempt

    I really enjoy this show. The characters and stories are great. Gwen's a little crazy in a good way, and apparently Tracy is Tessa. I can't wait to find out that story,