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  1. Frost

    Miracle Workers

    I'm basically watching for Daniel Radcliffe at this point. It's odd, I don't look to TV shows to provide a message for me, but for some reason when I watch I do wonder, "What's the point of this show?" There are some laugh out loud moments, but no through line somehow to hold the episode together. I did like the Genitalia workers proudly standing together and refusing to blow up something they considered beautiful.
  2. She looks utterly ridiculous in those podium photos. Her head looks really small. She is basically topless. I don't know why she bothered with the straps. Why not just slap on a couple of pasties?
  3. Frost

    S01.E16: Estimated Time of Departure

    I felt Michaela spent most of the episode appeasing Jared. He kept pushing past her boundaries and her response was to bleat, "It's not like that!" or "Zeke and I are just friends!" You don't owe Jared an explanation for who you spend time with Michaela! Even if there were no Callings, you're free to spend as much time with Zeke or any other guy as you want. Jared blaming Zeke for his broken marriage? Jared needs to jump off a cliff. I don't want him to be shot - that would just make him a martyr or something to Michaela and add more angst to Zeke. I want the shot to go into the wall and Michaela to come to her senses and throw him out. I also hope the baby is Ben's. Finally there was an episode that seemed to have moved past the stupid love triangle and I enjoyed the Stone family. Although I could have done with less of Cal moping in his bedroom. I liked Olive and Grace commiserating that they felt kind of left out of the special 828 club. And then the writer's had to throw in the 'whose baby is it?' twist. Just don't.
  4. Frost


    Or an elephant's trunk. Either way, it looks odd
  5. I have a horrible suspicion North has quite a bit of makeup on in this photo.
  6. Frost

    Frozen 2 (2019)

    The trailer looks interesting. More of an adventure story. As long as they don't center on Olaf, I'm in. A little of him goes a long way.
  7. Frost

    Miracle Workers

    I enjoyed it. It wasn't fabulous. I'm not sure I'm down with God being a complete nitwit that has to be managed by his majordomo as a premise. It doesn't seem as clever as maybe the show's creator thinks it is. I did like Craig removing one snowflake at a time in order to reveal the lost keys.
  8. I wanted pretty much any dog BUT the terrier to win. No offense to the dog, of course. It's just so boring and predictable. I was especially rooting for the Sussex or the Daschund.
  9. Same with the Clumber Spaniel and one or two other breeds. You'd think the show could come up with some way to handle this without DQing the dog. I guess the dog show world is so insular that a large percent of the owners/handlers/judges are all related.
  10. I can't believe they don't have a back up judge! It seems ridiculous to deny the Schipperke the opportunity to compete for Best in Show because of some relationship between his/her owner and the judge. I'm also bummed about the Clumber Spaniel. They're one of my favorites.
  11. OMG. That was completely uncoordinated! North would never make it on AGT!
  12. Frost

    S12.E15: The Donation Oscillation

    Another filler episode. At least we got Raj and Anu spending some quality time together. I really disliked her in her first episode, but she's turning out to be a great partner with Raj. She doesn't put up with his jerky side and she wants to do stuff like paint ball and Vomit Comet adventures with him. I'm hoping there is a wedding by the end, even if it's a flash forward scene. I actually liked Leonard admitting that he wanted a child but couldn't imagine dealing with knowing his biological offspring was being raised by Zach and his wife. I wish the show hadn't gone the route of Penny stating she didn't want kids if they're just going to have her change her mind. I will feel sad for Leonard if he doesn't get to be a father because I think he'd be a good one and I believe he truly wants to be a father. Bernadette and Howard have the weirdest relationship. I guess on the positive side, they both seem OK with the fact that they'll both go to ridiculous extremes to prove the other wrong. I would think the Nobel storyline is kind of the series end game so there should be more set up during these last episodes.
  13. Frost


    The camel toe thing is some kind of spoof right? Khloe doesn't actually wear too tight pants on purpose to highlight her crotch and named it Kamille. Right?
  14. Frost


    Kendall has been subsumed into the Kardashian jacked up lip culture. Resistance is futile!
  15. Frost


    The photo is cute but I do not understand the caption. At. All.