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  1. I have yet to see Michael Rady not have chemistry with the lead in a movie, so excited to watch the one with Nikki. They both have such a carefree vibe with their acting so makes sense they would work well together. Thank you guys for the suggestion! Same with last week’s movie (I’m so behind). I always enjoy Julie and Tyler in their movies so am looking forward to that one.
  2. Finally caught the movie with Kavan and Autumn and liked their easy chemistry. They were flirty and fun and not mean to each other, and the small hiccup was fixed pretty easily with an apology. I don’t know why they made the boss so mean when she didn’t have to be, and the teen daughter annoyed me at times with her vegan/nonvegan stuff and not eating the yummy breakfasts her dad would make.
  3. twoods

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    The writers continue to crap on every single character (except Miguel and maybe Beth). Do they think we want to see the insufferable, narcissist Pearsons? The first season they had their quirks but it wasn’t this bad. There has to be a reason they are throwing them all under the bus and making them so unlikable- maybe some sort of redemption arc next season after some shocking cliffhanger that makes them re-evaluate their selfishness. If there is no reason, I don’t think I can sit through anymore of this. Free Miguel!
  4. twoods

    The NBA

    I still remember the Jazz fans singing “cancer cancer” at Derek Fisher when he left the Jazz to go back to the Lakers because his daughter had retinoblastoma. I felt sick. Not saying that all Jazz fans are like that, but they are notorious for saying some terrible things.
  5. twoods

    The NBA

    Fan is a dipshit and then cries when Westbrook gets mad at him. Supposedly the wife didn’t say anything but who knows. Regardless, something needs to be done for those assholes that are saying stupid shit at the players. Westbrook escalated it and is know to be a hothead, but is he supposed to sit there and listen to a raging fan the entire night?
  6. twoods

    S04. E14. The Big Blast From the Past Episode.

    I was ready to throw something at the screen when they were trying to pin the falsified video on Stewart so glad that wasn’t the entire story. There is no need to crap on a dead character. Nice twist at the end. Now they will pit the team against Madeline and FBI director (and the creepy henchman). Why can’t theh have one director not be a scumbag?
  7. twoods

    All American

    Now the affair is out. Poor Laura when she finds out since she’s the only adult to not know about it. Why did you go the cliche route, writers? Spencer’s Dad could have left for other reasons. I agree about Layla. There was a glimpse of some backstory when she didn’t like Spencer reading her music, but no follow up. I do like how she’s supportive of Spencer and that their relationship is honest and drama free. Yay for Coop trying to get Preach on her side. I hope he doesn’t wind up dead.
  8. twoods

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    Neurologists and psychiatrists won’t go to it because it is still being studied and experimental, which means insurance companies won’t pay for it. Below are studies done recently that has promise on pain management and symptoms. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/02/190213142700.htm Studies done in 2017 and 2018: https://www.google.com/amp/s/medicalxpress.com/news/2017-10-vagus-nerve-therapy-ptsd-symptoms.amp https://www.futuremedicine.com/doi/full/10.2217/bem-2018-0002
  9. twoods

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    There are actual studies showing promise that VNS can decrease some anxiety symptoms in PTSD, so it is plausible that the corrupt medical device company would fake data to make this a reality. There is so much fake medicine on this show, but this storyline is somewhat realistic. Mom moving to Duke means she no longer is going to moon after Conrad, right? Thank goodness!
  10. twoods

    S02.E16: Adverse Events

    Damn it Marshall. I hope he’s pretending to help Gordon and then bankrupt the company from within. Really brazen of new doc hitting on Nic when he knows she’s dating Conrad. I am definitely loving Bell this season. He wanted Quovadis to no longer be at the hospital regardless of how much he would lose, and then cleaning the OR made me teary eyed.
  11. twoods

    God Friended Me

    Finally! I literally squeed when Miles finally asked Kara out. They are so freaking cute. Too bad for all the breaks because this would have been a perfect V day episode. Nice twist with Noah not being the girl’s soulmate and having it be her fiancé. I also enjoyed Jaya and Rakesh being drama free.
  12. twoods

    All American

    Dumb jock got a C on his paper, so I don’t think he’s a closeted nerd. The teacher knew that Spencer had the talent to do a much better job on his essay, so that’s why he pushed him. I’m glad he’s being shown as being a hard worker, both on the field and in the classroom. There have been way too many sports shows where the star is struggling to pass his classes so this is refreshing to see. I’m also happy that he seems to be in a drama free relationship where him and Layla talk about their problems pretty quickly instead of getting angsty. They apologize when they’ve done something wrong and are supportive. Yeah, it’s “boring” but sometimes I want to see some stable teen couples. Olivia bonding with her mom was nice to see. It’s obvious the secret is Spencer’s mom and Billy were having an affair which is why his dad left, but there is no need for that crappy plot. There is enough substance with Spencer struggling to have a relationship with his dad. I keep ffing through Coop’s scenes because I am so scared that she’s going to get caught and don’t want to see her get hurt.
  13. I was happy with the win. The episodes I caught this season clearly had the monster as one of the front runners. His voice was amazing and he was entertaining to watch. Hubby automatically knew it was T-Pain when he heard his voice a month ago, and I can’t believe this wonderful voice was hidden under all that auto tuning. Congrats to him- you can tell that this win meant a lot because he finally got to show everyone how vocally talented he is. I got teary eyed at him singing “Stay With Me.”
  14. twoods

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    I liked it. Tying the kid to the Navy bombing 6 years ago was a nice touch, and Torres got his ass rightfully handed to him and grew up a little at the end. Was the CO Sean Patrick Thomas from Save the Last Dance? He has not aged at all and can’t believe he’s 48. Now I want to go watch a cheesy dance movie.
  15. twoods

    NFL Thread

    Apparently he’s already already been an agent for a year since the time stamp on the article is 2018. Congrats to him! Charles’ daughter was born with congenital heart disease and needed a heart transplant.