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  1. twoods

    S02.E15: Queens

    Mom was making goo goo eyes at Conrad a few episodes and now magically has a boyfriend so they can accuse him of beating the kid? That scene of the boy continuously going into asystole was terrifying. Figured the mother would conveniently leave the wand at home so Conrad can run a bunch to get one. Shame on the ED for not having one accessible. Bell is in some deep shit. I’m sure he will get out of this unscathed like he always does but it will be interesting to see how. Poor Mina- losing her dad and then sisters and being stuck with that narcissistic bitch. I can’t believe she wasn’t proud of Mina’s accomplishments when Bell was raving about her.
  2. Good for them, but I couldn’t last more than 10 minutes with that movie. Kellie’s voice was grating. Trying to watch the V day movie with Lacey and Andrew Walker and it’s pretty boring.
  3. twoods

    The Bold Type

    Blah. Of course she picked Pinstripe. More reason to dislike Jane.
  4. twoods

    S02.E14: Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

    Yeah definitely. There has to be one episode missing, unless the V day episode was shown earlier than it should have. Nic’s sister is hysterically crying last week and now she’s in rehab. Same with the Nik/Conrad fight that is now hot sex. Doesn’t make sense.
  5. When did Love, Of Course with Cameron Mathison come out? I saw it today and it wasn’t half bad. I liked his chemistry with Kelly, and it wasn’t a bad movie to have in the background while I was cleaning.
  6. twoods

    S02.E14: Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

    Way to ruin the surprise proposal, promo monkeys. Poor Micah is going to get his heart broken, isn’t he? Liking Bell and Kit a lot. She is a good person and he needs that. Did his tremors magically get better with the meds he was prescribed by the neurologist last season? They dropped that storyline way too quickly. I’m also liking that they did not drop the Irving/Jessica storyline and his cold feet was about his own insecurities. They are cute together. Andre and Otto were so sweet together. I hope we don’t see them again, because that will mean that Otto’s dementia or polyarteritis nodosa would have worsened. Don’t kill either of them off in a future episode writers!
  7. Kasey looks as shocked as everyone else. Glad that she’s humble about winning.
  8. Wilmer is now on a CBS show NCIS so they are probably promoting it by showing how hot he turned out.
  9. Poor Dua Lipa- wonderful speech and she got cut off.
  10. I think he just declined to perform, like Kendrick Lamar.
  11. twoods

    NFL Thread

    He had one good run wiped out by a hold, and then McVay forgot he existed. You’re going to lose if you are solely relying on a jittery third year QB. Aren’t the Pats crappy at stopping the run? I know they played zone a lot and were crowding the box, but a few outside runs should have been warranted. Really disappointed that the “genius, offensive minded” coach couldn’t adjust in the second half.
  12. twoods

    NFL Thread

    Yes, but they were the favorites to win the SB. People did give them a chance, especially most of the analysts that had them winning so there was no need for them to push the underdog/victim narrative. After some of their ugly losses this season, they definitely cleaned things up (especially on defense). This was not the same team from earlier in the year and it was apparent.
  13. twoods

    S03.E04: Foreign Bodies

    I’m pissed that an article in my feed had the title stating that Skeritt has died and ruined this episode for me. Why do articles allow this to happen? I was looking forward to watching this tomorrow and now I don’t want to get all sad and weepy. Poor Francatelli. That actor that plays Palmerston has amazing chemistry with every female he is paired up with. His character is so skeezy but I can’t help enjoying every second he is onscreen.
  14. twoods

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    Too bad the Rams offense couldn’t do the same. I’m sure Gurley’s injury was huge since he was a non factor and the Rams relied on Goff, but Anderson could have done something. Goff played how I thought he would have played against the Saints- scared and second guessing himself. I agree with whomever said that he wasn’t the same ever since Cupp got injured.
  15. twoods

    Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

    That defense really was good. It’s as if they knew exactly what play the Rams were about to do. Same with the Rams- they played pretty great minus the usual big plays for Edelman, but they didn’t put up many points. I was wondering why the Rams didn’t play more screens but I’m guessing the Pats had those covered so Goff had to go elsewhere. At least he will learn to throw the ball faster instead of waiting for the receivers to get open. There were two big touchdowns he missed because the ball came late and the Pats were able to cover them. Hell of a game plan by Belichick.