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  1. CleoCaesar

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I’m sorry, am I actually supposed to feel bad for Randall? Oh he's so tired and overworked and has to be a councilman and a parent and wah wah wah. His idiotic decision to take a low-paying job with long hours in a state he doesn’t live in was a deliberate choice. There's nothing noble in it, nor do I feel any sympathy. And that message he left Beth. The sheer utter contempt for her. Dump his selfish ass, Beth. Edit: I just put together that Beth heard that vile voicemail and STILL showed up to the dinner and was charming and nice to everyone. Ugh she's way too good for that asshole.
  2. CleoCaesar

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Miguel and Madison, run far away from these people. You are too good for these immature, tiresome drama queens with their stupid monologues and neverending selfishness. What a boring, pointless episode. Of course they weren't going to kill off Kate or the baby. So what was the point of it?
  3. CleoCaesar

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    Randall continues to be a self-centered ass. Stop the presses. Because Randall and Beth are annoying yuppie helicopter parents. There's literally nothing about their three smart, sweet, well-adjusted daughters that screams "We need 24/7 adult supervision!!!" and yet here we are. Randall's permajackassery aside, nice episode. The teen Big 3 really do have the adult actors' mannerisms down pat. Madison inventing the mojito was a nice touch too.
  4. CleoCaesar

    S10.E16: Red Alert

    Let's see what fresh creative ground the writers broke tonight. Haley and Dylan are too dumb to be good parents Menstruation is utterly hilarious and worthy of a mass panic attack Phil is somehow physically unwell Wow.
  5. CleoCaesar

    The Enemy Within

    Tal? Gordova? Nemec? Does Hollywood have any idea what constitutes a real Russian last name? Rhetorical question, obviously. Because none of these are it, and it's ridiculous. I smell cancellation after a season, maybe two. Shepherd's reasoning why she never told anyone why she divulged the agents' names was just absurd. I did like the Anna Cruz twist, though.
  6. CleoCaesar

    S03.E13: Our Little Island Girl

    I've always liked Beth and I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. It was a refreshing change from the exhausting, selfish, drama queen Pearsons. Phylicia Rashad has real gravitas and is a pleasure to watch. Beth's dad was a sweetheart. Really good casting for young Beth too. Even Adult Zoe was likeable. All of that being said, I'm not sure the writers’ strategy of “Pick a family member somehow connected to the Big 3 and flesh out their story” is a viable long-term strategy for writing a show. William. Nicky. Rebecca’s parents. Toby’s mother. Beth’s parents. Others I’m forgetting. It adds to the feeling that the writers are treading water this season.
  7. CleoCaesar

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    So Randall can’t help Nicky because he has to get home. Why? “My wife is unemployed and all over the place.” What? How can anyone NOT want to just smack him in his stupid face? Beth is in no way the problem here, and not spiraling like someone driven insane by unemployment. He is such a sanctimonious ass with so little actual respect for his wife. I hope a divorce there happens at some point. Kevin really shouldn’t have apologized to him for commenting that usually Randall is first to save everyone, with the exception of Nicky. It’s true.
  8. CleoCaesar

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    I only got into B99 this past summer, so when I finally found the forums I was really surprised that seemingly every fan hates Gina. She's grating but I've never really minded her and think she's had some great lines/comedic timing. The show will be just fine without her, but she wasn't the worst, IMO. I reserve my hatred for Hitchcock/Scully who have yet to make me even crack a smile, and Adrian Pimento, the character so aggravating I actually started fast-forwarding his scenes and praying he wasn't ever going to become a regular.
  9. CleoCaesar

    S01.E13: Cleared for Approach

    Hot Hiker is better than Jared as a romantic interest. He and Eyebrows actually have chemistry. Similarly, Saanvi is better than Wretched Grace in every way. She and Ben are actually pleasant to watch together.
  10. CleoCaesar

    S10.E13: Whanex?

    Okay, I actually liked this one. Felt early seasons-ish, and no one was too obnoxious for a change. It was well-paced and everyone got something to do. It was the perfect amount of all the kids – a few lines, but no separate storylines. Phil and Gloria play well off each other and I've always liked their scenes together in previous seasons: shopping for shoes and pretending Gloria was his wife to impress his old rival, going to her old hairdressing job, them being cast as extras for a commercial that they were awful at, etc. The last shot of them, Gloria as the college student and Phil with the creepy blinding white teeth, was sweet. And Cam and Mitch weren't sniping for a change. Although I did a double take when Mitch shouted at the principal "We're in a committed relationship!". Uh, you're married. Just say that. Who knew it was that easy becoming vice principal of a big public high school in LA? Oh well, this show has never portrayed any careers realistically.
  11. CleoCaesar

    S03.E11: Songbird Road, Part One

    So in the dozens of postcards Nicky sent Jack, he couldn't have written "What happened to the kid was a total accident. I tried to warn him but it happened too fast. It's haunted me for years." on ANY of them? I knew the show wouldn't have the balls to have Nicky do something truly wrong. Really cowardly writing. Having his big sin be an accident is weak tea. If he'd committed treason or a war crime, now that would take skill to write and be affecting. So now Nicky is moving in. Yawn. It's like William: The Sequel. Like, mix it up, writers!
  12. CleoCaesar

    S01.E12: Vanishing Point

    I don't understand how Ben didn't push Grace into traffic during their conversation on the street. First with her "If we were living under one roof, Cal wouldn't have run away" bullshit and then responding to Ben's reasonable "You kicked me out" with "And you left! With no objection!". I just loathe her. She is scum. And frankly at this point Ben is coming off worse for not telling to go to hell. Ugh. So it was an episode colored by hatred for one character. But my little heart fluttered when I recognized the hiker guy as Matt Long. Jack & Bobby was such a great one-season wonder back in 2004 and now I feel old.
  13. CleoCaesar

    S10.E12: Blasts from the Past

    The good: Phil and Claire being close, affectionate, on the same wave length. They're honestly my favorite married couple on TV. Well, tied with Jake and Amy on B99. The bad: Mitch and Cam are sniping at each other over something stupidly minor. That makes it, what, 9 seasons? The ugly: The writers still forcing us to believe Manny as a ladies' man. No. Just no. Just ugh. I second WhosThatGirl's opinion.
  14. CleoCaesar

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    Wait, what? The guy bought them fair and square on eBay. They're his lawful possessions. What exactly did he do to warrant being called snot-nosed and hypothetically slapped? Calling his mother for what?
  15. CleoCaesar

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I wish Randall gets run over by a truck at some point this season. I cannot stand his self-absorbed ass. His stupid sappy speeches. His getting the effing blueberry pie after hassling the cashier. His turning off Anderson Cooper – that his family was actively watching – to perform – oh yes! – yet another cheesy monologue. I suppose his enormous self-absorption makes sense, from his constantly being fawned over by Rebecca and Jack in childhood and by Beth in adulthood. For what, I do not know. And of course he won. How could Randall Pearson, saint that he is, son of even bigger saint, NOT win an election in a district he doesn't live in? At least I loved that the guy who bought Toby’s collectibles wasn’t even a little bit moved by Kate’s cringy guilt trip monologue to get them back. (Then again if the writers are self-aware about the repetitive emotionally manipulative monologues they write, maybe they should stop writing them.)