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  1. mtlchick

    The View in the Media

    Vulture published an excerpt from Jenny McCarthy. https://www.vulture.com/article/ladies-who-punch-the-view-jenny-mccarthy-barbara-walters.html.
  2. mtlchick

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    Tonight’s lesson is; before you leave messages you are soooooo going to regret, find out if there is a reason, RANDALL. I was thisclose in throwing my iPad when Randall did that. But hey! Being practical is taking a job hours from home!
  3. mtlchick

    S04.E15: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    When he yelled out "MS TECHMACHER!" I could have sworn it was Gene Hackman saying it. Jon Cryer is definitely a big step up from Jesse Eisenberg.
  4. mtlchick

    S05.E10: My Fault Is Past

    "Aren't you over trying to do the sixth remix to 'Drip Drop'?" Oh show. Never forget the most fantastic cheesy song you ever put out. Terrence and Taraji were great. But at this point, this will also become a story of "so how are they going to write Jussie out?"
  5. mtlchick

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Remember the days when some thought Miguel was THE WORST and Randall and Beth and were the best? (Myself included.) last night I wanted to yell at Randall “practical! Going to a job 3 hours away that you still know next to nothing about is practical?!” Meanwhile my sister and I were considering what DOES good with chocolate or ranch. Go figure. Wasn’t there a claim that this season was supposed to be lighter? Because I am certainly not feeling it.
  6. (sigh) I teared up when I saw they are re airing Luke Perry's episode. This is a death that hit a lot of people very hard.
  7. mtlchick

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    I had completely forgotten about this tidbit, but before 90210 Luke worked on a well known boy band video.
  8. mtlchick

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I'm wondering if it's possible this can be set up as a Days of Future Past scenario. The future events we see now may get changed due to what happens on Crisis. If the decision was made over the weekend to end it at 10 episodes, the next few episodes that will air were made before that decision and a new endgame can be set up either in the final episodes of this season or starts a full reset for the final 10. Oliver needs a happy ending, dammit!
  9. mtlchick

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    Season 8 will be the final season with 10 episodes. https://deadline.com/2019/03/arrowend-with-10-episode-sesaon-8-final-season-canceled-1202570893/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Which can only mean one thing; Infinity Crisis is going to be the WORST. Edit: Stephen just did a Facebook Live and he said at the end of season 6, he told Greg that at the end of his contract he was ready to move on after this season. Greg and Stephen agreed to a limited season 8. They had discussions on Friday with the network and the producers to end the run. He admits that a lot of his interests "don't reside in Vancouver any more." He said he will speak more about it soon but you can tell he's emotional about the decision.
  10. mtlchick

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    I simply have no words about this. Like many of you, I grew up with 90210 so this was a huge loss. As the tributes come in, this is more than a "celebrity" passing. You simply read about stories about him that showed he was a kind and generous man whether it was coming from a celebrity (find Colin Hanks' encounter with him) or every day people. There's not enough of them in the world. The show shut down today as well. Personally, I think they should do one more episode to wrap the season and do a tribute to Luke.
  11. At least he was not only able to laugh about it later, but find any way to mock it since then. Hell, he even makes a crack about it in the new Detective Pikachu trailer. And we get the reminder that he was married to Scarlett Johansson for a few years.
  12. I think the desperation was supposed to be more "proud as a peacock" ego thing more than "OMG I NEED THE WIN BAD" and simply didn't come off well. He did say he signed up for fun. I think he did DWTS more to challenge himself and to see if he could finish higher than Marie did. Bottom line: this show did solid numbers in the desired demographics. And if this means Donny and Gladys gets recognised for their singing talents and gain younger fans and T Pain enjoys renewed success (it's no coincidence his new album started streaming yesterday), then the show did its job.
  13. mtlchick

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    I am about to cry. Luke Perry suffered a stroke. https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/28/luke-perry-stroke-riverdale-beverly-hills-90210-hospitalized/
  14. I have a feeling T Pain won not because he's a better singer than the other 2, but simply because the audience was that stumped into who it could be. Gladys Knight was obvious and eventually the clues for Donny became clearer. Oddly enough, I immediately knew because of the Auto Tune even though I know next to nothing on him. It's a decent show. But I also think it needs a LOT of improvements to be sustainable for the second season. The fact they had extra judges midway through made me wonder if they were being road tested for the next one. This finale was even more bloated than an Idol and DWTS finale combined. Finally, you have bad guesses and then you have "I think you're Michael Vick." Girl, BYE. And take your Botox with you and your "medical advice" with you.
  15. mtlchick

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I don't know but Melissa McCarthy showing up to one of the after parties in an Adidas track suit and Nikes is probably the smartest move anyone could do. Complete aside, I am not feeling the capes this year, but I think Selma Blair looked fabulous at the Vanity Fair party and rocking her cane to boot.