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  1. Shadow Wave

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I only found the thread by searching on "Thom" (figured "the gay spelling," as Carson said, would narrow the search results.) However, it did motivate me to follow the thread so I could find it from the homepage.
  2. Shadow Wave

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    So this week's show was on Thursday. Maybe most people missed it, since there haven't been any comments, but I thought it was one of the funniest episodes yet, and, as a bonus, the makeover they did on the tiny apartment was awesome. The paint choice at the suburban home was surprisingly good, too. This show is being misserved by Bravo, which needs to stop moving it around randomly and maybe do some repeats during the week. It's so much better than their other programming, it's as if they don't know what to do with it.
  3. Shadow Wave

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    Did I miss something? It sounded like an assistant bought a really rough-looking piano based on a picture? That may be fine if it's just for decoration, but the daughter was an accomplished pianist. A lot of old pianos won't stay in tune even if they haven't been abused (assuming it was any good in the first place). I can see that thing going out as fast as it was brought in.
  4. Shadow Wave

    Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet

    Regarding Rick(y), Wikipedia says: I wouldn't have gone to college, either. Even if he had wanted to go, Ricky was a teen idol by this point and it would have been a complete circus. David Nelson not only managed to combine university and the TV show, but also made several movies at the same time, including Peyton Place. Incidentally, Ronnie Burns, the adopted son of George Burns and Gracie Allen, and a regular on their show, was about a year older than David Nelson and also attended USC while keeping up a supporting role on his parents' show.
  5. Shadow Wave

    Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet

    It's been awhile since I read it, but as I recall from reading Ozzie's autobiography, David Nelson did attend USC.
  6. Shadow Wave

    S02.E09: Alone

    I think the wistful piano music Andrew was playing on the cassette was George and Ira Gershwin's The Man I Love. "Someday he'll come along/The man I love/And he'll be big and strong/The man I love/And when he comes my way/I'll do my best to make him stay." Here's Ella Fitzgerald's recording:
  7. Shadow Wave

    S36.E05: A Diamond in the Rough

    Exactly. He was keeping his story straight. He has told them he was 23, and we know the first season he watched was ten years ago, so he just said he was 13 instead of 8.
  8. Shadow Wave

    S02.E07: Ascent

    My problem with the Versace scenes is that they just seem too...random, in what is really a story about Andrew Cunanan. No, it isn't right that we should be interested in him because he was a monster who happened to pick somebody famous to assassinate, but that's what it is. The viewer is curious about Cunanan's weird backstory, and the innocent people who were sucked into his vortex, but Gianni's and Donatella's creative journey is tangential and not too compelling, honestly.
  9. Shadow Wave

    S02.E06: Descent

    If you read some of the FBI files that have been linked in these threads, you repeatedly see Cunanan's friends and acquaintances saying variations on "he was fun to be around" and they were shocked that he was involved in killing anyone. I assume that most of the time he wasn't anywhere near as hinky as the show makes him out to be. The dramatic problem, as Sarah Bunting said in the recap, is that it isn't that interesting to see someone behaving completely normally and unthreateningly. An hour goes by and you haven't advanced the plot. So, I understand, but it is a weakness of the script, because he's so needy and selfish it doesn't make sense that any of these people would have had anything to do with him (the exception being the bar scene in the previous ep where he was nice and charming with Jeff). That little segment with the video clips of the real David was heartbreaking. Heartbreaking. He just seemed so nice. Agreed about Cody Fern, who gets more impressive with each episode.
  10. Shadow Wave

    S02.E05: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    Did anybody else notice the boo-boo of having Jeff accuse Andrew of having taken away his life "as a soldier?" I can't imagine anybody in the Navy calling himself that!
  11. Shadow Wave

    S02.E04: House By The Lake

    On the issue of David not escaping through the window, in the Vanity Fair podcast on this week's episode, the author Tom Rob Smith explains that, apart from anything else, it has sunk in to David that no matter what happens now, everything he's worked for and built up is gone, and there's no going back. Even if he didn't get charged as an accomplice, he'd always be that guy who ran away with a murderer. (Loose paraphrase of Smith's actual words). Who'd hire him as an architect now? Put that way, it's so obvious I'm kicking myself for not seeing it clearly. The podcast is worth a listen, as the hosts are very knowledgeable about the case and the nuances of the episode. In a particularly nice turn of phrase, one of them mentions that the episode has maybe "Bambi-ed David up" a little too much.
  12. Shadow Wave

    S02.E04: House By The Lake

    This. Minneapolis in 1997 was not exactly Teheran. And, according to the Washington Post: "After graduating from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Madson earned a master's degree in architecture from the university's main campus in Minneapolis and he won the President's Award for a traveling exhibit on AIDS. In 1994 he was a guest lecturer on assisted living for people with AIDS at Harvard." So it doesn't seem he was very closeted. Another reminder that we're not watching a documentary.
  13. Shadow Wave

    S02.E04: House By The Lake

    You can see the problem the writers had, in that nobody really knows, or will ever know, what happened in the days they were on the lam. I agree, Cody Fern (David) was excellent. Apparently he's Australian, which I wouldn't have guessed.
  14. Shadow Wave

    S02.E04: House By The Lake

    A couple of small nits with the excellent recap. David's father is using a shotgun, not a rifle. Also, I don't think that the news reports specifying a "claw hammer" is unusual; it's pretty common for people to also have a ball-peen hammer and/or a tack hammer, even if not everybody knows the terminology. However, I do like the recap explaining what bothered me about the episode: David not making any effectual attempt to fight back. Watching the episode, it was frustrating to see him so passive. The co-worker (I think) mentions that Andrew is taller than David, so perhaps in real life Andrew was physically dominant, but Cody Fern is noticeably bigger than Darren Criss and I kept thinking he'd do well in a struggle with him. It's a mental dominance, though. Poor guy. It was so horrifying and difficult to watch.
  15. Shadow Wave

    S30.E02: "You're The Best French-Fry Ever!"

    When he was introducing the printing task, he sounded like he had a cold. And he seemed to be keeping the volume down, almost like he was in a library. Laryngitis is a good guess.