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  1. The story of the men who killed Bonnie & Clyde:
  2. AimingforYoko

    "If I Hear That Song One More Time..."

    Juvenile- "Slow Motion" (Of course)
  3. AimingforYoko

    The Pulse: Jessica Jones In The Media

    Thus endeth the Marvel/Netflix era. Because of the cooling off/no-compete clause of the deal, it will be a couple of years before we see The Defenders characters on TV, if at all. And if we do, it will probably be a reboot with new actors.
  4. AimingforYoko

    S03.E07: The Final Country

    All the time Wayne was talking with Hoyt, I thought, "Damn, that sounds like Michael Rooker." End credits confirmed. I knew as soon as Elisa said James disappeared that they offed him. That's why Wayne dropped it and quit the force, he made a deal with Hoyt. Other tidbits: Connected world confirmed and a new timeline.
  5. Some wag at The A.V.Club asked, "What's the unbelievable plot point, Charlize Theron as SoS or Rogen having a shot with her?"
  6. I knew Jefferson was going to back Lowry. He's got too much on his plate right now. Besides, late-night board deals are not his style. Meanwhile, two weeks ago: Called it.
  7. AimingforYoko

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    That was Harris James, Hoyt Food's head of security and former cop. He was the one who 'found ' the backpack at Woodard's.
  8. AimingforYoko

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    Ehhhh, if wasn't for incredibly random chance, nobody'd ever win the lottery.
  9. AimingforYoko

    S03.E06: Hunters in the Dark

    Kudos to those who called Henry having an affair with Elisa. Rich, powerful guy with predilections? Isn't that a little season one? Haunting ending, though.
  10. AimingforYoko

    Cold Pursuit (2019)

    For a Liam Neeson action flick, the focus on Neeson was far less than expected. This was a good thing, all the supporting players were pretty fleshed out (except, disappointingly, Laura Dern as his wife). As the description said, it's based on a Norwegian flick with Stellan Skarsgard in the lead role. Darkly funny, it might be the best of Neeson's post-Taken career.
  11. See, you have to start from the extreme so when he sees the light it will be that much more satisfying....or he leans hard into his asshole tendencies so Jefferson can get his job back. Nice to see Anissa get some humility, but I have to wonder what made the 100 guys go to mace after fists, bats and guns had no effect.
  12. AimingforYoko

    Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (2019)

    I fail to see a negative here. As I said in the trailer thread, with Princess Margaret as Shaw's little sis, I sure hope we get Dame Helen in this one.
  13. AimingforYoko

    S03.E05: If You Have Ghosts

    Co-Sign on the two-hander end scene. Dorff definitely held his end up.
  14. With Vanessa Kirby playing kid sister Shaw, I sure hope Dame Helen's in this.
  15. AimingforYoko

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    It's not an S a cat.