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  1. SoWindsor

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    Deb is very lucky John didn’t kill her. Agreed it doesn’t make sense that she went home to confront him — that was dangerous and not necessary. I’m guessing John has narcissistic personality disorder. Scary that there’s so many men out there with it conning people. It seems like John didn’t hide it as well as others and there were definitely red flags right at the beginning. It’s making me think of Chris Watts — wonder what warning signs he showed Shannan. The Henry Rollins video Liar does such a great job showing what these people are especially the part where he’s apologizing if you'll give me one more chance I swear that I will never lie to you again because now I see the destructive power of a lie they're stronger than truth I can't believe I ever hurt you I swear I will never to you lie again, please just give me one more chance I will never lie to you again I swear that I will never tell a lie I will never tell a lie no, no ha ha ha ha ha hah haa haa haa haaa sucker sucker!
  2. SoWindsor

    S02.E10: All Alone

    I didn’t know Lenny Bruce was based on a real person. I misinterpreted midge watching him perform all alone. I thought she was realizing how sad he is and that she has romantic feelings for him — was way off.
  3. SoWindsor

    S01.E08: Milk

    Are there any screen grabs of the teeth on the floor?
  4. SoWindsor

    S01.E08: Milk

    Did Adora poison the food or was Camille faking being sick so that Adora would focus on her and not Amma? I’m thinking the latter. The show did a great job of keeping the tension going in St Louis when all seemed well. I definitely knew something else was coming with Amma. What was the significance of Camille noticing how Ammas new friend was eating — didn’t really get that. But it definitely seemed like Amma had killed the new friend.
  5. SoWindsor

    S02.E13: The Word

    Meh — wasn’t feeling this episode at all. It’s veered into extreme disbelief to prolong the show and that’s bad storytelling. No way would Serena just let June take the baby!!! She just wouldn’t based on everything we’ve learned about her character. It’s also insane that June would not leave. No way and makes zero sense. Her baby needs milk and Emily can’t give her that. Also she could leave and reunite with Luke and fight Gilead from Canada to get Hannah back. We still have Janine and other characters in Gilead to check back in. I might be done with this show because they’ve made plot decisions that goes against the integrity of the characters.
  6. SoWindsor

    S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    Have we seen all final four guys in love with the bachelorette before? All have said I love you except Garrett right?
  7. SoWindsor

    S14.E05: Week 5: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Why do you think Garrett is slimy? I don’t get that vibe from him. Blake is my favorite and will be the next Bachelor.
  8. SoWindsor

    S02.E05: Akane No Mai

    I’m so sad. I loved this show and now I’m not into it anymore ? what happened!?
  9. SoWindsor

    S02.E03: Virtù e Fortuna

    I’m not feeling it either and it’s really confusing. WHo was the guy in the beginning? Looked like Bill Skarsgard but didn’t see his name anywhere. I loved this show last season but am not enjoying this season at all. It’s way too complicated and I can’t figure out what’s going on.
  10. SoWindsor

    S02.E02: Reunion

    I’m completely confused about who Gus Fring was. Is Ed Harris timeline right after the hosts revolted? Who were the guys hanging the other guy upside down? If they were hosts why were they still playing characters if the hosts can no longer be controlled.
  11. SoWindsor

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    In looking at pictures of Margaret I’m shocked by how much she aged in her 30s. She went from very fresh-faced to old looking practically overnight. I’m sure the smoking was a contributing factor and her hairstyle and dress were so matronly. It’s odd to think that was ever fashionable since it’s so unflattering. But I guess the same can be said for the ultra thin eyebrows of the late 90s. Just bad!
  12. SoWindsor

    S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    Lol Dexter F. Kennedy! I saw Six Feet Under first so he’ll be David to me before Dexter. Truth be told after only a few episodes of Dexter I only saw Dexter so Michael C. Hall is a great actor. Not sure what happened here.
  13. SoWindsor

    S02.E07: Matrimonium

    The coronation was recorded though — are you saying they didn’t film certain parts of it?
  14. SoWindsor

    S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    A few thoughts.. - why weren’t they more accurate with Jackie’s Hair and be dress — I don’t get why they’d change it. - i wonder how Margaret felt about not being invited to the dinner. I read that Jackie specifically requested that Margaret be there but QE didn’t allow it. - What motivated QE to go to Ghana and was it really against the advice for her advisors? - I’m still not clear on what QE realized when she said it was intentional that Jackie did not change her clothes.
  15. SoWindsor

    S02.E07: Matrimonium

    Is there a video of Princess margaret picking fluff off peter townsend at the coronation. Apparently this is how they were outed. I can’t find the video online.