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  1. Cowgirl

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    It was driving me crazy wondering from where I knew the actress who played the doctor or nurse drawing the baby's blood. I looked on IMDB and she wasn't listed. It wasn't until I woke up the next morning that it popped into my head that it was Kirsten Nelson, who played the chief of police on Psych. *Whew!*
  2. Cowgirl

    Kindred Spirits

    I just discovered this show recently and am enjoying it. It does crack me up though how they will land on a theorty then treat it as if it were fact throughout the investigation, even if they don't get any evidence to back it up.
  3. Cowgirl

    Good Witch

    Just checked the Hallmark site and the new season of Good Witch starts Sunday, May 5th. I wish they would move it up to April. Seems like they could use some happy happenings right now on the heels of the Lori Laughlin college bribery scandal.
  4. Cowgirl

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    Thanks Xander! Good to know, on both counts.
  5. Cowgirl

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    I don't think it was mentioned before.
  6. Cowgirl

    S01.E16: Wendi's House

    Agreed. When the episode opened, I assumed it was a continuation of the Mexico story and trip. I get the marriage counseling thing was needed for the plot, but it would've been easy to work it around the other trip. Also agree. like Xander, I thought it was a continuation of the Acapulco trip story. Another nitpick (I love this show! But this little thing bugged me.) is that wasn't the drinking age 18 in the 1970's? Or was California different? When I was in college in the 80's it was 18. Then, two months before my 21st birthday they raised it to 21. So, I've been old enough to drink, twice. (Or, too young to drink, twice.) Love how excited Mike was about the free pens. I'm surprised Peggy didn't have a big fit about the state of the house when they got home. I used to HATE the MD telethon. We only got one channel on t.v. (I lived on a ranch) and, when the telethon would come on, it took up what -- a whole week? I don't remember any of the acts being any good.
  7. I haven't noticed any macrame items in the show yet. Am I just missing them? That was a huge fad sometime in the 70's. I think I remember that Frank had a God's Eye in one episode, but no macrame plant hangers have appeared yet that I know of. (And I know God's Eyes weren't macrame; my point is just that they were a similar craft.)
  8. Cowgirl

    Marriage Boot Camp

    Thank you! That was one of the terms I couldn't figure out ("Cappin'"). I just couldn't remember it to come here and ask. I take it "lit" means either happy or high. I wonder how the pot use affected their lie detector results?
  9. Cowgirl

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I need some sort of dictionary for this show. Half the time I can't understand their slang terms.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks those TurboTax ads are misleading. I keep waiting for one or more Attorneys General to sue them over these ads. I've never qualified to use TurboTax, so instead, I use FreeFillable Forms from the IRS website.
  11. One poster briefly addressed this on page 407, but I have come to vent my spleen about the Turbo Tax "FREE free free free free" commercials. Those are working my last nerve. I also don't think it's really free for everyone. The only one that is very slightly amusing is the one where the big muscley guy starts a fire which leads to an explosion, and they roll fake move credits, where there are various iterations of "free."
  12. That book sounds good @dcalley. If I can rembember, I'll have to check it out. It is weird that the reviewer says that the 70's was the era of jumbo jets (yes) and boom boxes. (No! Boom boxes were an 80's thing! The 70's was the transister radio era.)
  13. Cowgirl

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I hate hate HATE her pathetic styling this season! That hairdo with the braid and the rings down the middle?!! You look like a Star Trek villian!!
  14. Cowgirl

    Marriage Boot Camp

    Why the hell haven't they really followed up on Lil Mo's husband's cheating? Then again, I haven't watched all of last night's epi yet. These people are outrageous. Ugh. But, I'm the idiot who watches it, so there you go.
  15. Cowgirl

    S06.16: There Can Be Only One Highlander Club

    Wow, I haven't seen Highlander since it came out in theaters in the 80's, so I had no idea that the shop teacher on the Goldbergs was in Highlander until I read this thread. Thanks!