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  1. AuntieMame

    Babylon 5

    Marcus was mentioned in conjunction with Byron as an annoying character. For me as a viewer, Marcus was disconcerting because he seemed like he was a refugee from a pulp fantasy show or book rather than the sci fi world JMS created. Rather as if a paladin rode a horse onto the bridge of the Enterprise. I know writers sometimes mix the fantasy and science fiction genres, but this really didn’t work for me. As for Londo, his tragic arc was heartbreaking and satisfying emotionally. We watched the corruption of a person who in other circumstances or even with one or two different choices could have been a decent person. The fate of Londo and Centauri Prime was one of the best storylines in the show.
  2. AuntieMame

    S04.E05: Escape from the Happy Place

    Oh poor Q and Elliot in their love scene. It was brilliant though. This show gets complex emotions right. It even manages to look at the intersection of individual emotion and socially conditioned behavior. All while being entertaining and funny. The Magicians is setting the writing bar higher than it knows. I wanted Shoshana to stay longer too. I hated it that she sacrificed herself. And I loved that we had an actress that wasn’t skeletal. Speaking of which, it looks like Julia only weighs about 85 pounds. Seriously, do we really want to normalize our eye so that a normal grown woman weighs less than a twelve year old? I like pretty, I do, but I know we could like pretty that was a little more normal in terms of size. Im not sure how I feel about Alice. Somehow the character has never quite connected for me and her betrayal last season was pretty big. Nor do I feel like we’ve ever gotten a full explanation regarding Alice’s betrayal. I’m not sure how she was supposed to benefit. I feel for her yet understand the doubts the rest of the circle feel.
  3. AuntieMame

    S04.E04: Marry Fuck Kill

    The idea of Margo and Josh in a relationship is growing in me. Margo looked so happy with Josh. I love this show but this was a meh episode. i want to see our Penny, but it was good to get a glimpse of Elliot even if it was in the Brakebills version of prison or purgatory. If the writers decide to go with trapped in his own subconscious, I hope they do it well.
  4. AuntieMame

    S03.E12: Songbird Road, Part Two

    Griffen Dunne is doing an amazing job with the part of Nicky. As are the writers. Sometimes people get so much trauma that full recovery really isn’t possible. I’m also loving Kevin here. I loved, loved, loved Nicky showing us his perspective that being rescued from his one safe place wasn’t as helpful as it might seem from the outside. If only the rest of the show was being written so well. I’ve been hating Randall and Kate. Once the situation with their uncle wasn’t a short ride to glory for them, they were out of there. I’m glad Kevin stayed because I’ve thought that Kevin took a lot of the Pearson family’s dysfunction. He suffered most and was expected to say nothing around Randall’s ridiculous and far fetched adoption. Kevin has had the fallout of his unstable twin and again, everyone is expected to ignore the elephant in the room of Kate’s eating disorder. Kevin’s need to please and be allowed back in his own family is heartbreaking. I think the writers have written themselves into an emotional corner with Kate, Randall and Jack. The characters are no longer consistent so the situations bother the viewer.
  5. AuntieMame

    S04.E03: The Bad News Bear

    You raise some good points iMonrey. I hadn’t thought about it quite so clearly, but Fogg’s betrayal does rankle and mostly because it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I fear that Dean Fogg thought his interests and by extension Brakebill’s interests were best served by alliance with the library and things went from there. Fogg clearly didn’t spend even 90 seconds thinking about his relative power once the library controlled all access to magic.
  6. AuntieMame

    S03.E09: All That Josh

    I think the dress Kady is wearing is a copy of one of Gypsy Rose Lee's dresses. An identical or very similar dress was featured in a vintage clothing show.
  7. AuntieMame

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    I could never buy Julia and Penny as lovers in any timeline so this seemed a return to the status quo to me. You're right though, it is a dropped plot point. I think the writers made a rare misstep for this show and wrote something "shocking" without thinking it all way through .
  8. AuntieMame

    Penny Dreadful

    I'm intrigued. I loved watching the first Penny Dreadful until they dropped the ball at the end. I love the idea of a Depression era setting combined with a little far urban fantasy. Could be fun.
  9. AuntieMame

    His Dark Materials

    I am sooo looking forward to this. I hope my expectations aren't too high. These are some of my favorite series ever.
  10. AuntieMame

    Babylon 5

    Wow. I sympathized with the Narn, especially once we learned the types of manipulation the Centauri were using to make the attacks. I tended to equate the Narn with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, genocided for money and conquest by a race with superior war technology. don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Londo and enjoyed his storylines, but I never felt his treatment of the Narn was sympathetic even though it was easier to initially identify with the Centauri because of their human appearance.
  11. AuntieMame

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    Penny 23 really is different isn’t he? I just know he isn’t our Penny all the time. The cast is full of pretty people isn’t it? Though I wish the women weighed more than 90 pounds.
  12. AuntieMame

    Babylon 5

    I’ve never gotten to chat with other B5 fans until now, so I thought it was just me hating his every moment on screen. Which was a bummer because Lita’s part of the story had potential. The others really did use her when they needed her. If Byron has been less annoying that could have been an interesting story line. Even if the Byron character was black and white on the pacifism and/or the absolute demand for a telepath planet, this could have been written and acted in a way that was good storytelling.
  13. AuntieMame

    The Stand

    It will be interesting to see what they do. Fingers crossed that they don't need it up. Either way, I've been a King fan since I was a child and The Stand is a lifetime favorite so I'll be there with bells.
  14. AuntieMame

    Babylon 5

    That isn't gender issues, that is straight up sexism. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who hated Byron. The character and the way the actor played him was just insufferable. Worst of all because th idea of a telepath war had a lot of potential. Think of Bester using and manipulating Garibaldi and the fallout. Think of Bester training his young interns. How imagine a war for power and planets with an enemy that knew everything you were thinking. Could other races with telepaths help you develop defenses? How does espionage and intelligence work for both sides? Could a mundane hold a false thought and fool a telepath? That story would have been amazing. I loved Day of the Dead and I liked The Deconstruction of Falling Stars. I appreciated the homage to Canticle. Of course Londo and G'Kar were wonderful as we're their story arcs. I had a little trouble with Sheridan, not because I mind a hero, but because he never struggled with anything. He might as well have been named Dudley Do Right. Heroes overcome, but not without internal struggle as well as external. All that said, B5 remains a favorite.
  15. AuntieMame

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    Yes, can we get a glimpse of our Penny? I'd like to see exactly what the God of Hades offers when he decides to take an interest. You just know it won't be boring. This show does emotion and relationships so well. In its concentration on friendship and deep love not tied to sexual love, I think the show might be trying to show us some different ways to manage our lives. Our absolute concentration in trying to have romantic love and a sexual pair bond together might be problematic. God knows I can count on one hand people who got both even for a short period. I adore the way love, in all its depth is portrayed in this show. These relationships don't have to be tragic just because the don't always include sex.