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  1. So, when do people become accountable? Should we overlook Nurie’s hate speech at 25, 30, 35, if she’s still at home catering to precious Mama? This is the time when she begins to learn, if she’s putting herself out there. I’m a college professor and many of my students’ helicopter parents also think their sons and daughters shouldn’t be held responsible for missing major assignment, etc, since they’re “a child”. Sorry, no. It’s time for hard lessons. Nurie’s family has certainly hobbled her and part of that means she doesn’t get a college experience, or any kind of educational accountability, to learn how to be an adult. However, if she puts these screeds on social media, she can (and absolutely should) get pushback. If she doesn’t hear from others, she’ll never have any seeds of doubt (like, is it REALLY Godly to beg rather than work?) I feel badly for her, but she’s an adult. I’m not going to go after her in her world, but I’m not holding back in my world.
  2. Nurie turns 20 next month, and I’m going to hold her accountable for the crap she puts out there. Jill, to be brutally honest, was told too late in her pregnancy about Janessa’s heath problem. Since Jill’s life was never in danger, abortion was not a discussion. Jill never once said that a doctor offered, suggested, or informed her of abortion as an option. Personally, I think if the doctor has breathed anything even close to that, even hinting at it, Jill-beast would have been all over her social media talking about the evil medical community and her own super-awesome righteousness. Janessa was never “abortable”. Her worthless, lying, sack of crap mother is just twisting the narrative for her own glory.
  3. CousinOliver

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    Y is for Yimminey, the boy who was raised by a moose, which Rose thought more important than her ex, Buzz, to mention to the girls. To be fair, the moose did put little Yimminey through medical school.
  4. CousinOliver

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    O is for Oreo, Blanche’s mispronunciation of her granddaughter Aurora’s name.
  5. CousinOliver

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I’m wondering about this hygiene thing. Why couldn’t Jeanne shower? She’s certainly not the biggest poundticipant we’ve seen, and god and everyone knows that we’ve seen many, many of them take showers. It seems to me that the bedbaths have been reserved for the completely immobile. Even when people need to be sitting on bath benches, or getting help in the shower, or even, for the love of all things good and right, getting hosed off in the back yard, the mobile folks take a damn shower. Even when showering exhausts them for the rest of the day, taking a shower is what they choose to do with their energy. Jeanne was WAY too mobile to not shower. Mobile homes usually have at least a full size tub in one of the bathrooms (newer ones often have both a large garden tub and large shower). Why was she not bathing? Why was she choosing not to bathe?
  6. CousinOliver

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    Jeanne will be lost if Mom dies first, but what if Jeanne goes first? Will this be the best thing for her or the worst thing? Maybe if Jeanne passes, Mom could get into a nursing home and just breathe? I think this is the happiest possible outcome, unfortunately. Of course, with all those candles burning in a hoarded trailer...It’s not safe, let’s just say.
  7. CousinOliver

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    I agree with this. The cleanest we saw the house was after they made their first trip. It didn’t even look that messy when dad had been left alone for a night, just kind of that overall dinge that comes with poverty, old stuff, yellowing fabrics from smoking, having too much clutter, etc. (Not that poor = dirty, but worn stuff tends to look dirty, more so on screen.) It was far from spotless, but looked like he had thrown away trash from the floors and maybe ran a vacuum. The ladies were living in squalor, though, and he probably couldn’t get on top of it with them around. After he passed, it was even more disturbing.
  8. CousinOliver

    Family By The Ton

    The building has an accessible entrance, if it’s owners are complying with the law, but pulling up to the side door and taking a ramp or an elevator doesn’t make for good TV. Toc was talked right into that so she could have her TV “victory”; so she could scale her Everest. She’s losing weight very slowly for a WLS patient; she needed some non-scale successes for production to show off. Personally, that scene made me sad for her, although showing up to the party without her canes warmed my heart. And what that surgeon talking about, 50 more lbs? I’d assume she needs to be much closer to goal for cosmetic surgery.
  9. CousinOliver

    Golden Girls Alphabet Game

    G is for Gina, maybe Sophia’s daughter, but we’ll never know for sure.
  10. CousinOliver

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    Oh, Will, Jas does want something: sex. I feel for her; I don’t want my fiancé acting like a roommate, either. But this guy isn’t feeling it (it’s a shame, too, because I think he was feeling her at the wedding. I think he was attracted to Jas, physically, until the teasing him about heights and financial expectations conversation on the honeymoon). They are so close to decision day. This man needs to stay on his side of the bed. At this point, it would just turn into “why did you sleep with me if...” I’m also appreciating the very visible “men can say no” narrative. I’ve been following this show lots of places and I've occasionally read/heard “man up” and “throw her a bone” type language. Naw. Men don’t need to “step up” if they’re not interested. If they decide to stay married and he’s not interested in a sexual relationship, okay, time for therapy, but Jas ain’t owed dick just because she’s a willing woman. If Will isn’t interested and he knows it, he IS “manning up” by not having sex with her, at least in my opinion of a good man.
  11. CousinOliver

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    So, did Luke say he was repulsed and dead inside after a kiss or after they first had sex? It makes more sense if he said it after sex, although I can’t fathom why Kate would go back for more.
  12. CousinOliver

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I wonder if AJ was thinking different rooms mean different hotel room? Production pulling this house sharing was total bull, but he was told ahead of time, so the initial reaction didn’t make sense. I’m assuming that all of the obnoxious things AJ did throughout a whole night were edited together to create that one scene. I was embarrassed for Stephanie, nonetheless. That said, I don’t mind anyone making Luke unhappy and seeing him seethe. Luke deserves some karma.
  13. CousinOliver

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    He said the teeth were temporary and that they were uncomfortable. I’m sure he “lost” them the minute he walked out on Lizzie.
  14. CousinOliver

    Social Media: What the Fuck is Wrong With Her?

    I don’t doubt anyone’s experience with hair. Personally, mine does best with an every other day wash (and maybe every third day, given that I’m graying and the hair is drying out). But, even though that’s best for my hair, if I work out or go to an amusement park or otherwise sweat (not hard to do in Florida), I have to wash my hair, too (not just shower my body or use conditioner), because it’s soaked with sweat for about 1-2 inches from the scalp. So, I wash to avoid being itchy, breaking out on my scalp, and the sweaty hair drying and stinking, but pay the price with drying out my hair. Going a week without shampoo and conditioner sounds like my nightmare, but I know plenty of folks do it and they’re not gross/disgusting.