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  1. RandomWatcher

    S07.E16: Star City 2040

    I don't know if this has been addressed, but how does this tie into what we saw in Legends of Tomorrow?
  2. Cade and Gabby from last season are engaged.
  3. RandomWatcher

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Cody and Jessica have had their daughter via c-section. They named her Maverick.
  4. RandomWatcher

    S03.E15: Chapter Fifty: American Dreams

    Fred: You don't get to many nights like this. Never has a line been more prophetic
  5. RandomWatcher

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Marlena is officially done.
  6. RandomWatcher

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    Loved TJ's 'what the hell is he talking about' look when Turbo was giving his speech.
  7. RandomWatcher

    AI in the Media

  8. RandomWatcher

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    James and Natalie are at it again https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/big-brothers-natalie-negrotti-slams-ex-james-huling-over-tweet/amp/
  9. RandomWatcher

    S05.E06: 13 Stitches

    So Barbara is going to have Barbara?
  10. RandomWatcher

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Better to be a meathead like Hunter than a meatball like Josh.
  11. RandomWatcher

    Super(girl) Media

    Here's to hoping it's a super wedding On an unrelated note, the new site design looks horrible. No, I won't get over it.
  12. RandomWatcher

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    Holy crap, that ending!
  13. RandomWatcher

    S04.E11: Blood Memory

    At least the sister asked a question we were all wondering.
  14. RandomWatcher

    S05.E04: Ruin

    Count me in on wondering where the hell they got a guillotine Is Jeremiah dead? This is Gotham, he's probably only mostly dead.