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  1. heatherchandler

    S17.E01: Premiere

    My son was watching with me and he said the same thing!
  2. heatherchandler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yes I just watched that and was thinking of Jenelle the whole time. Same eyes, lips and facial expressions. Also, Diane Downs talked a lot about “me me me, the kids make me feel loved, the kids make me feel happy, etc” rather than “I love my kids, I want them to be happy.” Chilling- that disconnect. The other person that reminds me of is that Chris Watts who murdered his kids, and was in all of the tv interviews saying “I just need my kids home, I wish they would come through the door and give me a hug, just really needed that last night, I couldn’t even sleep last night.” On another note- dear GOD I pray that Nathan gets Kaiser- not that he is a great parent, but Doris is, and she has the ability to give him what he needs. I just want him in a loving home, free of abuse.
  3. heatherchandler

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    They are so not stylish - they wear ugly sweats and jeans! And those stupid indoor hats. That's all they wear. They can't design clothes, they are not even good at throwing an outfit together of already designed clothes. I remember when Chelsea was wearing basketball shorts and a long t-shirt every day, and she looked hideous in it. It is truly awful. They are making money off of her pain. How can anyone think they are good parents after doing this? I cannot wrap my head around it.
  4. heatherchandler

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Doesn't twitter go through every now and again and remove bot accounts? I imagine most of her "followers" are not real people. It is "sensational" that Leah plays soccer? Who are these followers?? This has to be a Russian bot.
  5. heatherchandler

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Cole with his BS posturing like he is some kind of badass... in his squeaky little voice. I don't think he does all of this because he loves Aubree so much and he just wants to protect her. I imagine he does love her but this whole scenario rings false to me. He does this display of "fighting for Aubree" for Chelsea's benefit. I honestly don't know what to make of him, he is very weird to me, and like someone said above - he is so fake, either his nervous, quiet little mouse man was an act, or the swearing tough guy is an act. Maybe they both are façades, who knows?? It is beyond sad. You can see it on her FACE! She loves her dad (as crazy as it seems to us viewers). I have no idea how custody works with the death of a parent, but a parent who has some DUIs and arrests for violence is still the legal parent, and I know courts like to keep kids with parents. Cole is not. Any lawyers who know how it works? YES agree 100%! Also, if C&C were to actually do what's best for Aubree, all of this horrible family drama would not be played out on TV! Why is this a storyline for a tv show? If Aubree absolutely must be on tv, show her having fun with her siblings or something, not this horrible weird messed up family stuff. I fucking hate them for doing this to her!
  6. heatherchandler

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    A hole in the middle of the house? What do you mean? Did they cut a hole in middle? He really creeps me out too. I cannot put my finger on it. He gives me a molester vibe. I think it's funny that they keep talking about the trust funds, the trust funds! Like someone said above, there is probably $50 in each. Ok, those pants still kill me. HOW did she EVER think they were cute??? Also, the baby... ummmmmm... I have so many thoughts. But I am trying to not insult babies so.... pass.
  7. heatherchandler


    What??? Did they address this on VPR?
  8. heatherchandler

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    I also watched the first episode, and never went back. I watched mostly just out of curiosity. It was SO SO SO SO bad. Embarrassingly terrible. I remember her laughing her head off at one of the very in-funny lines: "The only thing I want fat on a man is his wallet!" I hate Kyle and am so happy to see her show fail. Not sorry!
  9. heatherchandler

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    This is true! Yeah I think I liked Dorit too, although like Camille, I always wondered if they really had all the money they claim to have. Now that I know about the fact that they don't own their house, but only a small percentage of it (weird!) I feel like they really are full of it. My GOD I remember that and I HATED the Richards sisters after that. Still do! Aren't these common personality traits of a narcissist?
  10. heatherchandler

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    Ok so this is from a LONG time ago, but I was looking through old threads because I couldn't remember if I liked Dorit when she first came on or not and I thought I would read my old posts but strangely I couldn't find any that I posted. Anyway - I did stumble on some other people's impressions of her and I thought this was funny - you called it @motorcitymom65 !! It is funny that when Dorit and PigK first came on the show, a lot of people actually liked him - ewwwww!
  11. heatherchandler

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    They really are, I remember before the season started one of the producers or whatever was on a podcast and went on and on about how Dorit is SO wonderful and she just had a bad season last season, but people will finally see her for the kid person she is. I was like, WHAT?? No! What kind of idiot is snowed by her? I am trying to remember what I initially thought of her, I guess I can go back and read my comments from 2 seasons ago... Uugh thanks for warning me. I love this! PigK!
  12. heatherchandler

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I hate her so much. I am not even sure why, maybe the way she is always ACTING, opening her eyes really big, trying REALLY hard to be cute. And failing. I really hate her and I don't want to see her on the show anymore. I am officially SICK of Stassi. I think she used to be funny, but now she is trying REALLY hard. I agree, Schwartz is really dumb - REALLY dumb. It is weird, and now that we see more of him, it is really standing out. I think they ALL had their Adderall refilled right before this episode was filmed - they were all kind of shaky and sped up. I noticed it mostly with Brittany and Scheana.
  13. heatherchandler

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    Do you have a link to the press statement? After watching the 20/20 feature, I am loving Tyler Schultz.
  14. heatherchandler

    S09.E09: Momster Mash

    YES - I was horrified by that report. These kids do not necessarily need these procedures done, but the parents are not knowledgeable enough to ask for a 2nd opinion or really question the dentist. My son has a black front tooth from getting knocked in the mouth at baseball and the dentist did an x-ray to see that the root is fine, so we are not pulling the tooth and causing pain to a 6 year old. He will lose it soon. I am glad to have a dentist who knows what she is doing. They also put the kids in the little burrito sacks where they could not get free and it broke my heart. That is torture. You can tell it is huge from the FRONT! And you should not be able to tell that from the front. Are she and Chris still together? You got out! I think my time is coming soon... I get so angry when I watch. I am hoping to hit rock bottom soon, and finally give it up!
  15. When will this be on?