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  1. I’m usually the one who doesn’t like most of the movies (but can’t stop watching! Lol) too and I agree. I even missed the whole first half but managed to pick it up anyway- I still thought it had low energy. And I usually like the Luke McFarlane movies. Sad!
  2. Yes this part didn’t make any sense. The contract was fulfilled, there was no issue. So she decides to quit her job so she can be at the restaurant 24/7? Why couldn’t she just keep her job and date him without having to work there? She could even still be an investor. That’s how most relationships work anyway. TBH, I was kind of on the boss’ side for this one - I think she will regret it. I know it will never happen but it’d be great to get a sequel where it all does go south and she has to look for a new job... but of course everything would be fixed by the end.
  3. Finally finished watching Pearl in Paradise thanks to someone here and liked it! (Rare for me to say this, I know) But I like Kristopher and everything he’s in so there’s that too. As always I do have a few beefs: - I was sure they were going to lose this poor woman’s old journal the way they were casualing throwing it around. I was legit worried about it. - Seemed a little far-fetched that Alex would think her job was on the line if she didn’t find the pearl, wasn’t the whole point about the search? Speaking of, hopefully they featured the guy’s off-the-beaten path getaway in the magazine I have this problem with a lot of Hallmark movies but the graphic design of supposedly super amazing artwork always ends up looking like the intern did it in Word. They don’t have anyone over at Hallmark headquarters in the art department who can handle movie graphics? As a designer this always bugs me. Maybe I should see if they’d hire me as a freelancer. Like, take it up a notch or 10! The cover photo was awful! There’s no way that would happen, it would be a be a beautiful shot of Fiji. I had the same problem with the Love, Chabert and Chocolate movie. A food stylist from NYC would not be walking around taking pictures with a Kodak digital camera from 2003.
  4. Full disclaimer: I don’t like any of Lacey chabert’s acting so any movie of hers is usually a no for me. But yes, the actor was delightful and charming - now I see he was in matchmaker and I actually like that movie (and that actress) so that makes sense ha!
  5. Are we watching this chocolate movie with chabert? What a snoozer!! I do want chocolate now though so there’s that.
  6. The Story of Us started out strong but fizzled out. I liked the leads, Sam Page is adorable. It was refreshing how there was no annoying misunderstanding that could have been resolved by email 15 years prior, just a mutual break-up before college. Also that both moved away from the hometown and it was only the female that had decided to move back. Slightly ridiculous that the architect would be tasked with convincing the town for a week but okay. The annoying: I feel like I recently watched the same exact storyline in another movie; build-up to some kind of ex returning story only to have him show up and be pretty wimpy with zero surprises since we knew she wasn’t interested. The storefront graphic signage and interior decoration of the bookstore was laughable. I can’t with the cheap fake flowers everywhere. And finally, the ending had a huge build-up (candlelit walkway again?) only to end with a pretty chaste peck on the lips from about 3 ft apart. Did she even know he would be moving there? The almost-kiss on the porch felt more heated than the one at the end.
  7. Finally got around to finishing “A Perfect Bride: Happily Ever After.” Meh. First I was annoyed that their whole relationship seemed to be about joking around. Actress basically giggled through the entire movie. Secondly, terrible idea to work with the ex. How long had it been since the incident? And the photographer didn’t have enough cohones to tell her it was a bad idea. Thirdly, the bad advice of the friends who convinced the couple that everything needed to be perfect. And then in the end, they were all surprised at the post-poning. Thanks for nothing sister. Also, did he take the 20k job? He should have. I’m glad they still went through with it BUT OF COURSE everything magically wrapped up perfectly in the last 15 minutes. Also, didn’t seem like they were that stressed out about things.
  8. Watched Mystery 101 last night and enjoyed it. Well mostly I enjoy KP which is why I watched it (I never watch the mysteries). I thought it was extremely obvious who the killer was the minute we met him.
  9. sistersledge

    S23.E03: Week 3

    Because they’re child actors with stage moms!
  10. sistersledge

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Oh no worries - did I make it sound like I was a fan? They’re annoying for sure.
  11. sistersledge

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I think I’ve officially aged out of this show. I was only interested in watching to keep up with Paradise, but even that is losing its appeal. I’m in my early 40s, I’ve been watching since Firestone... i didn’t watch Becca, kept an eye on Paradise but this... none of these people are serious about finding love, which is fine, it just all seems super ridiculous now.
  12. Ugh please no. I never watch any of their movies.
  13. Did I write this? Lol - my thoughts exactly from watching The Dater’s Handbook for the first time, all the way to wondering when his new mystery will be on. He’s become one of my favorite Hallmark actors. It was my first exposure to Markle acting and I wasn’t impressed, but I have no real love for Harry and Megan for some reason. And I say that as someone who LOVES Will and Kate. But yes, the character was terrible. I think her problem was that she picked terrible losers, not that she picked non-commital guys (same thing?). I thought it was gross and rude to eat off other people’s plates and not at all cute.
  14. I’ll say it - One Winter Proposal was terribly boring. I still have no idea why the original got a sequel since it also seemed like every other hallmark movie, nothing special. I don’t like Taylor Cole or her movies, there seemed to be a lot of tight mouth smiles at each other... almost like the leads weren’t getting along. YMMV
  15. sistersledge

    The Bachelor in the Media

    Agreed. If you follow them on Instagram, they are sickingly happy which is great for them. I think they will last. To be honest, at this point, I can’t even believe he picked Becca first, Lauren seems so into instagramming themselves as he is - they’re perfect for each other I guess.