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  1. Kiki620

    Windy City Rehab

    They did this in another episode as well and I found it upsetting too. The owners had the home decorated very uniquely, for sure, but it was their home and I'm sure they loved the way it looked. Who are you to make fun of someone's home just because it doesn't fit with your ridiculous "design" aesthetic? Not everyone wants gray walls. I think the person who lived in the overly decorated and wallpapered home was probably a pretty interesting, cool or creative person! Have a little respect.
  2. Kiki620

    General True Crime Shows

    When they got to the part about the victim going back to the island, I had to turn it off. It was absolutely gut wrenching. I couldn't watch his pain when he was in the cabin. Poor, poor man.
  3. Kiki620

    Windy City Rehab

    OMG, this woman. Everyone appears to thankfully be on the same page.....she's a bull in a China shop, out to absolutely destroy everything in her path. It's really hard to watch. Ok, I understand that somewhere out there is a 23 year old couple who for whatever reason can afford a million + dollar home. Nobody is being fooled by these fake actors. Geesh, the little girl "potential buyer" in the last episode had absolutely the worst vocal fry I've ever heard.
  4. Kiki620

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Can we give an award to sweetest family for the Tallahassee episode?? Loved them and especially the scene at the end with the toolbox! What a lovely, reasonable young woman. I had to laugh at her Mom calling her tastes "old". What a nice problem to have; a young person who appreciates some character and doesn't need to see marble and stainless steel.
  5. Kiki620

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Yes, I think they were both pretty mean spirited towards each other. He had some biting remarks but she seemed like kind of a bubble head and he was just over it. Pickles, there was some pretty amusing commentary on this episode when it aired. I'm quite certain that girlfriend has been long gone for a while now. Poor thing, she certainly had diamond rings in her eyes and I think he was in a completely different place! Was the Colorado episode that followed the Maine episode a rerun? What in the world caused that poor girls phobia of grout? Are you kidding me? Yes, in certain places (like on a countertop) I could see where you'd want to avoid it because of cleaning. But to expect a grout-free bathroom? They were an odd couple. I think he picked Miss Mousey so he could feel superior. Her constant over the top giggling at everything he said must have built up his ego. I finally had to turn it off and I didn't even care which place they picked. I wish she would've spent some time in the shower washing her gross greasy hair before appearing on t.v. She reminded me of a Duggar.
  6. Kiki620

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    It's amazing how excited she can get over a brown shirt. Wow.
  7. Kiki620

    House Hunters Renovation

    I know it's all part of the show but why-oh-why would any of these people employ a "designer" when their tastes are so completely run of the mill??? Who can't go to Lowe's and pick out some white shaker cabinets and the local kitchen and bath shop and purchase a white countertop? Geesh. It's comical everytime the designer says, "I propose.....", pulls out the same three materials and the owners go ga-ga like they've never seen such originality! If I were to hire a designer, my first question before moving any further would be, "do you ever propose a barn door"? Because if you do, I'm not trusing the design aesthetic of my home to your dim wit.
  8. Kiki620

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I was only able to make it a little over halfway through this trainwreck. It's like watching a horror movie through your hands. The level of discomfort in watching these fools is not pleasant! Regarding Hannah's difficulty in opening up and Colton's "patience" in allowing her to do so. What are we talking about here folks, a span of two hours? Wow, Hannah, I'm sorry it's so difficult for you. You know, to take a few hours to be able to unload all of your desperately unattractive confessions onto the dinner table. It must be soooo hard to hold in things for such an unreasonable amount of time. And Colton, what a guy for really putting in the time, the whole two hours, to make this idiot comfortable enough to tell you her dirty secrets. That's some stamina there on both of their parts. So impressive. I don't think Colton knows what autism is. Because he's encountered so many autistic children in the hospital when he's doing his volunteer work. Hmmmm.....maybe he's confusing cancer for autism? You know, it's tricky like that. But I don't think there are a high number of autistic kids just hanging out in a hospital bed. My dream date.....public speaking. Sign me up.
  9. May I please stick a pin in it and pop it???
  10. Kiki620

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    I wonder what the timeline was for Debra's multiple marriages and how they fell in line with her children still being young and in her home? It must have been difficult to have had a revolving door of new "Daddies". I shudder to think that Debra could have been one of those women to allow a child abuser/molester into her home and then side with the man when her children made accusations. Again I'll say, she's mighty lucky her kids seem to have inherited the family forgiveness gene. I think many would have (rightly so) estranged themselves from such a mother.
  11. Kiki620

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    Or that Grandma Dearest hadn't joined the vigil all while ignoring Terra, because, forgiveness you know.
  12. Kiki620

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Loved Florence to Florence as well! How refreshing when she said that the kitchen was too fancy and they weren't fancy people. I was confused by the exterior shots of the farmhouse versus the interior shots. When they toured, they only showed two bedrooms! Once they moved in, they did show a third. But the house not only looked much larger from the outside, it also looked like maybe an original farmhouse was attached to the back of the newer house?
  13. Kiki620

    House Hunters International

    Perhaps one of the worst House Hunters evahhhhh......I wish the realtor would have given her a big old slap across the face at that point. I missed the beginning and only heard "teen girls" and "the business is doing great". No details! Where did Miss Priss get the $$$'s to fund this dream? I'd sure like to know. Maybe she should have used some of these secret funds to fix her missing tooth, bow leg and pigeon toe. Sorry. She deserves the snark.
  14. Kiki620

    S01.E08: This Young Woman Fought Like Hell

    My hatred of Debra was just solidified and amplified at the end. She is lucky she has such forgiving daughters (and family). I think both girls would be rightly justified to never speak to their idiot Mother again. I know it's by nature that a series like this can't go into every little detail. But I was often left wondering, for those who didn't listen to the podcast before, if John's horrors were truly understood. It seems they glossed over much of what he did to Debra until it was just suddenly, boom, he's a dangerous grifter! Even the final scene with Terra seemed lackluster. And one of the most compelling parts of it was the teenager, fresh from her lifeguarding class, who ran to her aid when no one else would. You'd have no idea of that whole piece from the show.
  15. Kiki620

    General True Crime Shows

    I'm so glad someone brought this up! My goodness, I've been walking around with that song in my head for a few weeks. They play that commercial on constant rotation. Ugh.