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  1. The Followed Forums page used to show information about the last post in the forum (topic, poster, date and time). This has disappeared. I found this very useful and would like to see it come back.
  2. paulvdb

    The Order

  3. paulvdb

    Wynonna Earp

    ‘Wynonna Earp’ Future In Limbo As Season 4 Production Is Delayed By IDW
  4. paulvdb

    Media: Meemaw Says

    ‘Young Sheldon’ renewed for 2 more seasons by CBS
  5. It's still happening to me. Steps to reproduce are very straightforward: Hover cursor over Follows tab at the top of the page until the follow options appear, then click on Manage Topic Follows.
  6. paulvdb

    Northern Rescue

    Just noticed that this premieres next week, March 1.
  7. paulvdb

    S10.E16: Red Alert

    Airdate: February 27, 2019
  8. paulvdb

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    Not entirely surprising considering that in a previous episode they parafrased Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law to "any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial technology is indistinguishable from God."
  9. paulvdb


    Freeform Comedy ‘Besties’ Casts Gigi Zumbado, Jessika Van & Davi Santos
  10. Just wanted to inform you that this is still not working correctly.
  11. I have also been getting the EX1052 error message when trying to access my followed topics. In order to access my followed topics I have created an activity stream. That does the job for now, but doesn't have all the sorting options of the followed topics page and also seems limited to only topics with new posts in the last 365 days.
  12. paulvdb

    S02.E10: Better Angels

    I don't travel internationally by train, but I believe that is also correct. Some of them were traveling to non-EU countries (I believe Istanbul and Moscow were mentioned) so they would get passport checks, but I guess that would happen when they leave the EU so there would be stops along the way where they could spread the infection before they were checked. Of course they all took the place of people who were born in the Alpha world, so they probably would be able to get official documents in their names and would be indistinguishable from their others. So as far as any ID checks are concerned they should not have any problems as long as their names are not on a no-fly list.
  13. paulvdb

    S02.E10: Better Angels

    One advantage of train travel over planes is that trains usually have multiple stops along the way. That means that the eight would infect other passengers on the trains and they would start spreading the infection at each place where the train stops. This would ensure a faster spread of the disease. But this plan will limit the spread of the disease mostly to Europe although it would probably spread to other continents eventually.
  14. paulvdb

    The Order

    Netflix Orders "The Order" - New Horror Series Premiere date announcement: