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  1. TV Anonymous

    S09.E14 Scars

    I think Maggie's matters relate directly to Lauren Cohan and Whiskey Cavalier. Maybe when S8 was written she was not yet committed there and by the time S9 started filming she was already busy. As Whiskey Cavalier was a new show with unknown fate - I for one am done with it - TPTB needed to have room for Cohan's return.
  2. TV Anonymous

    The Fix (2019)

    After being disappointed by Enemy Within and Whiskey Cavalier, I had high hopes for this show. Sadly, I do not think it is not meant to be. The story does not really work for me and the background music IMHO is annoying. Nitpick: so Maya left LA 6 years ago and her house is left empty yet remains in serviceable condition? She must be very rich to be able to pay taxes, maintenance and utilities for an unused property in the city.
  3. TV Anonymous

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Which is worse, actually. An officer to billet with a convicted felon that has been stripped of her rank?
  4. TV Anonymous

    For The People

    So the episode ended with a feel good story that Knox needed Mr. Garcia as a witness as Knox rescinded the plea deal agreement with the defendant. But what about the defendant? The assistant U.S. Attorney reneged on a plea deal made on good faith for reason not related to the defendant? How was that fair?
  5. TV Anonymous

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Completely out of topic, but I just realize that Burnham, a Commander, a Senior Officer, billets with Tilly, an Ensign, a very Junior Officer. Maybe nothing is wrong with that for that era but it is just strange if one reflects to the navies of today.
  6. TV Anonymous

    Whiskey Cavalier

    There goes my three-episode trial. Plotholes and nonsense and it is not even funny. I'm outta here. Ciao!
  7. TV Anonymous

    S09.E14: Found

    Thank you for your explanation even if it makes me confused even more. My point is that Fiona basically started with nothing, $0 equity. Let us say that the house had some equity and some mortgage. And now she ended up with full equity of the house and $100k. How did she earn that much of money in such a short period of time? Even if she was successful in flipping and renting, she still needed capital.
  8. TV Anonymous

    S09.E14: Found

    Guess I did not pay much of attention of the details in this show. So let me get this straight. Fiona got Max to pay off the home and now she netted $100k on top of that? All for several months to a year of owning the apartment building? So basically Max paid Fiona for her share of the partnership and now he bought her off that partnership?
  9. TV Anonymous

    S09.E14: Found

    Did Fiona own all of that $100k? My understanding was that she took mortgage on the house to get the down payment to buy the apartment building. Did she earn that $100k cleanly or is she still leveraged? If she did not earn that $100k cleanly then she left the family with a time bomb, regardless that she spared them the extra $50k. This matter with Lip and Tami seemed so one-sided. Did biological father not have any say in the fate of the child? Could he not sue her for keeping the baby and not to have abortion or adoption?
  10. TV Anonymous

    The Enemy Within

    How was that a self defense? The wife picked the pistol up, pointed it to her unarmed husband and shot him without any clear indication that her life was in immediate danger. The four FBI agent attested that it was indeed a self defense without being in the room during the build up of the shooting. Or did all of them just give false testimony?
  11. TV Anonymous

    Whiskey Cavalier

    For me Foley is always 'Cool Breeze'. And of course, Jennifer Garner's ex-husband in real life.
  12. TV Anonymous

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I know that this show is supposed to be comedy or whatever, but it assumes real-life conditions and so there are major holes that I can not ignore. An orderly in Germany who does not speak German at all and that does not raise any kind of suspicion? Retinal scan works by identifying blood capillaries structures in the eye. As dead people do not have blood flowing, retinal scan does not work on dead eye. The vault leads to an array of safe deposit boxes. So Pappas and her husband are the only two people who has access to all of those boxes? Nobody else? And yeah, what kind of design is that that the vault can be overridden with water? Ray brings an American whiskey to Czech Republic only to have the team drinks it back in the United States?
  13. TV Anonymous

    The Enemy Within

    Cruz disabled it.
  14. Sorry for the very late reply but Roddenberry can not be spinning. He was cremated and some of his ashes were sent to space.
  15. TV Anonymous

    S09.E09: Adaptation

    How long has it been since the zombie apocalypse? Ten years, perhaps? It is amazing that after all that time Luke is still unable to defend himself against walkers, and is still alive. Has his group been carrying him all around?