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  1. david gideon

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Tonite why was Higgins tagging along thru the whole investigation? When they talked to the sister they kept looking at each other with knowing glances at something that was said. Reminded me of Friday and Gannon on Dragnet. Plus Magnum called himself a private detective again. All that plus the continual music in every scene nonstop gets on my nerves. Sometimes less is more. Despite all that it wasn’t the worst episode ever because I like Perdita.;)
  2. Story and screenplay co-written by Lee Goldberg, a pretty fair mystery author in his own right. He did quite a bit on series like Monk and Diagnosis: Murder. I spotted the killer within minutes of his/her appearance but the whole thing just seemed better constructed than most original (not based on a novel) made-for-tv mysteries. And the leads worked well together.
  3. david gideon

    S06.E03: The Pharmacist

    The motion to suppress the gun will probably turn on whether the tip given to the cop was reliable. That of course would depend on the reliability of the source who provided the tip. And therein is the key to how Lizzie's betrayal could be exposed. That might explain why his head bobs up and down every time he speaks.
  4. david gideon

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Perdita Weeks is the only reason I tune in. I took a fancy to her immediately maybe because she is so like her sister Honeysuckle who was such a charming element of Foyle’s War. Unfortunately the star of this show has little star quality, and the voice overs they give him are pretty routine compared to the original series where they added so much to the episodes imho.
  5. david gideon

    S16. E 08. Friendly Fire

    A few eps back the team ran into
  6. david gideon

    S16. E07. A Thousand Words

    I never thought I'd see the day, but it happened: NCIS did a 'save the whales' episode. But I did like the painting of Gibbs and Bish.
  7. david gideon

    S16. E04. Third Wheel

    It was a bit bizarre, and I thought the one with the weird neighbors in the cul de sac was kind of strange too. At least this one had a Emily Rose from a Haven...nice seeing her again.
  8. david gideon

    Garage Sale Mysteries

    Watching a short-run Canadian series Endgame on Amazon and saw Steven Bacic in one episode as a murder suspect, and the next episode had Sarah Strange as a psychiatrist. Vancouver-based show that only lasted 13 episodes.
  9. david gideon

    Garage Sale Mysteries

    Liked Sunday's. Seemed like the mystery plot was a little trickier than usual.
  10. I'm a little confused. The bad guy was the assistant attorney general or something? So what is he doing in a law firm? He'd be in a government office and is hardly going to be working in a law firm on the side. The whole story is lame, but unless I'm missing something that tops the Lame List.
  11. david gideon

    Season 9 Talk

    Noticing a few minutes tonight without the constant musical score noodling that's usually wall-to-wall.
  12. david gideon

    S04.E18: Welcome to the Jungle

    Seems like there's a lot of turnover on this NCIS team. I thought it started going downhill when Zoe was written out. Don't know if I'll be around for another season.
  13. david gideon

    S15.E18: Death from Above

    There was a cryptic moment when Senior says "I was just trying to protect Abby. I had no idea she was..." and then gets interrupted by the bad guy. If that was explained during the rest of the show I missed it.
  14. david gideon

    S05.E12: The Real Deal

    I've never tasted Zima and not sure I've even heard the name in years. Last time I can recall was when it popped up in a few eps of Babylon 5.
  15. david gideon

    S05.E12: The Real Deal

    I liked this show from season one but boy has it grown since that first year. It's #1 on my list for Marvel on tv: broadcast, cable, streaming, whatever.