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  1. The light is beautiful in the desert for a few hours near sunrise and sunset. The vistas slowly turn blue and purple and remain for awhile and then fade away. I live in Red Rocks country in the Mojave Desert (Saint George). The soil is red-orange, the hills are red-orange. Blue, blue sky, red rocks, lots of stars if you're not in a highly populated area with lots of lights like Vegas. (Las Vegas means The Stars).
  2. suomi

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    I think so, as long as he can provide their SSNs and no one else claims them. I think this can be done by grandparents raising grandchildren or someone who provides a certain percentage of support to a family member or even a friend, if no one else claims them as a deduction. And I think it matters whether or not the person being claimed receives government assistance directly (Medicare/SSI/SSDI/AFDC) rather than the caregiver receiving it on their behalf. And how much is provided by the government, in relation to what it costs to maintain them. Because otherwise it's double-dipping? OK, that was clear as mud. I hope someone here knows more about it and will tell us.
  3. suomi

    True Tori

    She is a bottomless pit of need. Never filled, never satisfied. She seems like a prime candidate to someday Snap And Evaporate.
  4. suomi

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    OK, that might be the best photo of Meri I've ever seen! She has never looked that open, that happy or that pretty around her family. Wow.
  5. I. Wish. I. Knew. (Just for my own small-minded satisfaction). If they are aware of it, it would fall under "cognitive dissonance": the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes. Is that related to hypocrisy? Awareness is not encouraged and, indeed, is not allowed because, as the often repeated saying goes, "When the Prophet speaks, the thinking has been done." We report, you decide. LOL
  6. suomi


    FFS, it's not like she was booted from the family home when she was 15, that's when her pimp mother turned her out started making big bucks off her like she was doing with the rest of her stable daughters. That's when an unintelligent, untalented junior varsity teenager began receiving an obscenely major league income. This little wench wasn't born on third base, she was born on home plate. Gah! A pox on their mansions! I wish there was a site devoted to showing photos of their natural faces photoshopped into the nauseating in-their-dreams photos of them with their kids.
  7. suomi

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Smooth hair can help to minimize the signs of aging and/or less than classic facial features. Curls or waves quite often do not complement aging resting bitch face. *raises hand* Meri thinks her current style is Doing Something, is Edgy, is Bed Head. She looks 1000% better with smooth hair but she doesn't see herself that way yet. I still have hope for her.
  8. I think his last guest appearance was when they were jockeying to take over Meet The Press and Joey blustered and bloviated all over Chuck Todd (?). She deigned to make a couple appearances when they were interviewed and did not participate beyond that aspect. All of which contrasts mightily with how often the MSNBC stable makes cross-appearances, even beyond their comfort zone. For example, very early this morning Natasha Bertrand and Ari Melber were on MJ and I saw both of them again about an hour ago, 12 hours after MJ. LMAO, "Get off the table, Mabel. The dollar's for the beer."
  9. suomi

    True Tori

  10. There is So Much going on in the St Pat's photo that it took me a couple minutes to spot the shamrock. (Yes, I looked at it that long). I was like WTH does this mess have to do with SPD? Lousy angle maybe but that left thigh is ... quite generous.
  11. ^^^ Your post deserves to be pinned for future reference.
  12. suomi

    Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

    No-perm natural-color Meri, no-perm no-bleach Kody, Janelle is ginormous! She and Christine are very attractive/pretty. LMAO, how Kody fronts now that his curl is natural.
  13. Aha! Now I'm going with my original theory that Maddie's "work trip" is the Incentive Cruise. Because training is involved, surely at least a portion of the cost is a deductible business expense. This early in the game, and a good portion of her $5000-$6000 buy-in is a business expense. (The cost of the cruise AND transportation to and from the port). Grifters gonna grift, and the good ones rarely miss an opportunity. Willing to bet that ToKelti are on board as well. They all signed on with LLN at just the right time ...
  14. Don't feel bad - it takes what it takes. 🙂
  15. During the second wave of feminism we called those "click" moments: turning on a light and seeing something or someone clearly for the first time. One of my early clicks happened after a discussion/debate with one of my husband's friends - we were heavily into current events, politics, etc and often had a side conversation going on that the others at any gathering rarely found interesting. One night he said "You are one of the few females I can enjoy having a serious discussion with." For a nanosecond I was flattered (old ways die hard) but then I thought "WTF, one of the few Mexicans ... one of the few Negroes ... one of the few Jews ... one of the few _ _ _." Click! My very first click happened in junior high when I realized that loving, protecting or honoring children were not mentioned in the Ten Commandments: gods, idols, parents, envying possessions/servants/wives, adultery, stealing, lying - but zip about children. That was the first time I smelled patriarchy's foul odor.